Scam Email(s) from Randy James to Anne (Finland)


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Letter 1


This is Randy from two I just wanna know if this is you and just to try sending you email because I don't really know about online dating stuffs I will be happy to hear back from u soon.... And I hope you like my pictures..... Thanks

Letter 2

Hello I'm so sorry that I'm just replying this now I have been so busy and sometimes I don't even have time for myself but I'm happy to read from I will like to know more about if you don't mind telling me with some pictures??

Letter 3

this is Mr Randy I'm sorry I take too long before I reply this message I have been so so busy I hope you can still get my message and reply me please only if you don't mind.....

I was busy traveling here and there all about business and I only have time to check mails once in awhile I wish we have time to talk together soon as we both have the time to...
I hope you have always been good I will like us to know more about each other if u will not mind??

Wow that's great to hear about you.. And here is a little about me too..
My name is Randy James i do timberwood business I'm from Brisbane Australia but presently in Chicago USA to meet some business partners I'm very single with no kids and never been married before I like to spend most of my free times in gym and I like dogs I like reading going to the beach with my woman walking down the street holding my woman's hand I'm a very kind and honest man I work too hard but u know when to stop and take time for my woman....

I get on that dating app looking for that woman who is ready to stay with me for the rest of my life I wish you be that woman because I don't have any tile to stay on that site so I lest not using it again I will like us to have more time to talk together and know more about each other I pray this lead us to the best place we ever pray for in life here are some of my pictures for you I hope my body don't make u scared of me...

Okay here is my WhatsApp contact because I'm really interested in getting to know you okay.... +15127663728 I hope i get your message on there soon....




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