Scam Email(s) from Scott Adimando to Lara (USA)


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Letter 1

Hi how you doing and how are your horses?

Letter 2

I'm Scott M Adimando 55yrs old, I'm originally from Puerto Rico was raised in a Christian Orphanage home, but i live in San Antonio Tx and just move down here from Sunrise Fl 3months ago, I have 1 lovely daughter name Connie and she sometimes lives with me, I'm an independent geologist/mining engineer. My work deals with the extraction of raw natural resources like gold, diamond, crude oil from the soil or sea. I work for multinational companies and government agencies on contract basis as a Senior Project Manager. I'm a mining engineer Owner of Adiman Mining (extractive industry) with a degree also in civil engineering (both building and general construction) and work independently. I've been widowed for 4 years and i am trying to move on as a friend advice me to come out of my shell. I'm a loyal, responsible, respectful to other cultures and have all what a man has in life to satisfy a woman , I love reading magazines, watching news on TV, going out for movies /Cinemas, taking a walk at the beach, meeting people, going to occasions and event, play with pets, shopping , fishing, hiking, surfing, swimming and spending time with my daughter

Letter 3

My daughter is a great part of my life cuz she and I hang quite a bit and I give her a great deal of my attention and being a child she needs the attention and nurturing that a child needs to feel the touch of a mother, am trying to be happy again and make life feel comfortable for me. I also want you to know that life is full of love cuz the only thing constant in life is '' changes ''. I know the future is bright because am ready to love again and feel the touch of that special lady in my arms again because i know I've a big heart that would cater for someone unique and that special someone would cater for me too as to make life worthy for me again.

If you are willing to risk getting your heart broken because you believe in that other person, Then that is true love which i know hurts...... I'm looking for a loving, caring, adorable, cherishing, loyal, honesty, trustworthy, truthfull, compassionate , she must have the sense of humor, intelligent, brave, supportive , a good listener, sweet in words, looking for a long term relationship, a woman who have no problem expressing her feelings and the things she want out of a relationship and life, a woman who is going to be there for me all days long and all nights long , a woman who will love me for who i am, a woman who is willing to trust in her man when all others tell you to go against it, a woman who will care about me till my bones turns to dust, I don't want a Heart breaker thou' LOL. I would be happy if you can tell me all about you as i have said mine ...Can you add me on google hangout and send me your mobile so we can talk better through mobile also if you won’t mind ?

Look forward hearing from you soonest,

Your Knight in shinning Amor,


Letter 4

I am so glad to read from you. A good relationship require to be each other's friend let's having trust, respect, communicate, maturity in understanding each other, honest, dedication and being responsible are essential respecting each other is important, time for each other, it's not a mater of obtaining the relationship but maintaining the relationship.

Who is right is not important but getting it right is important for each other,working as a teamwork is also important too, I may not be perfect I know that but I have good qualities as a man and have a very good sense of humor, age may just be a number, it has nothing to do with true friendship.

However, I just need a woman to love me for who i am and not for who they want me to be, a woman who will love my kid as much i do & i will also do the same to hers too, a woman to hold me for no reason at all, a woman to talk to and be with me, a woman to say i am handsome even though i am not , a woman to hold my hand Know matter where we are, a woman to put there arm around me know matter where we are, a woman to surprise me for no reason at all woman to tell my secrect to and they will not tell them to anyone, a woman to have fun with, a woman to take long walks with, a woman to kiss in the moonlight and hold hands,a woman to watch TV with, a woman to say i love You and mean it from the bottom of her heart, a woman to wink at me from across the room, a woman to dance with me when we are Out and at home, a woman that is not scared to show her feeling and that is not afraid to cry, a woman to get upset at and then to makeup with, a woman to understand me as much as i understand her woman to spend the rest Of my life with, a woman that loves God, a woman to share my work with, a woman who loves life as much as i do, a woman who is close to her family, a woman to show me how love is meant to be.

I just always tell God to give me the strength, power and ability to be good, i believe it's not my power nor mind but it the power of the creator. I tell the truth all the time and i will never stop saying it and all the truth my dear, it pains to learn things late and I do want you to know that i am so much interested in you and i want the best for us .I want a nice impact to be created and i believe its there already.I want you to know that you have my attention and i want to give it all to you. I know as we will get along just fine as we get to know more about each other .I know this for sure ..

Look forward to your reply,

Your Knight in shining Armor,


Letter 5

This would be a long note, but then I dare you to be bored..What has the world turn to? We say one thing and then do the other, we want something yet fear to do something about it! what I am saying is, it is of no use to have a dream and yet do nothing about it. I believe a journey of a thousand years start with a single step. I attribute my success to my ability to move ahead and strong when I really have a dream. You keep wondering what it takes to really find that special one, but I tell you it takes you doing that special thing! Some have been on the internet for a long time as I have noticed but yet to find love? I think that would have to do with lack of definition, do we really know what we want? everybody is entitled to that thing called love, that thing which makes a man smile for no reason, that which builds a happy home, when you cant wait to get off work and get home to be with him/her, you know what I mean, but only few get it because only few can sacrifice and compromise, isn't that what the whole thing should be about, so I say to those who blame others for remaining single for long! it is your own doing, not anyone else's! if you suffer, it is your fault, if you cry it is your fault, if you smile it is your doing, just know that you are the captain of your own ship and you can do with your life whatever you decide to, I am a lover and that lover side will surely manifest! You know it! I say it is time to come out and grab that which I want, so I came out here, I haven't dated since i lost my ex, believe me,I appreciate feelings, but they are nothing if we cant spell it out. I guess money comes and goes but we on earth remain the same, as I had said I do not wish a woman to put a ring in my hand before I know how she could go more than extra mile for a success that we will both enjoy at the end..All I want is happiness above all other thing in this we are into and a woman to take me for me come rain come sunshine..You are my ray of hope, just like sunshine, brightening my world, I just cant get my eyes off of your picture. It only seemed like yesterday you came my way like an angel without wings to rock my world. To give meaning to the beautiful life I had that had no meaning and essence of family, Only because of you, I feel the presence and will of family. Seriously I think we are lucky to have this medium to explore each others mind. Though I still can never resist your sincere words please I will really appreciate your effort of making our dream of being together a reality





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