Scam Email(s) from Aldrich Dukas to Pam (USA)


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Letter 1

HI Sweetie,

Hope you are being productive today? i hope you are doing okay?

My mother was indeed surprised to see me she jumped on and gave me a kiss with so much joy and tear rolling down her eyes, i was very touched i must say my kid was not home at the time of my arrival when she came back...OMG!!! i was rushed to the floor. i felt like a soldier that just returned from a war zone lol. but all the same i am really pleased to see my family again it's been so long. of course i am excused but i still had to find time to drop a note.
Our road to friendship has been a little less then traditional but for some reason it worked for us. late last year i attended a weeding ceremony of a couple that met themselves online i was opportuned to speak to the bride and i found so many things she said very meaningful and helpful. i know you may not have time for a relationship right now and that you may even be scared to get committed with me, but I am patient. I will be by your side regardless of my status with you. I have never felt so connected to a person in my life; I love talking to you or just feeling your presence. I also realize that it is hard to tell somebody you care about that you do not love them as they love you. i appreciate your honesty so far and Please don't ever be afraid to be honest with me as i have with you, because I will always be your friend. Mainly I wanted you to know I will wait for you. I don't need fancy gifts or 100% of your time, you are indeed a rear kind of woman. coming across you kind of person occurs once in a blue moon and i am not ready to let what we share slip of my grabs all I need is to know you care, and you can open your heart for me to come in and stay. I love your comforting words and I want to say thank you for everything. I have loved you as my friend for a period of short time and I would cherish the chance to love you even more.

I am doing very well with my line of business and profession as a Marine Engineer, Inspecting marine equipment and machinery and drawing up work requests and job specifications. i get paid really well on my contracts and i am comfortable with my life and the way i live, i wouldn't say i have reached my goal yet because only God knows what he has install for me because he has brought me this far in my life and i am sure i started even lesser than you with absolutely nothing i had to put myself through the school, as soon as i am done with my Job request and contracts for this year i want to start my Own Marine engineering Firm that requires a lot and i am close to achieving my goal and aspiration. I take care my family and have enough funds for myself and family to live on we don't lack anything at all all thanks to GOD.. i want you to know anything and everything about me and i am sure you want the same as well so what ever topic we find ourselves discussing about i want the both of us to be totally involved and open with it as that's best way of learning about each other even when we get to see each other.
Yes we have covered a lot withing this short period of time and you can say we are really making progress in our communication. it gives me joy to know that i have positively influenced you in such a short period of time and i want you to know that you have done the same as well. i am sure of the Hugh chemistry radiating among-st us we share lot of things in common we think alike and that makes me fulfilled. i have been thinking of you all day i just keep wondering if you had coffee yet? what you had for breakfast? All this is happening despite the fact that i was with my family, meaning you have slowly found a way into my heart and i am glad for these developments in my life.

Baby my trip went well, i enjoyed it because it was Turkish Airline........Nice airline and good services.. Okay babe i am now on the soil of the famous country called Turkey its kinda historical but honey i would say am sorry that i was not able to call you after i reached the here.....I arrived here very late and i needed to get some rest, my brain has gone through too many change in time zones. i have to get prepared for the meeting to officially sign the contract and get started by Monday.

Dear the problem i would face here is the language but tomorrow i will work on getting a language translator so i can understand properly and i am making arrangements to hire some laborers over the weekend that will work for me cause i would need them at the site to make my work faster am looking at get about 15 workers plus the translator making it 16 and i would have to be pay them weekly i think.....i just made arrangements for my equipments i had to rent them though, so by tomorrow till Sunday they will arrive then i can fully start work by Monday. So far everything is fine and smooth i thank God for having his way in my life.

Baby you have been in my thoughts and i have been thinking about you and have your pictures with me plus the one in my wallet as well and since i came back to my hotel room i have been looking at them and i want you to that i miss and care about you and darling please let me know anything that is going on with you so i can be sure you are always safe and in good health, body and soul. i hope work is going well for you as well?

I am staying at "cirangan palace kempinski Hotel" here in the famous city of Istanbul though, my next objective would be getting the equipments for a cheaper rates.
Honey please try as much as you can to always send me an email cause it would keep our connection and feelings for each other going....I have gotten a mobile sim but i still need to activate the international calls tariff on it so i can get to call you and my family, you could also call me anytime in case you want to get through to me my usual phone number doesn't seem to be roaming here right mobile number is (+90 542 886 1712) you can get me at anytime on the number i am back in the hotel i don't have much to do i am going to see how the gym runs so i can keep my self busy and stay fit as well. Thinking about you and wondering how you are doing always....Let me know how you are. its about 08:00 pm your time now, and 04:00 am here making 8 hours difference between us. Let me know when you get this.

Lots of LOUD kisses, and miss you


Letter 2

How dare you doubt my authenticity, I have never doubted anything you have said about you in anyway what so ever you have repeated yourself times without number and I didn't insinuate that you're a trickster or any fucked up shit like that, and now all of a sudden you're on your high horse throwing accusations around. I find that very insulting! Let me know when you're ready for a video CALL.

Letter 3

This letter really sounds like bull shit.., since half of it a repeat, language and writing is that of a second grader. The first letter was the deal breaker but this one takes the cake... Are you for real... I’m not some lonely ass women looking for a scam artist. Hit me up when you become touchable. and what damn picture do you have of me in your wallet and what fucking work am I doing? I’m never going to call you on that number you sent to me if you want to talk call me when your back state side Virginia, Baltimore where ever your living... You went to a weeding what the fuck was they doing smoking before the said I do. Too fucking funny .... Hit me up when your touchable. By the way I never told you my major was criminal justice working with the FBI ..




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