Scam Email(s) from Johnny Bordeaux to Laura (USA)


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Letter 1

am just so worried here my darling Laura. Hope all is well with you as I am missing you here so badly, Can't wait to see your beautiful face and look into your eyes. My love when I went to the shops here they don't have the iPhone which is compatible with the software and honey it's the iPhone X, iPhone XS which is compatible with the software, so my darling please try all that you can to get it for me as everything is set for me honey., I met the management of the mining company and negotiation was made that the less I can buy from them is 30kgs (66pounds) of AU Gold Bar 24K and it will cost me $1.2m USD so my darling you try all that you can to get me the phone so will take care of business and come back home. Honey I will definitely and immediately reimburse you as soon as I get back to the states. If you get me the phone it won't take me more than a week to get to you. So please kindly help me out, you should try and get me the iPhone so that I can conclude my business here my love. Honey, even if you can get one on contract you please do that for me as soon as possible my darling Queen. Thank you my darling and hope to hear back from you soon. Don't worry about the money because I will definitely settle everything when I get back. I love you Laura, Kindly buy it this morning and send it through FedEx so that I can get it as soon as possible my love.
Yes got it honey. Well the CA is my late mom initials he also went by ca My name is Johnny Bordeaux




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