Scam Email(s) from Micheal Frankly to Maryanne (Colombia)


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Letter 1

How are you doing today? Thank you for responding to my message it is a great opportunity to met you and i hope all our message will be base on honesty and sincerity? also i will like you to give your total 100% attention, because the must important key-point about finding a relationship online is been total honest as we are both behind the screen, Then Focus expression & dedication , These are the key-points, Given all your attention to one man without any side distraction from other men,same apply to me, Secondly i believe in expressing myself through writing a long message,i am ready to get committed and settle down with the right woman, not looking for a perfect woman, guess i needed to tell more about myself

My name is Micheal Frankly, born on the 20th of April 1956 so am already 62 years old,age doesn't matter lolz, I'm originally from Tampa FL USA, graduated from Argosy University in Tampa Florida studied Mechanical Engineering, started working in Shell Company since 14yrs of my life and still have my own side business' My wife was diagnosed with kidney cancer 8yrs ago and she passed on, it was a very sad moment of my life,it was difficult finding someone ever since then i got lonely, we have a full grown daughter her name is Maryann she got her own family and kids but they so far away in other states, i'm 176cm tall i weigh 105kg white hair good smiling face keeps me going, but so lonely and wanted someone to spend the rest of my life that my reason of joining the dating apps, i hope i'm match up as the type of man you searching for? With honesty commitment and sincerity we can achieve a relationship because distance is just a mile, patiently waiting for your respond.

Yours Micheal

Letter 2

Hi been waiting couple days for your message, really the use of high device gadget are not permitted around the arena where we are station because of the chemical are highly inflammable substance which could easily cause fire out break, secondly it was said that most of the workers engage in masturbating during video calls which destruct them from carrying out there duty properly, They have policy which everyone have to obey including myself,

My line is connecting with a low device mobile phone which you can call me anytime and i could call you until we finished our contract here in Alaska, once am back in Florida trust me we can use a video call anytime any-day i will advise you bear with me for the time being, i believe writing emails is also a good platform where we could express ourselves in a better way. i hope you understand my situation honey,

Yours Micheal




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