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Letter 1

Hello & Good day
Sorry it took me a while to write back. I hope you are having a good day? Mine is cool if you ask me. I spent yesterday travelling back from Perth where I went to visit my mum. I returned back and was very tired so I slept off. I went to Perth two days before to spend some time with mum. She was ill and planning to move back to Italy with her sister that lives in Greece (That is story for another day). The stupid thing is that I just got another email this morning about a business trip to Melbourne by next tomorrow which means I will be travelling again when I was planning to come back home and rest.

I am happy to receive your email address considering the unconventional ways I contacted you. It was not really easy coming up with the courage to send you that message but I am glad that I did. It saved me the problem of some twenty year old girls writing me daily that they love me. You can imagine that? Online dating is not something I know anything about so I was trying not to do something that will be out of line. I just realise that in life, there is nothing out of line when you do it the way you feel good about it. Anyway, let me save you the long story. The long and short of it is that I am glad you emailed me back.

Like I told you when I contacted you on the dating site, I am new to online dating and was encouraged to register by my mum. She was tired of seeing me lonely after all this years. I accepted her request and let my daughter register me on the site but unfortunately did not visit the site until i was prompted by the notifications i receive to go on the site, I was caught by your profile.

Let me not bore you on what brought me to the site and my business trips and rather tell you more about me which was what I promised you on the dating site when I requested you contact me via my private email.

I am what people mean when they say that “he is a good person”. I hope I am not singing my own praise lol. I care about people I love and look after people that I know. I am a Christian and catholic who has been widowed for 9 years. I am financial adviser, broker and Money manager; A job I do with passion and enjoy the travel associated to it. I am generally an active person that excises 5 times a week. I have been to many countries and can cook varieties of food. What I try to learn when I visit any country is how to cook one of their main menu. By doing that I have learnt how to cook varieties of food .I am a good cook and I love cooking. I love seeing movies, dining out and doing stuff that make people generally happy but can be a clown most time. I love to make people laugh and also laugh myself. I am financially secured man that believes that this life is meant to be enjoyed. I try my best to live and get the best out of life.

I am a very sincere and honest person with no skeleton in My cupboard. I believe that honesty is very important in any relationship .I will like us to take few days and communicate by email and phone, Know a little about each other and then schedule on how to meet face to face; if that will be okay with you.

This is how I think communication between a gentle man and lady should start. Let me know what you think.

Anthony Panila
Financial Adviser, Broker and Money Manager

Letter 2

I woke up this morning ?? with a little smile on my face. It seems that my happiness was for the fact that you responded to my email lol. Well-Well-Well! Nature is very funny I must say. I came online to check if you emailed me back and luckily there was an email from you. Reading my email, you will notice that my written English has accent. I have accent which I accumulated from different places that I have schooled that I cannot say exactly what accent I have. If you do not notice it now, I am sure you will when we speak on phone. That reminds me, when it will be convenient for you to put a voice to all this email and pictures. I don’t know what else to say to you. Okay let me start by saying THANK YOU for writing me back out of your busy schedules.

Yes, I remembered promising to tell you more about me when I emailed you on the site. It seems that I have not done that so let me start from there.I already told you that I am portfolio manager and financial adviser. I have a daughter who joined the air force recently as an Airborne Electronic Analysts. I have been widowed for 9 years. My marriage lasted for 26 years until my first and only wife died in in 2010. Since that very day, I have not been in any form of relationship. I am 6ft3 in height. I have dual citizenship, Australia and Greece but I was born in Turin Italy. I have lived in many countries and speak more than three languages. I do not smoke but have no problem with smokers. It’s funny to add here that my late wife, was a smoker. A habit she picked from her parents. I am happy that my daughter did not pick up the habit from her.

I enjoy soccer which is a passion I got while schooling in Europe, I love seeing movies and listening to music. I like going to the beach and climbing mountains. I love exercise generally. I hope I am not boring yet with my long talk and loud mouth

Like I said earlier. I am Financial Broker Representative that has worked with the international office of MERRILL LYNCH in Scotland before joining BAIN CAPITAL- an investment company established by Mitt Romney and Bill Bain Hence the name BAIN Capital and International Head office in London and branches in many countries. I worked with them for years before I resigned, or will I say retired which was when I lost my wife. My company website is website:

I know I must have told you that I have been to many countries and seen many cultures. What I did not tell you was that I lived in some of this countries doing one Portfolio management course or the other and not that I just went for a visit. To be a good financial adviser and a reputable money manager, I lived and studied in many world economies. I did courses in China, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Netherlands, South Africa, Canada and United States. This was after my Masters in Germany.

Living In different countries taught me how to relate with people easily and how to survive alone where you do not know anybody. It taught me to treat people and more especially, it showed me the true meaning of life. It made me to see life from another angle and not always from an Australia perspective .It made me appreciate who I am and where I am today. It humbled me.

Ooh I have started rambling again with my long email .It would have been even better if we can make an arrangement on how to meet. I will be receiving three of my company Directors from our main office tomorrow morning in Melbourne.They will be flying in from United States and will be spending 7 days here in Australia. Their arrival will occupy me for the whole week and early next week as it will be all company work, Audit processing, documentation and investors meeting.

Today, I work under contract with Bain’ Capital as an International Representative. They gave me an offer after I retired asking that I come out of retirement to work under contract with them under a working condition that I saw to be good enough so I accepted the job which the working condition allows me to remain in Australia to head the International Office Clearing House instead of going back to the Main office in UK. Today, I work as the international Broker representative and Financial Regulatory adviser. A job I love and enjoy doing.

I told you that I can be a clown, yes, I Can be clown as I generally like being happy. I am a happy person and have achieved much in life professionally, financially and personally by just being happy. I know you will ask HOW? Which you will get the answer soon. I discovered that there is more to gain than to lose being happy. I am positive on everything that life brings to me. I believe that I am where I am at this point in my life for a good reason. I am an honest and caring person who is very loyal to those I care about. Having travel around the world, seen different cultures, poverty and famine in countries seen good and bad government, I have come to realise that I am blessed to be alive and be called an Australia Citizen.

I will say here that I don’t need much in life than to find love again and complete my happiness. I am comfortable by every means you call comfort. I have a good job, I am financially secured, has no health problem, a lovely daughter with good values. I love giving and it makes make me happy to see the smile and the appreciative face of the receiver. I am a good dresser who is comfortable wearing suits, jean, T shirt, skirt, gowns Lol, ties, name it (Yes, I wore Skirt and gown in Scotland, which is the Scottish traditional dress). I have that Italian blood and athletic body which I try to maintain by keeping fit. I am generally a healthy man.

My job is one funny job that can be busy and hectic at times and can be less busy at time that you will be looking for something to do. One good thing is that It gives me time or myself and there things of life which includes you my new friend.

Before I close this email, I will like to ask you again to let me know the best time to call you. It is always right to make the first call on appointment as I will not like to call when you will be occupied unless you permit me to call anytime.

I will also give you my cell phone number. If you can give me your Cell Phone Number, I will call you or you can call me on the number 040472823. Please get back to me as I anxiously wait for your email response. I hope my email did not bore you with all the I am in it. Attach is a recent picture of me and my daughter, my mum.

Anthony Panila
Financial Adviser, Broker and Money Manager

Letter 3

Okay! Here we are today so let celebrate the day as it comes. I want to stay happy today against every odd. I ran into one of my directors in the hotel Lift this morning and said good morning to him but was surprised when he replied, “there is nothing good about the Morning”. It surprised me that I replied him “that may be for you sir, as but for me, there are many things good about the morning. He smiled, and I left to my computer to email you. I am sure he did not understand why I said that but since he did not want to accept my Good morning, I have taken it back. How is your day starting? I know you must have expected to speak with me yesterday.

I am here on my computer to transfer the greeting to you; one person I have known recently that will accept it without asking me what is good about the morning. Good morning My Dearest; (Smiles). There are many things good about this beautiful morning. I know that my Director has been travelling for the past two month from UK, to Germany, to Dubai, and now Australia. They must have missed their families and want to return home. Sorry for him.

Now, Talking about Family, I know you will be wondering why I have not talked about my family in detail I mentioned I have a daughter and she lives away from home but did not say anything else about her. I mentioned that I have been widowed for nine years and never said anything about it or the event that lead to my losing my wife. I told you that we moved to Australia at the age of 8 to join my dad but never said anything more about it. I have never said anything about any other member of my family. I intended to share this with you when we speak on phone but since we have not been able to have that phone discussion, let me tell you the story of my life.

As you already know, My Name is Anthony, My Middle name is Dinar which came from the Kuwait currency and happened to be the world strongest currency even stronger that the AUD, British pound AND Euro. I know you will be surprising to hear this but it’s true and you can google it. One Kuwait Denair is equivalent to $4.59 AUD so 100 Kuwait dinars is equivalent to $459.Anyway, let’s leave that for now.

My father was among the Early Australia contractors that laid the Kuwait oil pipeline and it was the same year that I was born.It was because he was not in Australia then that made my mum to move to her grandmother’s house in Turin, Italy where she gave birth to me. When my father finished the project with the company he was working for and return to Australia, my mum and I moved to Australia to join him. A story for another day.

My father believed that my birth brought him success that he named me after the Kuwait money. I was married to my best friend Maya for 26 years. We were blessed with a beautiful daughter Diana. I was not born an only child; I will say that I am the only surviving child of my parents.

In 2009, my family suffered one of the greatest lost that we will never forget. I was on a yearly investment Seminar in Abu-Dhabi in United Arab Emirates to meet with some of the company’s Arab investors when I got a call from my Daughter. My Wife has been rushed to the hospital. Being my wife, I already knew what should be wrong. That minute I called the airline and got an Emirate airline to Australia that evening from Dubai.

On arrival to Australia, I called my dad, but he was not answering so I took taxi. I called my dad again from the airport and his phone was off, I called my daughter and she was not picking, I called the home phone, and no one took the; call something that has never happened. With that, I headed home with the worst in mind. I was thinking that they do not know how to tell me that she was dead. I feared for the worst because my wife has never been rushed to the hospital. She drives herself to the hospital.

On getting home, the worst I expected was not only what happened, more than the worst happened. Just three hours before I got home, there was a call that my dad was involved in car accident and was hospitalised. When my mum rushed to the hospital, he was dead. It took my mum, daughter, and aunt another 30 minutes before they could get themselves together to tell me what happened. As my daughter called me that her mum is being rushed to the hospital. It was my father that rushed her to the hospital. She died on my father arm in the hospital and in front of my daughter.

When Maya was confirmed dead, my dad did not want my daughter to remain in the hospital, so he drove her home to stay with my mum and all as we all lived together. My father then drove back to the hospital. On his way he had an accident. When they checked, there was alcohol in his system, so I knew it was his poor eyesight or he was just absent minded. He has not been driving for three years before that. What made him drive that day was because of Maya? I was told that when my wife was no longer breathing normal, my daughter called an ambulance, but grandpa could not wait for that, so he drove her to the hospital. I lost two of them the same day and my life was no longer the same.

After their death, I resigned from my work to be close to what is left of my family, especially my daughter. Thirty Months later, my company called again and requesting if I can work with them as a Consultant Portfolio Manager from my home. They said that it will only require me to work with the Australia offices and only visit the main office in UK at the beginning and the end of the year I took the job and got myself into the fund management activities with major investors again. It was then that I discovered that portfolio management is just part of me and it was time to go back to active portfolio management business.

Just recently, I told myself, If I am going to slow down with the work; First, I need a woman in my life because, these years I stayed at home doing nothing was a very lonely period in my life.It made me realise that money cannot give you all the happiness if there is something missing in your life.

As I write this email today, my daughter is a member of the Royal Australian Air Force, my daughter is an Airborne Electronic Analysts, she is doing her final part and will complete by November. She is undergoing their final training course in WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE Ohio USA and with return to RAAF Base Glenbrook in January next year. I miss her, but she is happy with what she is doing. Let me end this email here before I write a long letter that you will get tired of reading. Enjoy your day my Friend. I will wait for your email.

Anthony Panila
Financial Adviser, Broker and Money Manager

Letter 4

How is your day starting? I know you must have expected to speak with me yesterday. My day started very early yesterday and ended very late that I could not settle down to call after I emailed you. We are trying everything possible to see if we can round up this trip in a week so it made us increase the daily work load.

My Directors does not want their trip to extend more than a week as they intend to fly back to United Kingdom to join their families after months of being away. From what I see here and the attitude of the investors we are meeting with, it will definitely last longer. I am also planning to go to Perth to sign some document for the Realtor that I contracted to sell out house there. That was basically what made me travel to Perth the same week we started communicating. My mum has already moved out of the house. I know that will be just a one day trip.

I got a call from my mum that she is now in Turin Italy .I don’t know if I told you that she was moving back to Italy with her sister that lives in Greece,. She first landed in Greece and both of them flew to Italy yesterday. What I do not understand is why a woman of her age will be flying around the world like that without rest.

My mum go Perth the last time to make the arrangement. She always say that if she should die that she should be buried in Greece or Italy where she was born and where her parents were buried.

Anyway, the gossip is not for you, let me save you from that. I just want you to know that everything is moving fine here and hopefully in few days’ time, I will return home and if possible we will book a date for our first meeting. The email today is going to be short as there is work to do. Talk to you latter while I expect your email. I have to go

Anthony Panila
Financial Adviser, Broker and Money Manager




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