Romance scam letter(s) from Ralph Vidar to Leslie USA)
Letter 1

Seeking healthy, fun-loving girl for adventures. No rush--haste makes waste. And no one enjoys having their time wasted. If you like live music, craft beer/wineries, the outdoors, staying fit (but not in that "no-fun allowed," vein), then we may hit it off. Perfectly imperfect. I strive for balance, symmetry and order--and full-on embrace chaos, flaws and frailty. To me, your imperfections are some of the most interesting facets of who you are. I don't see them as weakness; they're growth opportunities! You could say I'm a firm believer in duality. Worse things could (and have) been said. I'm also a strong advocate for adaptability. And irreverent/inappropriate laughter!. Decidedly non-conformist, with leanings toward Lysander Spooner, Ayn Rand, Albert J. Nock. Van Morrison's long-lost cousin. Shore over the mountains, Coffee over tea, Beatles over the stones... If you've stuck around this far, many thanks. I better finish here. I already sound like a real nosebleed! I'm certainly open to meeting people within about an hour or two away, as well as closer to home.
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