Scam Email(s) from Luis Carlos Gomes to Anna (USA)


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Letter 1

My love and my Angel good morning and happy Sunday,
I hope your mother is doing great today, I always pray that she will recover and be fine so that you can get some rest after work. I called yesterday as promised but found that you have gone to work,It makes me happy to talk to you and nothing more than hearing your voice and as i told you yesterday, that after this transaction we can open a mini super market over there and begin to manage it and i feel that would make you feel less busy and less hours and it feels good that we work on our own store, we have become old to face that long hours of work and besides life is too short to ignore our happiness, as you can see that 2018 is running out and after that it can never be recalled back again and so we grow older not younger. Please my love and my chosen wife to be, do not ignore my cries over this matter, what i am asking is to help send the woman 2000 euros and i will give her the rest by tomorrow, this is a great opporturnity for me and you and even your son can also work with us as a manager when we open the supermarket over there because you know everything about sales than me.

We can also buy a house and be able to take care of your mother together, sweetheart remember we need to work our future with is money that Jose is willing us, we need to travel to come here and and also other countries, and all this reqyires money of which this 2000 euros that am begging you to help to complete it is can never reach you for a travel trip not to talk of when both of us begin to travel together. Husband and wife can plan their future without telling other, I am planning our future and i know while am crying,I am crying because i love you and i want our future to remain brighter than ever, Honey i want to be with you and spend the rest of my life with you, I found my happiness in you, we have been talking for over six months and since then you caught my heart and now i want us to come together and live a comfortable life without worries once this fund is changed in your name.

My love,i dont want to be a bothering you asking you money to buy a pant or what i need when living together with you thats why am crying for your help to this and lets tackle our future problems once and for all. Is better to give you 400.000.00 dollars cash once this fund gets there than to loose it because of the processing charges, pls,pls,pls and please honey understand honey. My love, do you know that in the past,strong winds knocked me down;life kicked me around,but should foul weather come my way now,I'll get right back up and try again.I'll stand my ground, because I have the strength of your love.And with your love,anything is possible--no dream is out of reach,no star too distant.I'm certain that you are my wife to be and the only woman of my choise and desire and my happiness to over come this crazy world,and I would never push you away or lock you out of my heart.If you sought the door,I would get on my knees and beg you to stay.I know what I want.I know what I need.I must believe that you'll always be there for me...just as I'll always be here and there for you till soon we meet together.I love you deeply. Urs ever Luis

Letter 2

I understand you didnt have the mind to help and i have been thinking that our future would be critical without this money, I am trying to break anything that would deny us from getting together and found that you are not even ready to make our dreams come true, two relationship is made to the both parties to walk it out and not only one side as i have been the one calling for over six Months and you are the one giving excuses even when i wanted to buy my ticket yet you were the one that discouraged it, I found that you are occupied with work and families, and now 2018 is running out yet we dont know our faith, therefore i will advice you to delete all my pictures and everything about me, and focus on your job and families because there is no need of calling and wasting money over what can not work out. I know we have talked for so long and nothing works out no need of you deceiving me. after reading this please do not write nor call me anymore, I want to begin to find my future partner. Had i know i could have gone a long way with someone real than a deceiver. Take care

Letter 3

Good morning my love,
Sorry that i missed your calls yesterday, though i tried calling you several times and you didnt answered, I was thinking that we could talk yesterday but i understand that you might be very busy, sweeties i am so sorry that i made a mistake when i was writing my age, I wrote 50 instead of 56yrs old, we are soulmate sweetie, I am 56yrs not 50yrs, I just saw that i mistakenly put 50 instead of 56. I am not 58yrs honey. I want you to know me very well thats why i have to send you a copy of my passport and my professional id card. I love you and only you is my happiness, do call me whenever you wake up. Urs Luis

Letter 4

Name--- Lorenzo Lopez


Attn Ma Barrister Lorenzo Lopez

Good day,

My name is Anna and I live in the USA.

I am Luis Carlos' fiance, and we have planned a future together here in the States.

It is my understanding that Mr. Jose Caceres, the former Director and contractor of Juconsa technical constructivas Plc, is leaving his assets to Luis and that Jose Caceres is putting them in my name as Luis fiance, please write back and tell me the informations needed to change the fund of Nine hundred and ninty five thousand Euros only in my name ( 995.000.00 euros only). I want this be done urgent since my fiance Luis is getting retiring this Month and he needs to come here immediately after his retirement.

Thank you.





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