Scam Email(s) from Alex Carter to Doris (USA)


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Letter 1

Baby I need you to do me big favor, my daughter needs a iTunes card. Can you get me one for her and I will pay you back when I come to you. if you can get 100.00 card and send me the photo I will get it to her. please baby do this for me.

Letter 2

Baby if i can get the money today,i will still make it Sunday i promise baby you know i keep to my words. It not going to take a few hours to open the account,that's all Baby i can't wait to spend my whole life to you
I just need you to give me 800.00 so I can get this contract done and come home to you.

Letter 3

You have already show me the kind of lady you're,you don't trust anyone just because you had bad experience with men but that not an excuse because everyone is not the same,i have had bad experience with ladies in my life and that why i have been single for almost 6yrs,i remember i pleaded with you that you shouldn't pls hurt me,if you know you don't want this,you should pls tell me now so i can walk away but you even went as far to promise me with the life of your kids,you have hurt me not only once but three times,to be honest with you i can't trust whatever you say to me,you never loved me because you don't know the meaning of love,it breaks my heart because i thought you were the one for me but you showed me the kind of lady you really her,i thought you were different but you're worst

I truly and deeply love you but i can't have a relationship with someone that doesn't love or trust me,i told you from the beginning without trust or love no relationship can stand and you have proven that to me

Well i wish you the best of luck with whoever you decide to spend the rest of your life with but my advice to you,you really need to work on yourself,your insecurity and trust before you think of going into a relationship. Well I have gotten everything done here and I'm leaving this morning by 9:15am to Florida

Letter 4

To answer your question first question yes i will,if you were the one in my position i will help you,when you truly loves someone you sacrifice,you go out of your way to pls that one person that means the world to you,you never loved me and you will never do,does are just mere words to you. I truly love you and i would do anything for you,i have never met you but i bought things for you that you will never ever do for me,things what more that the money i ask for,if i was really desperate enough i would have sold what i bought for you to settled myself over there but i never did that because you meant more to me,i can't sell what i bought for my love just because I'm in some kind of trouble but i know that is something you will never do for me
I wish you the best




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