Romance scam letter(s) from Jimmy Alfred Hoffmann to Elizabeth (USA)
Letter 1

I don't know how else to send it to you again.. maybe you'll have to check your email from another device where you can open the attachment. I'll send the account information now before I sleep. Please kindly send it today, so I can leave on Tuesday. Please trust me on this.
Letter 2

Here's the agent bank information.. My hospital visit short my funds... I need $2189 now.. Don't worry I'll give you back once I arrive.. Bank name: TD Bank
Account No 4363544408
Routing No 031201360
Swift code: NRTHUS33XXX.
Beneficiary name: John Williams
Address : 418-428 Wednesday Market Street, Newark, NJ 07105 Please send payment copy and I'll forward to the broker.. Thank you. I will talk to you in the morning..
Letter 3

Here is my passport copy.. Hope you'll receive it now.
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