Romance scam letter(s) from Glenn Hilton to Sandra (USA)
Letter 1

Hi Sandra, Thanks for the email. How is your day going? I know how it is writing someone you haven't met before but with communication, a stranger will become a best friend. I really want to know you more... I'm Hilton, I was born on 1958 July 10th... I have two grown and great sons, am a social drinker, I don't smoke... I'm a businessman/supplier of heavy equipment.

I don't have time for games because I don't see any reason to play a game with anyone.

Well, My interest is looking for an easy going lady, a true friend with the same interests, values morals and goals as myself, Going beyond just physical attraction. I would like to meet someone that is very realistic and understands the importance of communication

I am just myself confident, manly, caring and reliable. I enjoy my profession but it's not my life and doesn't define me. I am warm hearten and easy to be around. I always try to look for the good in others and help out whenever it's needed. Tell me a little about you...

Stay Blessed and hope to hear from you soon...

Attached are my photos and my sons, hope you like them.

Have a lovely day. Thanks,
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