Scam Email(s) from Larry Breton to Nikolina (Bulgaria)


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Letter 1

Hello Nikolina... Been texting you but it's not delivering, what's going on? If you want to stop texting me just tell it to me instead of ignoring me... I want to believe you didn't block my number and if there's something wrong then just tell me and let's settle it
What do you want from me, Larry? Be fair.

Letter 2

The worth of this contract is 150000 dollars
In which I have been paid 30% of it
But for security reasons we have been directed not to have access to our credit cards, debit or any personal belongings. So as to prevent any unforeseen occurrence by this terrorists babe
Immediately after the 8th week of this mission I will be paid the remaining 70% of tbe contract
And babe that's all




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