Scam Email(s) from Roland Hawkins to Laura (USA)


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Letter 1

This is Roland Hawkins again, I took my time to write down and tell you everything about me here and also sent you some pictures, I will be glad to know more about you and have some pictures from you, How are you? I hope you are well and fine. I want to tell you a bit about myself and I think this will tell you a little more about me. I really like everything I read in your profile and my gut instincts tells me you are a good woman.

As u already know,Hawkins Roland is my name ,55 years old, 5'9 feet tall.I was very hard working at school and it affected my academic works to be one of the best student of our time. My mom was a head medical teacher and Dad was working with a gold company and later worked with the united nations. My mom was from Germany and my dad was from united state of America. So i lived most of my life in Germany so that could not give me the chance to even know my relatives. At the age of 23. I started working with THE NEW YORK TIME as an investigative journalist such as serious crimes, corruptions, corporate wrongdoing. I'm a leader of a squad that spends months or years researching to get a report and we are well covered with full security to be known.I am a non commission officer, my hard work was recognized by the Government and i was selected among the undercover Investigative specialist but Its all a different thing all together with terms and conditions and mostly private part of it is, not to share more details..But all the same l'm telling you the most important part that you need to know.I hope i can trust you?.My contract is all about fish out a stated number of men who are the people secretly promoting the wars and supporting rebels and providing them with all their needs as arms, drugs and funds, after fishing all those stuffs, we provide news and videos our profile is not known by everybody since it's an undercover work.I am telling you all this because i feel we can have a brighter future if only you give me a chance to prove my self to you i will be the best man for you and if i can trust you not to disclose my profile to anyone for security reasons and safety. I was in Libya last year, I was in Lebanon as well. I went back to the States to found out that my daughter died at a pool side and my wife died in the cause giving birth to my second born,which was so hurt for years.Am actually relocating to anyway can fine true love because it hurts me whenever i come home to remember my past because i was with them at the same place. but thanks to a friend who advised me to move on with a better life.

Am very simple person in life and i love to live life simply and love the simple pleasure in life, i love the beach and i love to water,I like to discover hide out and finding new things and i love fishing and having fun outside,i love the outdoors and love the indoor's equally. I am self-sufficient, independent, honest, I have a great sense of humor..I am romantic, sensitive man, I am serious in my intentions to find my right woman. I know what I want and I am ready for everything for my beloved woman and our common happiness. I love animals and used to have a dog but now don't have any pets because it was so sad to lose dear dog... I am very calm. I like nature.I want to find a good person to share my life with.I want to have friendly family and to take care about each other because it is the most important in our life.I am well-balanced, tactful, communicative and purposeful person, I like learning new things in life and develop my personality.I have very deep inner world and if you are interested in me, you have possibility to know it by yourself..

I'm now looking for a woman who will love me and not for what i have but who will show me true love to spend the rest of her life with me. I don't have any special requirements to the age and appearance as I think that the main thing is the attitude and inner world of a person! I need to have a woman who has the sense of self-dignity and self-respect, who is not afraid of making the decisions and who is responsible. I hope to meet a real woman who can love and make his man happy! I know what a woman needs and I am ready to give it her! Ideal relationship for me based on love, mutual understanding, respect and trust!want to find an intelligent and mature man. Kind, honest, caring, with good sense of humor.Who will be the light of my life, and I want to breathe in and out. That's what I dream about!

We don't use to communicate with outsiders because of security reasons but I need a woman for myself as am retiring from Undercover Investigating to settle down.. A woman that will be there for me and I will be there for her to as well. There is a smile of love, there is a smile of Deceit, there is a smile of smiles in which these two smile meet, a smile is always the most beautiful thing with tears upon it. What is the dawn without the dew? the tears a rendered by the precious smile above the smile itself...i have gotten over it now and moving on in life with determination to hit my goals with my partner. Thats a little i can say about me for now,and will love to know you too.. I wish I could here from you again..

Best Regard's.

Letter 2

Hello Dear
i dont know why i am already missing you just few minutes after reading your email and knowing you .but i think i like the feelings as a makes me feel hopeful that when we concentrate much on each other we could be what ever we want to be before anything i want to thank you so much for your honesty and everything you have told me about you, i am happy for you and very much proud of you as well, i am ready and hoping to share the happiness i have found with a real woman that is ready to be with me and understand me for who i am ..




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