Scam Email(s) from Adrien Phillips to Jane (USA)


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Letter 1

Dear Madam,

Thanks for your urgent reply, you have been confirmed as recipient for the diplomatic package with tracking number #1401280019 from Mr. Adrien Phillips with origin from Turkey, please be advised that this package is sealed and would be shipped to you 10pm Turkey Time, estimated date of package arrival is on Monday 21-01-2019. Kindly note that for shipment security the package can't be opened until it is delivered, this is to enable the adequate protection of client's asset. You are advised to send your scanned Passport or Drivers License and a four digit code that would be used to confirm receival of package, further information would be provided in due course

N.B: kindly find attached to this email Video file of Package before shipment, do note this is highly confidential for the security of shipment.

Best Regards
Chloe Adams
Head of Operations.




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