Romance scam letter(s) from Peter Lewis to Nadine (Canada)
Letter 1

Hi Nadine, Thanks for giving me the opportunity to get to know you. Anyway i believe where there is a will there is a way. :) Let me give you a brief introduction of me beyond what's in the profile: My name is Peter Williams, White/Caucasian. I'm 6'0ft, Self Employed Electrical Engineer and i also install solar panels for large scales. I'm 60yrs old, born on the 28th of December(capricorn), Widow, lost my wife 8 years ago. She died very suddenly and unexpectedly of heart failure( such a terrible experience). My father's side of the family was of English/Scottish decent. My mother's side of the family was of English/Irish decent. My parents married in 1940. They eloped and stayed married for 62 years. they both grew up in Edmonton in the 20's. Mom was only 16 when she married Dad, he was 25 1/2 years old. .I was Born and raised in Germany. I spent 11 years In Wiesbaden Germany, as my dad was in the Air Force and we were stationed there. I am an Air Force brat and did quite a bit of traveling as I was growing up, We later moved to Toronto when i was 11 Years old. I attended high school in Toronto, later proceed into university at Australia when my dad was transferred to Sydney Australia. I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Electrical engineer at University of ADELAIDE in Australia. I have one Brother who lives in Toronto. He had some disability due to an auto accident which made him lose his knees, Since then "Fred" has been in wheel chair. My Son lives with him in order to take care of him while I live in Calgary, due to contractual work and i have been here for 5yrs. My son's name is Emmanuel he's 25yrs, He also works as an engineer with a small team in Toronto... but i can relocate anywhere in canada with the right woman. I would like to ask you few questions: What you do for a living?
What are Your Likes & Dislikes?
Your favorite Music & Movies?
What are your Favorite food?
How many kids do you have? I Like honesty, truthful, because trust is a vital phenomenon. I like people with intelligence and a good sense of humor. I like rain, rain storms, driving in the rain, and listening to the rain. I like animals, horses in particular. (I rode competitively for several years.) I like dogs and i have a dog "Ginger"( A german Shepard breed) I like to be with someone special and feel my pulse increase when I see her, touch her. I totally agree about the kiss! I like to be spontaneous. I like to dance. I can't sing, oh gosh, not at all. I like that I am a happy person. I like that I never give up on people, I believe in the goodness of people. Dislikes: Liars, Games, I hate pretense and i feel trust should be the foundation of any good relationship. Not into head games at all, don't like to argue, will not
argue. Discuss, yes...argue, no. Raised voices, that's a big one. And I absolutely won't eat anything I can't identify!! My favorite food: Chinese, Mexican, for dining out. For home: I love homemade spaghetti and chicken and dumplings. Oh yes, homemade noodles are the best!! Oh yes, I like to bake cookies and brownies and cakes and cupcakes. Favorite Music: Oldies, gosh I LOVE Rock and Roll. I love to dance, Gospel and little Hip-Hop Favorite Movies: I like action, thriller, comedy and romance movie Favorite Color: Purple & blue. I always say everything happens for a reason, and that has been proven to me over and over. I have learned to just accept it and go with it because that is how it is supposed to be. I have found that when I feel compelled to do something I better just do it! And that is how I became a member of Our Time. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that my special woman is out there looking for me. I can't wait to meet her, and share the absolutely joy of the relationship. I still believe in romance and feel there is a place for long passionate kisses. There is so much to tell from the kiss. It's all in the kiss. I will await your response and hopefully we could get acquainted.
Your New Friend,
Letter 2

Hello Beautiful, I am really enjoying getting to know you. I love the anticipation of checking the email,and the excitement of seeing your reply there. It's like your words are reaching out to me, wrapping around me and making me all warm and happy. . What are you doing today? As for me nothing than taking care of works. I work 12hrs during the week and some times i work on Saturday if not i travel to see my family. I'm not a lazy man so i like working. I'm proud of my work, Being an electrical engineer. I work with electricity in its many forms - from the electrons to the large scale magnetic fields. In addition to designing new products, construct, operate, and maintain a wide variety of electrical systems and equipment. I have a lots of contracts documents to sign, have a job coming up soon and its gonna be a great pay hehehe.. I was just thinking about you, and i decided to check my email, and guess what? you're right here, I'm going to give this friendship of ours prayer, and i hope and pray it result to something serious in the nearest future. At this stage of my life, i'm living very comfortable but without a woman its not complete. I'm financially secure, I live within my budget, and save for those things i want or need but still yet i need someone to hold hands, talk to, to love till eternity. I dont spend lavishly, I'm a giver. I so much believing in giving people that in need. If I won the $200 million lottery, I would start a great Company not because of the money i want to earn but to help people. I will employ people that will be working for my Electrical company or i would own my own shop for cars, I would have one section for cars that customers bring in for maintenance and repairs and one section for my own projects. Then I would hire some people I have worked with in the past because they are great electricians and because they are great people. I would pay them more than any other shop ever could. Our contract would be $5 million for 3 years with 4 weeks of vacation per year. Then, when the contract is up, if they want to retire they can. Or if they want to keep working for me, it would be $1 million per year. Lastly i will donate to the Less privilege. Few questions for you this time: If you were granted three wishes, what would you wish for?
Are you financially secured?
If you won the lottery, how would you spend the money? The only questions left out for me would be if i was granted 3 wishes, what would you wish for? - To have that special woman..It might be you:)
- Just to live a peaceful life.
- Wish for War to stop, and also wish there could be cure for all the sickness. Waiting to hear from you again!
Your sweet friend, Peter.
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