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Letter 1

I was an orthopedic surgeon and I worked with Doctors Without Borders. I recently retired from active service to focus more on my business in supply and installation of medical goods and equipment. I am divorced for 6 years now and I have a son. I am from Germany but I was born and raised in England by a German father and an english mother. My years in active medical service were great years as I was able to travel to several countries to provide selfless medical aid and saving many lives. My experience has exposed me to the understanding of true human needs: good health, shelter, food and happiness. My philosophy of life is that no one deserves to be alone. Everyone deserves to be with someone who understands them and who wants to be with them. I moved to New York after my divorce and moved back to Germany 6 months ago to start my life again. I stayed away from relationships and friendships for 6 years after my ex wife left me. She was my best friend and lover and I couldn’t bear to lose her. I mourned her for 4 years. In the last two years I have been trying to find myself again. I am happy that you are writing with me. My German is bad because I am learning anew the language of my people. I would love to get to know you more.

Letter 2

I just got home now and I just had dinner and I have also had my shower. I had spaghetti and tomato sauce. My best meal is Italian. I love to eat spaghetti, pizza, lasagna, macaroni and many other Italian foods. I am also a great cook. I love to have homemade food in the evening while I order for food when I am at work. I figured that I haven’t told you about my favorite color. My favorite color is white. This is because in many religions and cultures white symbolizes purity and beauty. I am a Christian and purity is important in my religion. I am not very religious but in my line of work, you see a lot that convinces you that God works in many ways. I was an orthopedic surgeon and my job in the past has shown me that we need God in our lives. I had treated the wounded UN troops who were on a peace keeping mission in several countries and in that moment of great pain and loneliness, they found God as the only solace and friend they had. I wasn’t so much a believer but I have held people who died in my arms while working and they all told me that the idea of God made their life better and bearable. My job and that of my colleagues was to treat them and also to provide free healthcare facilities to the communities in need. It has been very fulfilling as I have been able to help a lot of people. When I quit and decided to focus on my company, I did it to make it easier for my son. I want to build my company so that he can have something beautiful to inherit. You can find my company on Google. The name of my company is NewLife Holding Medical Equipments. We deal in the supply of heavy duty medical equipment like the MRI scan machines, CAT scanners, particle accelerators and other big medical equipment. I went for a two years mechanical engineering course while working with Doctors Without Borders where I learnt how to install and operate these machines. It was easy to fall in love with this work because I am also able to impact on the lives of people as they get cured through the machines I install. My divorce also made me realize how lonely we truly are. It has been sad for me to be alone all these years but I am happy once again to feel alive. I miss cooking with someone, holding someone, shopping together, eating together and dancing together. My home has been a home of silence and sometimes I drown in my own voice. I am ready now to find happiness again and it would be great to find it with someone as wonderful as you. How was your day?

Letter 3

Good morning darling. I just got to work. I had a good night rest. I feel lucky to connect to you outside of the billions of humans on earth. Our hearts still find a way to find each other in this ocean of hearts looking to be loved. I feel happy and great to know that we can both find happiness with each other. I would love to cook for you, hold you in my arms, take care of you and make you feel special. I do not want anything else but to be with someone who completes me. I hope your day has been good so far. I send you lots of love. I think of you

Letter 4

I have some great news today. I applied for a contract two months ago with a company called Stanbell Group who specializes in building hospitals around Europe, America and the Middle East. I had forgotten about this contract when I did not hear from them for such a long time but I got an email and a call from them today. They told me that my proposal was accepted. I feel so happy right now my dear. It makes me feel great that my hard work did not go in vain. I always feel happy when I can get these contracts and help hospitals with good equipment that will help them save more lives. I am invited for a meeting with them on Friday in Madrid. I am told that there are two more companies that have great proposals. We will all meet and have a final meeting and discussion and the company with a better final proposal wins the contract. I am hoping so well that I would be the one to get it. It would help me with a childhood dream I have. I have always wanted to build a clinic where children and old people can have free medical care. It has been a dream of mine since I was 15 when I lost my brother and best friend. I think I have written a lot today. I will tell you more about my brother tomorrow and also what friendship means to me. I hope you and I can find great friendship and love. Love is beautiful when we can be there for each other, support each other, hold hands, take walks together and kiss at all times. I am a very sensual and affectionate man. I hope you have a good day. Please tell me about your day.

Letter 5

Hello darling, I am home now after work. I call you darling because I believe that we have become close and I enjoy each moment we write. I feel happy when I hear from you. I look forward towards the times we write each day and these are the best of my boring days. Your friendship has become a beautiful light in the dark for me. I used to be all alone. I used to get back each day from work and go straight to bed or do some paperwork after dinner. But now I hurry home from work so I can hear from you. You give my life a new meaning. You make everything beautiful. I hope I make you happy too. Your personality is a very interesting one and also very lovable. I like people like you who have a good understanding of life and who do a lot of things I find very good. You have even made me more curious about you and I have this feeling that we will become great friends. Friendship is a very special thing for me because I never had a lot of friends and the only one I called my friend was my ex wife who has left me and my older brother Uwe who died when we were little. I hope this will be my lucky day because I have never felt this positive about a friend after my horrible experiences. Thank you so much for wanting to be my friend. Friendship is sacred to me and I have not called anyone a friend in years. I just remembered that I have not told you about my brother as I promised. I had an older brother called Uwe. He died when he was 17 and I was 15. We were playing football in front of our house when he was hit and killed by a drunk driver. He died on the spot. It was very sad to watch him die and being powerless and not being able to save him. It changed my entire life. I had dreamed of becoming a footballer but after he died I decided that I would become a doctor so that I can save lives. I made him a promise that someday I will build a clinic in the honor of his name where old people and children can have free medical care. This has been my dream and I have been working so hard to make it come true. Do you have any dreams? I am doing some paper work. I travel madrid in the morning for the meeting. I am hoping to hear from you soon. I send you lots of kisses.

Letter 6

Darling the meeting was fine, we have finished. They said I have the best proposal. I made a great impression on them and they were so marveled that they gave me the contract. I am so overjoyed my darling. I have signed the contract. I will forward you a copy to your email so you can see it. They want me to fly immediately to Istanbul for the survey and to start work immediately. I am back at the office to pick some documents and put things in order before I leave. I am to supply some CAT scanners, MRI scan machines, particle accelerators, surgical robotic machines. I have ordered for the equipment from a Chinese company partner. Darling I believe strongly that you brought me this good luck. I will send you photos of the machines I am supplying alongside the contract document. I can't seem to concentrate on anything anymore but you. I have been thinking so much about you and this has made me very excited. I swear, I have never felt this way for anyone before. It is weird what good friendship does to our hearts. I look at the computer and on the wall and all I see are images of you. Even the flowers in my office are fresher and more colourful today. They are saying to me to smile and be happy because I have a beautiful and caring friend like you. I am grateful for this wonderful feeling and I must thank you for making me dream again. I have the thought of you everywhere and it is so wonderful. I do not know what this feeling is. I do not know if it is love yet but I sure do know that I do not want this feeling to end. I will now play my favourite love song because this mood is to be celebrated. I hope this could be love. I hope this is the time I will find happiness again. Do you know Celine Dion? I am currently playing her song, "A New Day has Come" it is the song I play when I am happy and that is what I am playing now as I think of you. Would you like me to send you the song? I hope you will like it. Also have this poem I have written for you. I hope you like it too. I travel to Istanbul tomorrow.

When I'm having
a weary, teary
messed up day,
a marred and blotted
creased up day,
the sharp corners
may cut me
through and through,
but I find comfort
in a friend
like you.
For though the
day may make me
fuss and sweat,
block the horizon
until I fret,
you have a special way
to make me forget
while you wash the day
clean of each
blemish and spot,
right down to
the smallest blot.

This is a link to the song

Letter 7

Darling, I just arrived in Istanbul. I am already at the hotel. I am so exhausted. Everything is fine. I think of you often. I wish you were with me but that would not be nice because I have to work. As soon as I am back, I can take good care of you. I can make you the happiest person on earth. I want to hold you in my arms and stair in to your eyes all day and tell you how happy you have made me feel in such a short time. I think of you and it comes with a lot of happiness. I cannot wait for when we are finally together so I can kiss you like you have never been kissed. You conquer my heart. You bring me so much luck. You are my angel. Tomorrow, I meet with the foreman. We have to hire some workers. The goods arrive on Monday and then installation starts. The contract would last for 24-35 working days but I intend to hire a lot of workers so we can finish on time. I will keep you informed as work progress my angel. I also will move into a holiday apartment as it will be bigger for me and gives me enough room for meeting with my workers when I have the need. I think of you my darling. I sleep now my darling please sleep well. I kiss you

Letter 8

I had the most peaceful sleep last night after I wrote to you and resting after my long journey. You cannot believe how I feel right now. I feel like I am the happiest human on earth. I do not think any human on earth feels the same way as I feel now and this beautiful feeling is down to you. You have made me the happiest human I can be. I look back on the days I felt so sad. I look back on the days I cry myself to sleep. I look back on the days when sadness was all I ate the whole day and I appreciate the happiness you bring into my life. It is so soon and I swear I never expected to be this happy with you. I am in love with you. It is the best I have ever felt before. It is so wonderful how someone can give me the care I deserve. Before you, I had sworn to remain alone and love no one till I die. You have completely changed everything about me. I dress smarter now. I smile brighter. I see clearer. Everything is better because of you and it is so wonderful how you can do this in such a short time. This is the happiest I have felt in my life since 6 years ago. I want to thank you for this. Thank you and I swear to make you happy all the rest of our lives. I love you darling. I go now for the meeting with the foreman. Kisses.

Letter 9

I got home and had my dinner and my bath. I am thinking of you. It has been wonderful being with you my angel. I call you my angel because you have become a part of me. I now look forward to everyday. I cannot wait to finish with my job here and be back home with you. I wish I was home and by your side my darling. Whenever I write with you I feel great peace and happiness. What have you done to me? Where have you been all my life? You have given me great happiness and I want to tell you that I appreciate everything you have done for me and I promise to always be here for you too and make you happy. I miss you so much darling. I kiss you. The meeting was successful with the workers. We have hired 20 workers. They are all expert machine operators and they are to be paid a daily fee of 670 pounds before tax. It is a very technical job and they are paid very well. They work for an outsourcing firm that hires them temporarily. I will pay them weekly until the duration of the contract. Everything is beautiful. Tomorrow, I will have a little look in the city. I miss you so much my love.

Letter 10

My darling. I woke up today with the thought of you and that is a promise that today will be great. There are not enough words, to describe the effect you have on me. You make it easy to be myself, and it is you who set me free. You are just so amazing, I can't believe how good you make me feel. I was scared this was only just a dream, but you assured me this was real. When you told me how you really felt, I had difficulty trying to breathe. My heart began to beat much faster, but you promised me you wouldn't leave. Every word that you wrote made me want to be with you so much more. The thought of you had me trembling, deep down inside my core. I long to be with you, my darling, like we envisioned for our first meeting. The thought of my arms around you, with your hand in mine is just so sweet. Watching the beautiful unset, and a breeze that is so gentle. We connect on many levels my love, not yet of the physical, but the mental. But soon enough you'll be in my arms, falling fast asleep. I said no harm would come your way, and a promise I always keep. You're safe with me at all times my love, I would never do you wrong. You're open and you're willing to tell me how you truly feel. You're beautiful, and you care for me, I can hardly believe you're real. But the day will come when I look into your eyes, and see what you are made of. And when I realize where your heart lies, I'll know you are my true love! Have a great day my love, kisses. I go to the city now to have a look around. A tour guide goes with me.

Letter 11

Hello darling, I just came back. We were supposed to visit the Galata Tower because I had heard a lot about it but we could not because there was a lot of traffic. So we visited the country side. Darling, Turkey is really a beautiful place with lots of beautiful scenery. The people are nice and warm and not anything like the place I had been told about. At least so far it has been great. How was your day? Tomorrow work starts fully as the machines arrive from China. They come so fast because they are shipped via a cargo plane. So I will go to the customs immediately they arrive to pay the custom fees. I had dinner on the way. I had Turkish kebab with chicken. It is quite delicious. I think of when we are together and how we will cook together. I cannot wait to take care of you. To treat you right. To give you my heart and to spend great times with you my darling. Please tell me more about your day.

Letter 12

Good morning darling. Today, I want to tell you all that I feel. I hope I will make you have a lovely day my darling. When I close my eyes late at night, I can feel you beside me, holding me tight. Your close touch and gentle embrace keep me warm. I softly gaze into your sweet smiling face. A dream soars throughout my mind the image of us begins to bind. You give me that warm feeling deep down inside. Everything I feel for you is difficult to hide. I wake up wondering if it's real. I know my heart beats for the love I feel. The connection between us is clearly strong and being wrapped in your arms where I belong is amazing. I'd sacrifice my life just to keep you safe. Nothing can harm you or take you away from me because I will fight them like a lioness fights for her cubs. My heart dances in circles beneath the moon light; I know my love for you is well worth the fight. The comfort you give brings a soft smile. My love is true nothing false or vile. One kiss from you makes my heart feel whole. The power of love takes over my soul. As I look into your gorgeous eyes, my fears seem to fly away through the skies. You give me the strength to make it through each day. I know I'll always be by your side, here to stay.

To me you are like an angel in disguise, and I know our love could never die. Even through those dark stormy nights, I'll quickly run to make you feel alright. If a cold tear should fall from your face, I'll try my hardest to take its place. If you feel you have no one to guide you, I'll be there to walk beside you. When you’re feeling the bluest of blue, I'll always be there to tenderly comfort you. I knew from the very start, that you would be the one holding the key to my heart. If you need help, I'll show you the way, you're all I ever wanted and I need you to stay. Your warm touch makes my heart sing. To me, you're everything. I love you so much darling. I am getting ready to go meet the foreman. We go together to the customs to pay for the customs duties when the machines arrive. We would then move them to the warehouse. It is a busy day for me. Wish me some luck. I wish you a lovely day too my angel.

Letter 13

Hello Darling, I just came back. It was a good day but very stressful. We were able to clear the machines and move them to the warehouse. The workers were already there. We also hired some crane and paid for the warehouse. The machines are all inside and tomorrow we begin the installation properly. I made a video of the machines being lifted by the cranes. I will send it to your email so you would see. I hope you had a great day yourself. I always thought of you the whole day. It has been something I do often and it makes me happy. The thought of you gives me the strength I need to complete my daily activities here. How was your day? I send you lots of hugs and kisses. Please tell me about your day.

Letter 14

Good morning my darling. After writing with you last night, you cannot imagine the dream I had. I had a very beautiful dream. You and I were having dinner at a very nice Italian restaurant. I was wearing a black suit while you wore a red dress. After the meal, I leaned over and kissed you. I knelt down on one knee and asked you to marry me. You kissed me passionately as you sad yes. I held you so tight in my arms and kissed you for so long. The dream seemed so real that I woke up thinking you were in bed with me. I love you so much my darling. I hope that this wonderful dream will come to pass and we will get to spend the rest of our lives together. You are my everything. I love you. Kisses. I leave for work now with so much happiness. The installation starts today. I wish you a stress free day. We will write later my darling.

Letter 15

Hello darling, I just came back home. We started the installation with the MRI machines as they are more complicated and need a lot of expertise. Today we began the initial installation process and hopefully we can round off with the MRI scan machines by the end of the week. Do you know that some people who are not claustrophobic become claustrophobic after being scanned in the MRI machines? I suggested to the manufacturing company in China some time ago to make a better design that would not make people feel that they are in prison. I hope that future designs can solve this problem. That is by the way. Darling that dream of the previous night is still so fresh and beautiful in my memory. I really hope this dream would come through so we can spend eternity together. I know that that is a long time but we can only wish and dream of beautiful things. You elevate me. You complete me. You make me happy and I think I am the luckiest human alive to be loved by you. I give you my heart forever my darling. How was your day?

Letter 16

Hello darling, I am home now. How was your day? Today we completed the set up of the first set of MRI machines. We will do the testing tomorrow to know if they are perfect. After the installation of machines, we have to conduct several tests to know if the set up is perfect and there are no mistakes made. How was your own day? I hope you had no stress. What did you have for dinner? For me I had spaghetti Bolognese. I love to eat that because of the cream. It tastes so nice. I hope you will love to eat that when I make it for you. Minutes slowly go by as the precious thoughts of us being together remain in my mind. The comforting images of you takes hold of my soul and through my eyes I visualize the time we will spend together; taking a part of me with you .I realize I need you so much because I love you. There's no other person I'd rather be with, no other person I'd rather be loved by, no other person I'd rather love or miss than you! I kiss you my darling. You are my everything. Tell me more about your day.

Letter 17

Hello darling, I just got home. It was a stressful day for me today at work but everything is fine. We did the testing for the machines we installed two out of three are working perfectly well but one is not good. We have to fix it tomorrow. I have also eaten dinner. I had rice and chicken. What did you eat today? Did you have a great day? I wrote you a poem today to show you how much I love you. I did not tell you I write poetry. It has been a hobby of mine since my teenage years. I hope you love this poem that comes from my heart.

For years and years I was lonely
I had forgotten what it feels like to be loved, to be wanted, to be desired
I prayed to God one night and asked to be given an angel
One who would love me and cherish me
One I would love and cherish too.
God looked at me and smile and gave me an angel
God gave you to me to love and cherish
I promised God I would love you and cherish you.
I love you and cherish you forever and ever my angel.
You are my sunshine.

I hope you love this poem

Letter 18

Hello my darling, I write to tell you that I am still at work. The company came for a surprise inspection and they are not happy with the progress of the work so far. So I have demanded that the workers stay back so we can work longer tonight and make sure we make up for lost time. We were able to make some installations. Now, we work on the faulty machine. I will send you the video via email so you can see it. You do not have to stay up waiting for me tonight as I might be back so late. Take care of yourself. I love you.

Letter 19

Hello darling. It was a terrible night for me. I had an accident and I was robbed. Last night, after work, I was driving in the rented car back to the house when I came across the voice of a little girl crying at the night. I could not drive pass because the cry was serious and she sounded to be in real danger. So I parked the car and went to see what was wrong. I saw four Turkish men trying to rape a little girl of about 13. She reminded me of my son. I engaged them in a fight and was able to rescue her. I carried her into my car and drove off but they chased after me in their own car. I crashed the car in a jewelry shop. For the moment, I fainted. They stole my briefcase and my wallet but they left the girl alone. The girl is safe. I woke up at midnight to find myself in the hospital. The police found us and took us to the hospital. The little girl is doing fine. She is alive. I have been crying uncontrollably. I feel so weak my darling. I wonder what could have happened to this girl if I was not there. They could have killed her. I wonder if she was my own child. I do not understand what grown men would harm an innocent little child. She said she was going to the super market down the road when she was abducted by the men. The police are looking for the men now and will try to recover my stolen items. My leg is broken. I cannot walk. All my documents and passport are in that briefcase. The police are on their way to take my statement. Please say a prayer for me. The thought of you is the only thing that keeps me happy right now. I love you my angel.

Letter 20

I have an even bigger problem. I need your help. A few minutes ago, I received notification form my bank that money has been withdrawn from my account. I have received 4 notifications and I am scared. I reported this to the police but they cannot do anything because it is not a Turkish bank. I tried to call my bank but no one picks because today is Sunday. Apparently, the robbers have hacked into my account. I tried to write an email to my bank to tell them to block my account but I have been logged out of my email. The robbers are doing something bad to me. I need you to help me contact my bank via email as they do not pick up. tell them to block my cards and my account. tell them I was robbed. My full name is Heinz Bernhart Fischer and my account number is 0028564421

Letter 21

The name of my bank is national wide cooperatives bank. Their email is

Letter 22

Thanks my love. When they reply, let me know. I do not know if they can reply today because it is Sunday. I also would prefer you do not mention this to anyone because it is a sensitive subject and the bank and police will demand secrecy until investigation is complete. I love you
The email address i gave you was wrong
It is

Letter 23

You will also help me write to the contracting company to inform them of my accident
their email is
Tell them what happened to me and also about the money.

Letter 24

Then you will write to the bank again and tell them that the company that gave me the contract needs to send me the balance of payment so I can complete the contract. And that I need a new account to be set up so I can receive the payment
Then write to the Chinese company and ask them about the availability of the machines. Tell them to send you a pro forma invoice for the machines if they are available. List the machines just as it is in this email you forwarded to me. The email of the Chinese company is




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