Romance scam letter(s) from Andrew James Anderson to Helen (Philippines)
Letter 1

How are you doing, I am still awake doing some paper work… Just want to write you some more about me. First of all I will like to know if you are a Christian? Well I don’t have a problem with my partners region. I believe everyone has his or her ways of doing things. The most important thing to me is understanding each other, and explaining why you think you want things to be the way you want it to be. At the end of the day it left with the two to come to understanding and do, what they think is the best for them. No third party.
My dad came is a businessperson from Denmark, there he met my mom and they fell in love. I was born in FYN a city in Denmark, two years after they met. Dad, Mom and I myself came to US when I was just five o years of age and I later went to Modena with a friend of my dad, when I was 19 years I decided to take a trip to the US to see my parents once again.
I first lived in New York at the Great Neck Plaza where my father use to stay and have his shop, and then moved to Jackson – Georgia to stay on my own, then later I went back to Modena to stay with my Uncle again. I came back to the state after the sudden death of my late father, which I took over his business, which is the mining company. I later moved the work to Mississippi.
While in Mississippi, I met a man who liked me for my ways and was interested in doing business with me, so I had to move to California with him, I moved back to Mississippi where I started to do my own business. So I later moved to California, where I saw the man once again. It was much joy to see him but we would not relate to well. I was very happy i saw my good friend but I decide to find my way and started doing my own business again.
I see my business as a responsibility, and a dream come true, I thank God I have made it this far and thank my mom for her support. I have always had it in mind to do my own business since I was a kid. I never had my friend around, so I saw it as a challenge to make something for myself and my mom who had to do all she could to make me who I am today. I started to import raw materials when I was in the state, and I sometimes buy their finish product and exported it.
Later I went to study Investing and Mining in the industry well to enable me meet the need of the people and make my customers happy since we are in a world of challenge. I entered into the mining and still producing all over the world. I am a very honest, understanding, caring and lovely James.
Well that enough for this morning, I will write more later and will be more than happy to read from you too… Stay bless and enjoy your day. Always smiles and hugs..
Letter 2

I'm glad to read from i hope you are in bed having a sweet dreams, I really hope that our first encounter isn’t going to be our last because I felt very special when I saw your profile on I truly want to give our friendship a chance to grow. Also I truly want the opportunity to get to know you, all of you. Head, heart, body, soul, and spirit. I don't butter anyone up but I do share sincere feelings with woman in my life, love to look deep into the eyes and see the window to the heart. I am so much a HOPEFUL romantic, notice I said hopeful, not hopeless. Well telling you about me. I like to take things at their natural rhythm when it comes to relationships.

I am not into using people for whatever reason and have grown to believe and stand on the opinion that our purpose in life is to love unconditionally everyone in this world. I change the things I can and want to and do not fret the little things (as well as the big) that I cannot change. Life is a short romp and must never be taken for granted. Nothing should be taken for granted for that matter. I put much stock in instant love/lust/caring smile. Though it is more likely to fade and seems to be based on desperation/hidden motives than actually looking/seeing/getting who the other person is and genuinely developing feelings for him/her. smile (Yeah- I have lots of opinions but am also quite open-minded and love learning/hearing other viewpoints). I Love the movies, walking, golf, long discussions on whatever takes our fancy, quiet ambiance, most musical styling, going to the gym, reading, hanging out low-key or fancy, writing, traveling etc . I tend towards shyness at times, but when I am comfortable with the people around me, I am a lot of fun. I prefer one-on-ones to group settings (again, unless I know the group well). I like my peace and quiet - too much noise/activity around me can make me anxious. However, I can also adjust/adapt quite quickly to new circumstances I am involved in church community as well smile. I am deeply romantic, optimistic, hopeful, wise, smart & stubborn. Oops that is enough… I will write more if you write back… Hope to read from you soon. Always smiles and hugs. Your new friend, James
Letter 3

Midnight from here! I'm doing my paper work before I go to bed.. I went out with friends yesterday i did not come house early then. Helen I like what i read from you.. Yes like this we will get to know each other well.. Helen you take very good care of yourself for me and May God guide you and protect you .. I have a wonderful Day.. Talk to you soon... Your new Friend James..
Letter 4

How are you doing? It is always a good to read from you and to tell you, I like the pictures you sent me and I cant stop looking at them.. You look younger than your age... I am still in my office working and just want you to know I have you in my thoughts and on mind.. Will write more when I get home.. Stay bless always. James
Letter 5

How are you doing? I have not heard from you for days now... Are you okay. I have sick and was admitted at the hospital and came of sick bed only yesterday.. I want to check my mail and see if I have any mail from you but nothing.. Anyway hope you are doing good. Stay bless and enjoy your day. James
Letter 6

Haw are you doing my Helen? Well so sorry for making you sad, don't mean to, it is always my prayer to make people around me happy and now that you are not happy and you are sad that means I have not been a good friend. Well I am some how better now. I called you twice but there was no answer from you... I called both numbers. You know I called you before reading your mail. Well have a safe trip and don't forget James have you on his mind. Call me anytime and lets talk on phone. or email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.. May I know where you are traveling to? Stay bless and enjoy your day. Always smiles and hugs. James
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