Romance scam letter(s) from Alberto Luciano to Annabelle (UK)
Letter 1

Dear Annabelle, It was nice to read your email letter. Hope your day was positive. Was a busy day for me. Got lots to take care of this week but all good. Of course I would be happy to meet you when you get back from Rome. Meeting you is what I am looking forward to. I am happy we are able to keep in touch and communicate like this, that is a good signal. I am living in Chelsea. I am renting an apartment here. Yes I own a car. Do you drive? It's good to have someone that truly cares. I had my skepticism before I signed up on the site but I felt I would know the right woman when I lay eyes on her. That's exactly what happened when I saw your profile the first time. My instinct was right about you. I would like us to always keep it honest with each other. I believe we are laying good foundations for a great friendship. Felt I should tell you what I feel inside. I felt a spark of life in me the first moment we contacted each other. I would never forget that feeling. When I saw your email I felt happy. I have lived lonely for a long time but I always knew there was something beautiful in the future. I have felt so much pain that's why I want to ask you, what do you want in a partner? Because, for me in a partner what I want is been friends with each other, support, listening, helping each other grow, sharing experiences. A soul mate not just a lover I like the woman I sense in you. You are beautiful inside and outside. It's the person inside that means so much to me. I'm very easy going and would like to know the beautiful woman inside you. I feel we need true friendship first so we would not lose a friend later. I need someone to share my life with, so all I say to you is with regards to the future. Wish you a good evening Annabelle. Also wish you a nice trip to Rome on Thursday with your friend. Please keep safe. Need to put some food in my stomach now. Alberto
Letter 2

Hey Annabelle,
How was your day? Oh I totally want to give you my number. It’s just that I am in the middle of changing numbers just for precaution as I was a target of an hack attack. But it’s all resolved now thanks to London Police cyber security unit. I will definitely give you my number when I get it tomorrow or the day after. I would also like to be able to chart with you of course.
Today I had another busy day as I am making preparations for a conference I want to attend in China soon.
I find myself thinking about you all the time even when I am working. I made spaghetti Milano tonight. Just a recipe I picked up. I like variety of food. I like vegetable salads, fruits and grilled meat. I also like wine ( red or white ). rarely drink whiskey or beer. What's your best meal?
What do you do at home during your free time? It is so interesting learning about you. I have not been so open and free with someone for a long time as I am now. You are the cause of that, lol. I do not have many friends. I have just one real friend who lives in New York City now. We went to the University together. His name is Martin.
Well I will stop here for now. Have a lovely evening Annabelle. Take care.
Letter 3

Dear Annabelle,
Thanks for the email. I am on the bed now ready to sleep. I like that you are hard working and active. And you are a beautiful woman. It's surprising how I can think about you each time I wake up and before I close my eyes. My world is changing since you became a part of it and I love the changes.
Yes I am looking into the Chinese automobile industry and Asian market in general. Also I like fish lol.
Are you passionate about your job? I am a passionate person and that reflects on my work. I keep wondering how it would feel like when we meet each other. I have no doubt how amazing it would be because I am already intrigued with you.
I do not feel empty anymore. That void was filled the moment you came into my life. With all the properties the world can offer, without a real partner there would always be an emptiness.
Have a good night Annabelle.
Letter 4

Dear Annabelle, I just got back home not long ago. Managed to get everything done today. Nice to hear from you. It’s nice you are enjoying your holiday. My flight to Xiamen, China for the conference I told you about is scheduled to depart 4:15pm tomorrow. I will be gone for two weeks. I just want to ask you Annabelle, WILL YOU WAIT FOR ME? I would have all the time in the world to spend with you when I get back as I have no more business trips for the near future. I would also like to be in touch with you while I am away if you want? Wish you a good night rest. Will go to bed now. Alberto
Letter 5

Hey Annabelle, Good morning. I am all packed and ready for my flight later. I am not working for any company at the moment this is why I am free to pursue new opportunities in China. I have not bought the new number yet but will do and will give you when I do. Enjoy your stay in Rome. So much history there. Talk to you later. Alberto
Letter 6

Dear Annabelle, I trust you are having a good day a Rome. I am at the airport now about to board my flight. It was delayed. I am traveling with British Airways. It’s not a direct flight I have a stop. I am traveling alone but I have a contact in Xiamen who will wait for me at the airport over there. It is going to be a long flight. I will write to you again when I arrive in China. Enjoy the rest of your day. Alberto
Letter 7

Dear Annabelle, How are you? I have arrived in Xiamen, China. I am in a hotel now and it is 3:46 pm over here at the moment. Do you have Skype? We could communicate there. We can even have a call or video call and instant messages. Let me know what you think. I always want to be in touch with you. Here is my Skype name, I decided to delete my profile on tinder because I do not need it anymore. All I ever wanted was one woman that would be my everything. Now I want to focus on you. Nice you are enjoying your stay over there. Just want you to know I arrived Safely. Enjoy your day. Talk to you later. Alberto
Letter 8

Dear Annabelle,
It’s a lovely sunny morning over here. Was nice to wake up to your email. I have tried to download whatsapp here but could not find it. It seems there is some kind of restriction as I could not find a lot of things on the internet over here. I already had Skype on my phone I guess that is why I can use it. If you can download Skype on your phone would be nice so we can talk. Let me know what you think as I have no other option.
I do not smoke. Yes I have been to Rome more than once. It’s a beautiful city. This is my first time in China. The conference is an opportunity for me to showcase my designs to representative from Chinese car manufacturing companies. So I am hoping to work with them.
I am having breakfast now and sitting on the chair. The TV is on but am thinking of you. When I was younger I was a deep thinker with emotion and passion. But there are things that cannot be done alone. I am only grateful I found you to make that journey with.
Do you believe in destiny? That things happen in life for a reason. I feel we met each other for a reason. Sometimes there is a need to do the things we love with someone. I have a feeling we can do the things we love together.
I was thinking when I woke up how great it would be growing older with each other and think back on how we met each other on a dating site with a smile on our faces. I never thought I would feel this way with a woman I haven't seen in person yet. But it's worth building on. "Flowers won't grow in gardens of stone". I believe we are both laying the best foundation for our future together by been honest with each other. Please always tell me what you have on you mind and I would do the same. I have never been this open to a woman. I let my real self out with you. That's how I always want to be. Do you like dancing?
Enjoy the rest of your night. I will meet my contact here this morning. His name is Nicholas and he will show me around as I prepare for the conference on Monday. Talk later, kiss.
Letter 9

Hey Annabelle, I am back in the hotel. The summit was really positive, useful and educative for me. With the help of Nicholas I also made new contacts with the BAIC group. An automobile company based in Beijing. I have a business appointment with them on Wednesday so will book flight to Beijing for tomorrow. I look to sell some of my patent designs to them and hopefully form a future alliance. This is exactly what I came here for so I am happy so far. I took this photo for you after the conference with Nicholas and his wife. Have a blessed day my woman, kiss. Alberto
Letter 10

My Queen,
Welcome back home. I am happy you enjoyed your trip. I woke up not long ago and read your email. Was a nice way to wake up. I am sorry about your throat hope you feel better soonest. I am having coffee writing this email to you. I can relate with the things you say. You occupy my thoughts in the morning as usual. I wonder at the moment what you are doing, what you are wearing, how you sleep on the bed, how you look when you eat... I find myself having imaginations of you and I love it.
I also do not know how to dance much and I can be shy that way too. I can move my body slowly to a cool sound though. So maybe we can learn together. I do not have siblings because I was an only child. I do not have a home in Sicily but I do own the home I grew up in the US. Yes I still have contact with my late wife’s family and we keep in touch from time to time they are nice people.
Sometimes I get emotional when I think or paint. I see things differently in my life since you became a part of it. It's amazing how things change quickly. The thought of the possibility of experiences we can share together in the future keeps me happy. It is my nature to be loyal to anything I believe in. I appreciate making positive impacts to humans we meet as we live. You are different. I like you more each day
Back in school I was a quiet one. I was not an A student. I always struggled to make it through my academics. I have always had a conservative character and wanted to create my own path. I grew up in a small farming town called Springfield in Philadelphia, PA, USA. As a kid my parents provided all I needed in the house. I remember we traveled about two-three times a year for vacations. I had a healthy childhood. Thanks to my parents. I left home at the age of 19 and started staying on my own. I had my first girlfriend as a teenager. But I wasn't always good with the girls. I never knew how to flirt. I always wanted one person I could share everything with.
Will stop here and start getting ready for my day. The conference starts 10:00 am. Will meet Nicholas there. Have a good night rest. Kiss.

Letter 11

Dear Annabella, It's a nice sunny weather over here this morning. Congratulations to Prince Harry and Megan. Been single over the years was my choice. Sometimes I feel surprised how time past. I guess life happened. I would say I am more of a visual person. I met my late wife in a restaurant. She was a teacher at a high school. I had a wonderful marriage. Yes we can talk in the morning my time but if it is too late for you I can wake up early so we can talk before you go to bed because I know you have to go to work so you need your sleep. Will message you when I wake up early so we can talk. I am sure we can work it out and hear each other from time to time till I arrive home. You are such a beautiful woman inside and outside. Still find myself having imaginations of you. I would like us to dance to a cool sound at home during the night in the future. I think there is a lot we can experience together. Something better is definitely happening now for us. Now I am turning a new page in life with a woman I already cherish. Who says we cannot create our own paradise. There is so much potentials in what we share already only when we build it together. When I am tensed or sad I want to look into your eyes and smile. The world might be dark around us but I always strive to build a beautiful life with my existence. Have a good night Annabelle. Looking forward to my flight to Beijing in the afternoon. kisses. Alberto
Letter 12

Hey Annabelle, I am back in the hotel. My meeting with the director and some other top officials of the BAIC group was a success. They are interested in my designs and I also accepted what they are offering me in return. Now that I have signed a contract with them I can now proceed to the next step which is to make a clay prototype of the design for detailing. This is an important aspect used to determine a lot from Aerodynamics, comfort, to mechanical functionality of the prototype. I will be working closely with their specialist craftsmen in their design sector in the factory for the next two to three weeks. I know I told you before that I will be here for two weeks but now that I signed this contract I will be here a little longer till I finish the prototype. Sorry about that. I moved to England from the US. I had been based in Philadelphia. I chose to live in London because I love the city. The reason I moved to the UK was for a contract I had with Land Rover Jaguar. Also, a few years ago while I was still living in the US I was increasingly feeling sad and depressed because of my past experiences and there was a need for me to go far away and start a new life. The UK was my best option at the time. Looking forward to talking to you again. Have a great day, kiss. Alberto
Letter 13

Dear Annabelle,
I just got back to the hotel. My first day at the factory was positive I was introduced to the team and they are professional craftsmen. The only challenge is the language difference but we use translators and one of them understands English a little so that helps.
During my free time I have been writing my thoughts about you in form of poems since I met you. I will show you someday. Was thinking earlier I would make a portrait of you when we meet. I think it tells a special story. Well painting has always been in my blood but did not take it seriously until when I was in the university. Then I started practicing again and made more paintings. I still have the first paintings I made many years ago. Each time I look, each tells its story. That's what painting means to me. Apart from the beauty they depicts events and thoughts. I do not paint for profit or business but just fun and personal satisfaction. When I am not out of the country for work I stay in my home most of the time. Some times I play the piano in my living room. It's peaceful. After playing sometimes at night I just go to bed.
You are just a wonderful woman. It's like a new world for us. I must admit there is something exciting and real about this process. Writing emails to each other with so much passion. I look forward to your email everyday and it puts a smile on my face each time. Happy I took a chance. I wonder what would happen when we meet for real.
Will answer your questions about my work. We use computers and robots for accuracy. But some aspects are best done by human hand. The Chinese have their reasons why they chose this design over the rest I presented to them but it’s a unique design. When the prototype is done I will do presentation and that will mark the end of my contract here. I am not sure I can take a picture of the prototype for you because they have strict rules regarding photos or videos. Anyway, I attached photos of some of my rough sketches so you have an idea.
I can set my alarm and wake up early tomorrow morning so I can talk you before you go to bed if that is Ok with you. I miss your voice. Have a great day my woman. Will have my shower now. Kiss.
Letter 14

Dear Annabelle,
I am feeling better now. I am happy you feel free enough with me to tell me more about your life, your past, your family. I feel honoured. Knowing I make you happy this way also makes me very happy man. Don’t worry I don’t want to stop either. I told you before that I like you very much, it is the truth.
I am certain about wanting us to be together till the end of our lives. I am sure we are looking for the same thing. I do not need so much to have a great life but I need a lovely and happy woman that know how to make her man happy. I feel like I have known you for years and all I desire in a woman is in you. You occupy my heart and I hope you feel the same too. I have always wished for a true and sincere relationship with a woman and that's how I feel now.
I figured out that there are so many things running in your head about me and who I am. That's why I always take my time to explain my whole life to you. Anyway to me I think after getting the wealth and adventure, I have come to realize that we are nothing without a partner. Someone who would stand by me no matter the situation. A woman that will join hand with me and help build a home based on love, peace, happiness, joy and harmony.
I have a room full of paintings and designs so I have quite a lot I have made over the course of my existence. Hopefully they might mean something to someone when I am dead. I usually enjoy making nature and abstract paintings.
Enjoy the rest of your day Annabelle. Kiss. Alberto
Letter 15

Dear Annabelle, I had a nice walk. Thought about you all the time. I appreciate your honesty and if there is anything you would like to know about me as well please ask I have no secrets either. It’s a good thing you have a friend you can trust. Looking forward to meeting Caroline someday when you introduce us. You brought so much happiness and joy into my life and I feel like I am being brought out of loneliness into an amazing life. Out of a lonely life to a very lively world where you love someone and the person loves you back. I always get a good glow on my face just being able to read your letters on my phone. But look what you have done to me in this short period that we have known each other. I knew something was missing. Since I haven't smiled like this until now. Am smiling excessively just thinking of you. I think I am becoming restful again lol. You are always on my mind. I had prayed to God to send me my Angel. My woman who will be with me till the proper end. A woman who understands love and who know what real love is and he sent you to me. Isn't that amazing. You are the light I see in my world now. I took this photo for you during my walk. Will retire for the night now. Enjoy the rest of your day baby, kiss. Alberto
Letter 16

Dear Annabelle,
I am back in the hotel. I decided to go to the forbidden city today and visited the temple there. I also had a walk at a park was nice to be in nature. Thought about you all the time. I started writing this email to you over there I am just editing it now. Was nice to read your email when I woke up in the morning. I also hate lies and betrayal. I appreciate your honesty and I believe I can trust you.
I am happy I could make a positive impact in your life, you are doing the same to me so I think it goes both ways. I have a very strong feelings for us that we are meant for each other and together we can make it through whatever the distance you might consider between us now. Always know that I feel what you feel. I am who I am and my word is my life. However, I am patiently looking forward to meet you in person. I can already feel you close to me.
What wouldn't I do to make my dreams come true. I just need a woman to feel close to me before I am old. I have come to know that we spend most of our life seeking for the secondary needs while our primary needs are left unseen. We have worked so hard and attained some wealth right as it is needed to survive but at the end we realize we need friendship and love more than anything else. But for the few of us who value simplicity, we have a chance of doing well in finding true happiness. As I grew older in my life I noticed there are things that cannot be bought financially and those are the real things existing in life. As my own man I would give up all that can be bought for that which can't be bought. I want true happiness. I want my woman to have power over my moods... she can make me smile in all weathers.
I am glad that I could get your attention my baby. You have a special thing in your heart and I intend to find out what it is. It could take a lifetime to figure but I don't mind, lol. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Talk later, kiss.
Letter 17

Hey baby, So here is a photo for you as promised. Me right now in my room.
Letter 18

My Queen, I am having my lunch break now. Your letters are heart felt. I feel what you feel. It’s hard to explain but I do. You are also the light I see at the end of the tunnel. You brighten my world. I do not have any power over you, we are just two people that are developing strong feelings for each other, care for each other and wants to be with each other... For me I can say I have not felt this way for a woman before. This is different and it’s very deep and loving. You are already replacing my pain with joy. I have total trust in you before even seeing you in person. Yesterday we talked about other things on the phone so I did not remember to talk about my time at the forbidden city. Also I have listened to that song by Joe Cocker and I enjoyed listening to it thank you. I do have a song for you, I will send it to you as a surprise someday soon. About my health. I do go downstairs to the hotel gym, I do not just stay in the room all the time. Like I said yesterday I am active and fit. I have been practicing martial arts since I was in my 20s and I still do. But as I promised I will do the test you asked me to do when I return home. I have to get back to work now. Have a nice day. Kiss. Alberto
Letter 19

My Queen,
I got back to the hotel not long ago. Feeling better now as I had a nice shower. My work here will still take about two weeks to complete. When my work is finished I have no intention of doing sightseeing so will be on my way back home. I am also really looking forward to seeing you soonest.
I practice kickboxing. It is a martial arts technique that is common in the United States. I will like us to exercise together when we start living together. Would be fun and also good for our health.
I have got some question while I was working today that came to mind. I promised myself to ask you. But no pressure, you can answer during your free time and I promise you an eloquent answer to the questions.
What are the qualities of your ideal relationship?
If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
What were your life changing moments?
Which is the one book that has really inspired you?
What is the last thing you do before you go to bed? What’s your favorite thing to do on Saturday morning?
Enjoy the rest of your day baby, kiss.
Letter 20

Dear Annabelle,
I am on the bed now ready to sleep. I am writing this email to you with a smile on my face. Reading your lovely and kind words refreshes my soul. I remember everyday of my life that there is someone out there who cares about me and prays for me. I feel so happy from the inner part of me. I feel so blessed to have you. I am patiently waiting to be with you. You are always in my thoughts. I will love to be much closer to you soon. close enough to feel your skin. I am thinking about how special it will be when we finally get to meet each other face to face, plan together and want each other. My intention of asking the questions is only to bring us closer as one. These are my answers to the questions.
What are the qualities of my ideal relationship?
Communication is very important. Someone I can do anything with and share great times. This includes doing nothing and still loving it just because we are with each other. Similar interests and honesty. Someone who loves me for who I am. Physical intimacy, respect, trust, mind blowing love making, commitment to the cause, lots of love and expression.
If I could have any job in the world, what would it be?
Well I am grateful I could do the job I love which I am doing presently. I have always wanted to create my own car someday and I am already working on that with Martin. I would love to give more to the ones in need as many as I can help. That's like a dream for me. I hope as my business grows I can raise such a capital to set up a foundation for less privileged some day.
What were my life-changing moments?
several tragic event that took everyone I loved away from life. It's always painful watching the ones you love die. I moved on and I have come to love life and everything around me. I hold no grief. But subconsciously I only allow lovely thoughts and memories into my mind and it keeps me happy and inspired. Now you are in the picture and my world is a better place.
Which is the one book that has really impressed you?
Well I have not read much but I remember Emerson's Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson. An American author from the 18th century. I got lots of motivation to pursue my dream from his book.
Well Saturday mornings I make breakfast, do laundry and basically take care of things in the house. Each night before I sleep I brush my teeth, have a shower, pray to God. I also think about you, that is what I do presently lol.
Now I will answer your questions.
If there is one thing you could change about yourself what would it be?
In my life I have usually learnt from my mistakes, though it helped me develop and be better person. But I made some mistakes over again in different ways. If I could learn before somethings happen to me it would be better lol.
What do you find attractive in a woman?
The eyes is most attractive. The eyes says a lot. A good personality can be a magnet to me. Physically, I like a woman’s hair, breasts... I would say I am attracted to a beautiful woman.
Are you usually on time or late?
In terms of meeting appointments or work, I am mostly on time. In my life in general I have been late in my development process in a number of ways but I always eventually got to the point.
What embarrasses you the most?
You know in public when you make a move to shake someone’s hand or hug and the person unintentionally leaves you hanging. It has happened to me before and I felt very embarrassed.
How tall are you?
I am 9’10’ ft ( 175 cm )
What is your biggest fear?
A sad and painful death.
What do you dislike most in other people?
Greed, selfishness, pride, idea of status, control... The tendencies that is embedded in the human mind that brings great threat to humanity and great suffering to other humans.
What would be your perfect day?
A day I wake up with someone I love so much beside me in our home and the day goes by with everything that makes me happy. Mind you these things are all simple, peaceful things nothing extravagant...
I hope this gives you some more insight into my life. Will sleep now. Have a good day, kiss.
Letter 21

Dear Annabelle,
I am about to sleep now. I am happy we had that conversation earlier I do not believe anything can come between us. People always have this to say that distance will make love drifts away If out of sight you have to stay out of mind. It's not true.
For me I know my love will never sway no matter how many miles between us but this love inside me makes everything Ok. When love is believed and conceived in the heart between two people it never fades but grows. That's why I feel what we share would only get better with time. Distance never separates two hearts that really cares for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. But whenever I start feeling sad because I miss you. I remind myself how lucky I am to have someone so special to miss.
To truly love something, I think you first give it a chance to fail. If it survives, it is going to be stronger forever. Distance is pure proof of this and forever we will love when we survive. What matters is honesty, believe and trust. Just as we have started this relationship, I have no doubt this is the true happiness we both seek. There is no long distance about love, it always finds a way to bring hearts together no matter how many miles there are between them.
I hope you love all these I have written for you because they are from my heart.
Hugs and Kisses.
Letter 22

My Queen,
Your letter really touched my heart. I will never doubt you too. I have absolute trust in you. I just sit here and I was thinking about you and about our emails and how deep they are. Also our answers to those questions we asked each other. It is really amazing the way we pour our hearts to each other. How we spoke our minds and we both heard each other's heart beats and how it aches for one another.
I feel like writing you something lovely from the depth of my heart anytime I check my email when am free, about to sleep or when I wake up. I thought about you through the day. You have overwhelmed me with your gentle heart filled with love and kindness.
Stay safe my woman. You mean a lot to me. Kisses. Alberto
Letter 23

Dear Annabelle, I have been sitting here thinking about my life and what future might hold but I feel content with my life at this moment which has a lot to do with you. I feel new inspiration and enthusiasm for life. Can't wait for that time when we would finally be together with great hugs and supernatural kisses. I have been writing this poem for you. I've searched for you beyond the stars, throughout the years and so very far. Somehow I knew that you were out there, but that's the thing... I didn't know where. When I couldn't find you I just kept dreaming, but I couldn't give up... I had to keep trying. She’s out there, kept thinking. I continued my search for the love I was seeking. From hour to hour and from place to place, I didn't give up In this heart-rushing race. The days went by, as well as the years. It had brought me nothing but painful tears. Then all of a sudden, there you were on a dating site. Where have you been? All of my life I have longed for the moment to call you mine. In love's embrace we'll be together. Our love will be protected and will last forever. Fate has lead me to you, destiny has paved way for you and I... My search is over, I've finally found you. My one true love. Will always be for you my beautiful Angel. Yours Sincerely. Alberto
Letter 24

Dear Annabelle,
So am writing to you before I retire for the night. You asked if I am always like this, well this is me as I am. The way I behave to you is actually who I am inside and I have been hoping I can show it to someone without any fear so I am happy I can express myself to you.
When we spoke the other night you were actually composed. You did not sound like you were drunk.
My only near future plan will be a trip to NYC to meet Martin. We have to sign some documents with some investors and meetings with other companies for our prototype. This will be in August or September will let you know.
Like I told you before I have no other plans for now after this contract in China. So I want to spend the next two to three months knowing you better. Also it’s Ok you are going on a vacation with your daughter I actually think it would be good for both of you. So enjoy it.
It was such a wonderful feeling to read from you this morning, You make me feel so good. I can't do anything right now but think about you. How far we have gone. I feel as if we have met for a very long time. I think of how we have known and understood ourselves in this short time. How we opened our heart to receive and welcome love. You are a blessing to me and the best I would ever have. I cherish you so much and I can't do without you in my life anymore. You are part of me and you complete me. Thanks for the love you freely gave to me. How you open your heart for me to penetrate inside you. I promise not to let you down. I promise to always handle your heart with every care.
I will always remember you my Love and while you are doing your daily works you forever remain in my thought. I pray to God to keep and guide you safe for me. Always remember you are not alone. I am always for you.
I have attached a couple of photos I found on my phone. The first is me when I was a bit younger I think I was 39 and the second is me and my dog I use to have his name was Stone.
Have a great day baby, kisses.
Letter 25

Hey baby I am resending the photos. Have a great day, kiss.
Letter 26

My woman,
Back in the hotel room. Finished quite early today and spent some time at a restaurant in the city. Back on the tinder site I had a short chat with two other women before you. They sounded like nice people but had to discontinue because there was no connection between us. I strongly believe we were destined to meet each other in life. I think this explains why we feel this way for each other before meeting each other in person.
I have been writing this poem for you for a while. I hope you will like it. I love to write poems to you because it describes how I feel for you.
Having you in my life
is a beautiful feeling
You make me feel so special
with all that you say
and all that you do
and today all I want to say is
you are the one and only
I love and no matter what
I will care, keep forever loving you.
You may be out of my sight
but not out of my heart
You may be out of my reach
but not out of my mind
but you will always
be special to me.
In my life I learned how to love
to smile, to be happy, to be strong
to work hard, to be honest, to be faithful,
to be gentle, to be respectful, to be loyal, to forgive,
but I couldn't learn how to stop remembering you.
I need you like a beautiful flower needs the rain Annabelle. You wash away my pain. You are a wonderful woman. Will get some sleep now. Yours forever, Kiss.
Enjoy the rest of your day my woman. Kiss.
Letter 27

Hey baby, I am about to sleep now. Each time I listen to this song by Don Williams I think of you so I thought I should share it with you. Alberto
Letter 28

Hey baby,
I have been sitting here checking through all your messages. Baby you are the best thing that ever happened to me and to have you is eternal joy and blessings to my life.
With you I see a home that is like heaven on earth where peace reigns forever, where there is undying love, joy, happiness till life end... I will always be for you.
Thanks for your mobile number it’s saved in my phone. Enjoy the rest of your day, kisses.
Letter 29

Hey Annabelle,
I am really happy that I keep my baby smiling each day. I know it has been hard for you to be alone there but remember one thing Baby I am always for you. Think of me and my warmth will be the blanket for you to sleep tight in the night. I think everything that I have been through in my life has only prepared me for you. I thank God every day I wake up that I have you. It is a once in a life time thing.
Tears rushed out of my eyes as I re-read all your emails and also all our promises. I vowed to be yours till the proper end. I am just thinking what I will do when I see you but I guess I would not be able to control myself at first because I will be so confused seeing my angel in front of me I will give you a big hug and kisses for sure.
Yes you can call me Bertie or any name you want to call me. Will close my eyes now. You are all I see. Kiss. Alberto
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