Scam Email(s) from Peter Johnson to Susanne (Sweden)


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Letter 1

Baby can we please go back to hangout and talk there? Is more better and quick to respond. Disa I love and care for you with my life. I don't know why you have to go when the case was under control. It really hurts me, you blocked me, tears have no roll down my eyes because I really do look forward to see you in US.
Didn't the fake embassy get you your money? I told you that scammer was behind it, he was the one who wrote you as embassy cos he knows he was being track. Baby I need your Love not money, I know you are willing to give from your heart but I seek your Love.

Letter 2

I really am sorry baby. I don't mean you to go through hell, I went through it myself when you stopped talking to me. I missed you badly. I hope you're doing fine now?

Letter 3

I don't know of your lost neither am I behind it. I tried making you recover your $7000 and more. The guy who scammed you at first was really smart to stop you lying to you with an embassy he opened himself, you fell for him again. I looked so stupid, I'm sorry baby. Please come back

Letter 4

I know they are not real. Told you earlier when you were abusing my lawyer, that the scam in Nigeria was smart and behind it but you didn't believe me. I must get them down. Did they take money from you?

Letter 5

Stop it baby. You hurting yourself and hurting me too. You stopped talking to my lawyer and myself when we've followed him up and his address has been unveil, vengeance was in our hands already when he emailed you persuading you that we are fraudsters and you just believed because you saw Nigeria embassy. You made a fool of me in front of my lawyer, already planned buying you a ring. Your monies are not lost, he has been arrested. The court took total of $27,000 from him and handed over to us. No way to reach you, gave my lawyer $2000 and traded on Bitcoin with $25,000. Right now I'm up to $370,000 in my Bitcoin waller and still trading. Just joined the millionaire roadmap recently.
My prayers everyday is that you come back. I miss you bad I swear hearty.

Letter 6

The picture must be in Google ofcourse just like FBI and others. My lawyer uses the money to file a case here, I don't know how he traced the dude. You should trust me because I've been truthful and honest from date, I never asked you for money hearty. You words are hurting me. You really do not love and trust me again

Letter 7

You were just hurting yourself for no reason. How can I contact you when you blocked me and my lawyer. Tried reaching you several times on Hangout and IG. I couldn't continue with Instagram cos it was bored without you. I never gave up, I kept praying and held on to my Faith, guess it was the Spirit if God that led me over my passed emails and I saw you and try, was shock but happy to see your response.
I didn't use your money for myself. I grew it for us and still growing it baby. I'll never hurt you or be a partaker. I Loved you even before you Love me




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