Scam Email(s) from Glenn Hilton to Kris (Canada)


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Letter 1

Hi My Sexy Sweet Lady,

How was your night? It was so nice to hear your sexy voice this afternoon. I'm sure you are done with office now and you are having good time. I'm always happy to read your email because you always appreciate my letter even when I don't expect it to be interesting. You really have to pinch yourself and have it in mind that this is real and not a dream. In this few weeks/days that we have met I have developed strong feelings for you and that is why I love communicating with you and also the reason I write to you from my heart. I must say it's left for us to be together forever and not alone, to be happy together, live good life together and love again.

I'm so glad your mind and heart are filled with positive thoughts and I also want you to know that I can wait to meet you and that is why I'm trying all my best to make sure I come over to meet you. Yeah, I know there are gaps and plans to fill in to complete that picture and that's why we are working together to fill in the gap. Filling the gaps is our sacrifice in making this to work out. So, let's keep our faith strong and together so we can achieve this successfully.

I also want to know you more and that is why I love to communicate with you always and try to ask you question because that's the only way we can really know each other more and I'm very sure that when we meet we will have lots of things/stories to tell. And for my son, they are doing great. My first son Charles is on his final year and Oscar is on his first year. They are really doing great and I'm so proud of them. You know I travel a lot mostly for work but these days I want to balance it and make it more of vacation than work and my partner has to be with me on that vacation if she's chanced to do so. So, when we meet we will talk more of my business, vision and future so that you can also tell me yours.

Anyways, I just felt I should tell you more about my like and dislike, maybe it will be helpful if I shared what some of my interests are and what some of my passions are. This will give you an idea about the man you are communicating with and maybe spend the rest of your life with.

Likes: I like many things as I am open minded and flexible person. Generally, I like everything providing that there is no dislikes of mine infringing on the likes. Some of my favorite food (restaurants) consist of Chinese, Mexican, Italian and rice being my favorite. my favorite flowers are carnations. I do enjoy travelling and thanks to my job.

Dislikes: There is not a whole lot that I dislike, however; the things that I do dislike seem to be based on values and character. There are certain things that I have no interest in, however; these are the things that I clearly dislike or choose not to tolerate are: disrespect, unfaithfulness, dishonesty, lying, cheating, mean spitefulness, being judgemental, callousness, harsh words, hurtful acts, displaced anger, unfairness, injustice, selfishness, being inconsiderate, blaming, not taking responsibility, self-contentedness, rigidity and anything else that can cause damage or be damaging to another human being.

Interests: I tend to have a variety of interests, such as enjoying the outdoors. I love spending time by the water (lakes and oceans) as the water grounds me and provides me with inner peace. I too enjoy a nice sunset especially by the water (romantic). I enjoy walking, swimming, anything with outdoors involvement and playing like a kid when am with my partner. A swing is always lots of fun especially if someone is pushing you. I have a playful spirit. I enjoy quality time spent with my kids. I enjoy a good movie, all types of music, reading, some sports, different types of foods. I am open to trying new things. The bottom line is I am active and have a tremendous amount of energy to expend.

Passions: I have a few passions in my life and I would have to say that I am passionate about being a good father, about my career, about developing relationships (in general), and I really look forward to being passionate and having a passionate intimate relationship someday. I tend to be passionate about all things that are attached to the heart, my heart. Generally, this is my love and passion for humanity and for those that will come into my love life.

Let me see, what else can I share about me? I have a strong work ethic and I never give anything less than my absolute best. I would love to hear from you and if there is anything else you would love to know or share about likes, dislikes, passions, and interests, do not hold back, am glad we are having this conversation.

I'm just waiting for the right day, the day we will meet and we spend good time together, tell you more things and whisper in your ears how much you mean to me, these period we started communicating I have learned lots of thing and I will continue to learn, because no one knows it all. I want you to know that everyone have flaws and faults, accepting it and amending it is just the best solution. We can't change everything but we can amend things not to make the other feel bad and that is why it's good to open up to each other. And I'm glad to meet my woman with a big heart.

My Darling, thanks so much for being there for me, for being my prayer partner, your prayers and our prayers really work and I'm so happy, I won the contract and it's a very huge contract sweetie and that is why I'm so happy.

The contract is a 2 weeks contract and the location is Mexico and the contract starts on Monday 24th June and end 8th July. I have already booked my ticket and I can only fly to Mexico on Sunday because I have to be in Mexico latest Monday. I want you to know that this must not change us or our time of communicating. We must continue to communicate as usual and be there for each other. I also 2 weeks will just be like 2 days if we continue to communicate and share our feelings.

I have been invited to Edmonton, Alberta to sign the contract and I need to sign to contract today or tomorrow before travelling to Mexico.

Hearing from you everyday give me more energy and it shows how much you love me and care about me and how much you want us to be together. You mean a lot to me and I think of you always also.

Your one and only Sweetest man.


Letter 2

Thanks for the email. I know how it is writing someone you haven't met before but with communication, a stranger will become a best friend. I really want to know you more... I'm Hilton, I was born on 1958 July 10th... I have two grown and great sons, am a social drinker, I don't smoke... I'm a businessman/supplier of construction equipment.

I don't have time for games because I don't see any reason to play a game with anyone.

Well, My interest is looking for an easy going lady, a true friend with the same interests, values morals and goals as myself, Going beyond just physical attraction. I would like to meet someone that is very realistic and understands the importance of communication

I am just myself confident, manly, caring and reliable. I enjoy my profession but it's not my life and doesn't define me. I am warm hearten and easy to be around. I always try to look for the good in others and help out whenever it's needed. Tell me a little about you...

Stay Blessed and hope to hear from you soon...

Attached are my photos and my sons, hope you like them.




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