Scam Email(s) from Greg Alves Graham to Kat (USA)


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Letter 1

Good Morning My Big Baby,

You amaze me in every-way, you give me the warmness of the feelings I have ever wanted to feel for my future wife. God is LOVE, TRUE and faithful. I'm happy I found my missing ribs. Honey there is no doubt that you are my destiny and my GOD sent. Everything you've explained is exactly what I want to do with you and what I love. I know I have told you about all of these before but I am reassuring you that I am faithful to you as a husband. This is who I am and this is who I will ever be.. I respect you my wife and I will forever be faithful to you. I have never for once doubted your love because its PURE and true like a virgin. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me and I promise that I will not disappoint you or ever hurt you. I respect the beauty and shape of your heart, I long to love you more and treasure you like never before.

My love, I can never keep anything away from you, if I ever keep anything away,its because is involving money and I respect you and don't want to ever make you feel uncomfortable. Honey I am a giver and I always prefer to give and help my partner not just my partner. God knows my heart and that is why he has never made you doubted me for once. I know sometimes its irritating when I need your help and I cant be bold to tell you is because I respect you and I don't want to ever make you doubt my love for you.

Honestly, I do not know how to go about these but I am not a lazy man and I feel this is some kind of temptation. I have met investors but its not working and I must tell you that some of my workers has stopped because they've not been paid. I am trying to raise about $35k to pay them so they can make the $600k available to me. It's in our agreement of contract policy. I cant afford to loose this contract my love I have come a long way. I attached a screen shot of the account the money is being paid too but as soon as I pay the $35k it will be available for me to with-drawl. My love, my parent were successful and if they were alive they would have been the best people I can run too for help. I appreciate everything you've done for me and I need your help but I don't know how I can make you trust me to help me get this help But I swear by my parent grave I will repay back and wont disappoint you. Mark my words, I repeat I will surprise you and you will treasure every moment we spent together.

Nothing good comes easily my love. Jesus was tempted by the devil when he came to earth but he overcome it with prayers and faith. Big baby your love and GOD keeps me stronger everyday. I am addicted to you and I am going to be with you soon not just because I want to meet you face to face but because I want to show you how much I LOVE you and want to be with you. I long for that beautiful day that I will be looking into those beautiful eyes of yours and tell you that I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I long for that day I am going to ask you to marry me, I long for that moment that I am going to look into your eyes and you will see the love in my eyes and know that it is true and pure like a new born baby. I long for that beautiful night that you will cuddle in my arms and I am going to tell you stories as we cover each other with the duvet and talk like best friends and couples.

I love you with all my heart and I will make you proud my wife.

Loving you is the best feelings ever...Don't forget I want to tickle you in bed.

Your BIG baby.


Letter 2

My Heart,

I woke up at the middle of the night, thinking, wondering if you truly know how much you mean to me and how much I love you. I sat down having so many beautiful thought of us and how I will tickle you hard in bed and how you will have that huge smile on your face each time I play with you.. I think of how beautiful it would be when you, Maddox and I will have a good time building our castle, space're my happiness and the thought of you make my heart melt, eyes blurry, hands cold, IO hope you know that fuzzy feelings

I miss you. I miss you deeply!
I wish I could be with you to fill you with kisses and tell sweet things in those pretty little ears of yours. If you had any idea how much I’m missing you right now, you’d be imaging how you are going to hug me and kiss me and reassure me of your love one more time.

How can you miss someone this much? How can love, such an “abstract” thing, take up so much of my thoughts, being as rational as I am? What makes it such a strong feeling? And why this constant need to see you, to be with you? Am I going crazy? I think I am...
And if so, going crazy over someone as special as you are is a sign of good taste, to say the least, for there must only be a few number of people in the world with so many special characteristics as you have.
I can’t stand being away from you, because when that happens it’s as if time doesn’t move, the hours become longer and boring and there’s nothing – not even a fine glass of wine – that can bring some comfort. I fight loneliness and can’t wait to be with you face to face, to touch you and kiss you gently, softly. Be sure these will be very special kisses because you’re worth it.

So many colors, pictures and poetry could describe our love; but now that I’m about to tell you how true, pure and great it is, I’m short for words, pictures and even for a little poetic knowledge.
You are the love of my life, I wouldn’t know how to live away from someone as special as you anymore, someone that pushes me forward and shows me the beauty in things. I could never again find peace in my heart if you left or couldn’t be there for me. Before that certainty, I have no option but to reaffirm, with all conviction, what I just said before: you represent, in the flesh, bone, blood and emotion, the great love that will accompany me till the end of my days.
May life keep on blessing us with each other’s presence. May our days be filled with love, affection and tenderness you give. May I continue to dedicate you with what’s most sincere, beautiful and best in me.
When I think about you, I feel like I have everything one could wish for. In this case, all I could ask for is a little bit more of you, or make that, you forever!... I LOVE YOU Kat and I will never stop telling you how much I love you and how much you mean to me even if you ever get upset with your BIG sleepy head , hot mess... You're my heart!
My faith and the Gods attend my request!

Tender kisses from the one who loves you too much,





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