Scam Email(s) from David Raimondi to Mary (USA)


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Letter 1

Hi honey! I haven't heard from you since, is everything OK? What's the matter? Tell me if there's anything wrong you should let me know coz I'm really worried about you. Hope you're okay?

Letter 2

Honey I notice you unfollow me on instagram! Well if this how you want to end the relationship, you let me know so that we do it in a mature way than this.. I haven't heard from you and I'm really worried.

Letter 3

Let's talk on hangout my love.. I really miss you a lots

Letter 4

Honey is this how you intend paying me? Well no problem, but let me tell you this: the blood oath we sworn together will judge you, for breaking my heart, you will never see a man that will marry you in life. I told you to help with any amount you can help me with but all you could do is block me. What kind of a woman are you?

Letter 5

Honestly speaking, I wasn't able to solve it, I'm more than confused here now.. My daughter is crying all day coz of her school requirements that I couldn't meet up with. Please help me




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