Scam Email(s) from David Moore to Ginger (USA)


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Letter 1

My love
I'm so sorry for not keeping in touch all this while... honey I lost my phone on my way to Ohio as I was trying to go sell my equipment, honey I want you to respond to this email immediately because I'm using someone computer to write you, honey I got into trouble with my equipment, the man that was supposed to buy it fucked me up and I got in trouble , now I have to find a means to go home, please respond immediately

Letter 2

Honey you won't believe that man made me bring my equipment to Mexico that he just event his new company that he will need it there so I used all I had on me to get to Mexico and he sent someone to pick me up and examined the equipment and they later concluded that it's old and won't work for long so they can't buy it, honey I was furious, I fought with them and that's when they got me arrested, I was released last night, now I have to find a means to get home home but I don't have any money left on me , honey please I need your help please, please try and get me some iTunes cards so I can get home today, honey I understand you don't have but please I want you to try because I can't be on the street with my equipment, please honey I need to leave this place today , I want to come to you on Christmas, I can't be alone on Christmas

Letter 3

Honey if you can get me home I will solve all the problems, you won't have to sell your house anymore
Honey please listen to me, I want you to try and get me the cards even if you can borrow because once I get home you will get all your money back please honey, I'm the solution to all the problems you have so please try your possible best please

Letter 4

My love I'm no longer in Canada, I'm not far away from the states , honey if not for anything but for the sake of the debts you have to pay and your money and your house, honey I'm coming home this time please honey.
Please try and be fast because the owner of this computer will close from work in 2 hours

Letter 5

My love I know and understand this is very difficult for you but please I beg in the name of my parents please help me get home, please my love, I'm still hanging out here please help me honey

Letter 6

My love
Good morning
Honey please I beg you, try and do something for me, I really need to get home today please honey please I'm begging you

Letter 7

Honey please I have been out here all day yesterday, please help me, try and send me any amount you can get please, even if it's 300 please honey

Letter 8

Honey please help me

Letter 9

Honey please try and help me, I don't have anyone please help me honey please I beg you

Letter 10

My love please don't leave out here like this please help me please , honey even if you don't want me anymore at least I will pay you all your money so please for the sake of your money please help me please honey




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