Scam Email(s) from Carlton Oesterlle Glovern to Colleen (USA)


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Letter 1

I write this message in the middle of both happiness and depression. I am also happy that I have you in my life. On the other hand, I am depressed because an equipment got lost in transit. I shipped some equipment so that I can get them and use them here for the project. On getting to the shipping port and getting the containers of equipment cleared, I discovered that some major one is missing. I tried to talk to the the shipping company but they insisted there is nothing they can do about it since my personal agent shipped them himself with everything intact. I spoke to the representative that was assigned for me as my assistant over here and he told me we can find in a company from the United States that has an agency here. We went to the company and we found they had the equipment, but the problem is the cost compared to what I have. The price for the missing equipment is equated to (?) 50, 000 and I I only have (?) 26, 500=($36,000) cash with me. I need to get (?) 24, 500, I have exhausted my cards and most of the cash I had on me cost of getting the team on board, getting the containers of equipment cleared. I have also initiated transactions from my banks online but all transaction are pending and the bank codes needs me to make a personal appearance due to their banking safety decisions. I would have loved to explain to the company that gave me the contract but this can wreck my career and will not be good records for my pension as it not presentable.. I am confused and you are the only person that I can explain these to. I know it is not right for me to tell you all these but it is my problem and you are the only person to tell. I need you to borrow me this fund so that I can get the equipment as soon as possible and start the work on time before the project directory board comes, honey, I really need you to help me out so that I can finish up and come home on time without having to face any issues with my clients. As soon as I get things stabilized here I will reimburse you so you can put it back into wherever you acquire it from. I do hope you get this email. I will look up to read from you soon. I love you soo much honey.




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