Scam Email(s) from Andrew Caldow to Lara (USA)


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Letter 1

My night was great
The company that sells the machine said it will cost $15,000,000 for both drilling machines
And the contracting agency said they will assist me with 30% . . .

I am not ok
The company that I bought the machines from said I will be responsible for the shipping of the machine to Alaska
That I will be responsible for the cost

That's so annoying
After paying that much for the machine now how do I find the money for the shipping

My son said he is going to get $23,000 from my grandson trust account to send it to me.
That means I am still going to be short of $7,000

Please hon
I don't have any hope of getting it.
Please can you lend me the $7,000. I will pay back with interest in less than 7days
Please hon
I know it's going to be difficult for you to help me considering the fact that you have not meant me
Please give me the benefit of a doubt




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