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Letter 1

Thank you so much for your email, I find writing you interesting, you're a very simple and easy person to communicate with and i'm sure glad to have come across your profile, Anyways, I'd like to go on with introducing myself, And i hope you don't mind my detailed introduction? Just felt you should know me more better and ofcourse on every first date you're suppose to tell each others more about yourselves, right? I loved and adored my wife till the unfortunate incidence happened when she was snatched away from me so let me tell you more about the death of my late wife, Although it's sad to talk about, but i'll try to put them in writing, She was a young (at heart), beautiful woman by any standard. Within two years of being diagnosed with a rare, incurable cancer, leiomyosarcoma (soft tissue tumor). We never accepted the incurable part and she submitted reluctantly to operations, chemotherapy, radiation, and even a experimental drug. She suffered more than necessary, partly, I suppose, because I urged her to get the chemo after the first unsuccessful operation. After that, she accepted every new treatment and many hospitalizations. Sometimes I was relieved that she had to go to the hospital when her blood counts went bad. Still, she was upbeat a good part of the two years and even continued to work right up to a month before she died. There wasn't a dry eye in church when the funeral was held one morning. I grieved and received counseling,looked a little for a GF, but two years ago I went into major depression, so I went on therapy and meds about a year ago, Feeling a little bit better now, and gradually learning to accept the things i can't change.

It's nice reading from you and knowing more about you. You write me like we've been friends forever, You're such a polite and friendly lady and i must admit that I feel so excited writing more about myself and reading more about you. I've been living a lonely and both sad and happy life since i lost my wife. I'm sad that she's gone and there's no partner to comfort and make my house feel like a home again, and I'm happy that I've a beautiful son to look upto, My son has been the source of my happiness and joy, and i have a good job that keep me busy often. Talking about finding a perfect match around here, Since i lost my wife four years ago, I have been so emotionally down, hence i didn't deem it necessary to find my dream woman. Your picture is so amazing, I love those smiles on your face, I am honestly overwhelmed at the fact that you're a very passionate person, and I love the fact that you're a very honest and down to earth lady. Honestly, I would really like to know you more better, and keep in touch with you very often. You captured my heart with your simplicity, hence i want us to be best of friends. I would love to share my view about what I look forward to in life with the right partner. I'm a single parent with a 16yrs old loving son. My son has been the best thing that has ever happened to my Life, and i thank God everyday for bringing him to my life. I would like to meet a lady who will see my son, as her own child, love and treat him kind. I would like someone that will love and respect me for who I am, that likes to hold my hand and surprise me with a little kiss when I least expect it,or give me a wink from across the room to let me know she's thinking about me or give me a call just to let me know she's thinking about me... Because I will be doing the same..

Now, I realize both in my mind and my heart that I must take massive action to find my wife/soul mate and create a happy family. I am willing to do whatever is necessary not only to find her but also to create a strong and happy marriage. I also feel as though I have matured from my loss and have a good idea what it takes to make strong and happy marriage. In many ways, I feel similar to the story about Julius Caesar when he invaded England. He burned the boats to show that there is no retreat or turning back. I feel as though I have reached a point in my life this is the most important part of my life and I am willing to do whatever actions are necessary.I have a serious and calm personality and I am very slow to get angry. I am a very thoughtful person. I like to understand my feelings and others feelings.I like the sea shore, i enjoy traveling, cooking, gardening, camping, long walk, learning new things and studying new ideas. I guess that is why I like reading so much . I have strong beliefs and opinions (some people would even call me stubborn). Because I am so fascinated with ideas, I like to discuss and talk about almost everything . I have a very open personality. I tend to share my feelings, thoughts and beliefs with other people.





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