Romance scam letter(s) from George Miller to Bettina (USA)
Letter 1

Dear angel, It's been a while since I've written a letter. To be honest, I don't even remember how to do it anymore. I don't know if I should write about every day stuff, about poetry or music, how much I miss you or how much I would love to know this or that city, for instance. I wasn't sure how to start this letter I had promised you and that will most certainly give me a great pleasure to write. So I've have chosen a subject that must be quite unusual to find along the paths of your national mail. I'm going to talk about the eyes and only about the eyes.
And why not the hands or the heart? It's the hands that touch and the heart that feels, so why the eyes ? Well, they were the chosen ones to star in our 'conversation' because they are the only ones able to touch someone or something at a distance, they are the ones who overcome the limits of the horizon. The heart gets, sometimes, lost in the infinite and the hands can sweat, not knowing what to do; but the eyes can walk on the moon or penetrate the soul. While the heart gets sometimes lost in endless lies, the eyes are truths that are found in the infinite.
Could they be just two metaphysical cherries ? To be or not to be… that is the question. The only thing that I am sure is that they are the only ones that are able to touch a distance. Never mind, I haven't even started this letter and I am already lost in my thoughts.
The eyes welcome the light and store it in our memory. I personally like them a lot because without them I wouldn't have the exact perception of the one who makes me feel so confused in this beautiful morning.
There is also a nice ring to the eyes? That's probably why there are so many songs about the eyes and all the good and bad they can cause. But if, on the one hand, they can provoke sounds, the eyes are also able to hear things - things we don't even want to whisper and we sometimes keep deep inside our hearts, just because of our eyes.
But the eyes also have taste . It's through the eyes that we are seduced by certain dishes. In fact, photos in cooking books should be banned. They make our mouths water but in real life we never seem to be able to reproduce the original. Only recently did I find out that lettuces and tomatoes used for those photos are duly made up. And for what? Just to please our eyes.
And how about smell? I can tell you that while I'm writing this letter, I'm looking at your picture and it's impossible not to feel the nice and seducing air that always surrounds you. Funny, I look outside the window. Tenth floor, closed windows and a clogged nose because of my cold. I can sense the smell of this beautiful city that has so quickly seduced me and makes me feel so good. I look at you again, beautiful. The eyes can say it all, princess...
I feel this inner peace. That's what eyes are like, deep lagoons of peacefulness. Eyes are also anger.
Eyes are also color. Blue, brown, black, green and yours - unique.
Eyes are like pearls. Emeralds, turquoise and onyx.
Eyes are like diamonds. Black or white. Yours : rarity.
Eyes are dreams. They are the ones that move while dreams feed the time you are awake with horizons.
Eyes are flavors.
Eyes are shapes.
Eyes are hope.
Eyes are feelings. The shine. The tear of joy or of sorrow. The watery eyes, the repressed emotion. It's a shame that we are becoming more and more electronic as far as our eyes are concerned, but let's try to have an optimistic view on this. After all, things always tend to have a happy ending, and if they don't that's because they are not over yet.
And, by the way, my princess, beautiful and adorable creature, give me a quick answer to the following question: what will you do if the world was against us ? i know my answer angel,
Have fun.
I leave you with my kiss and the caring eyes of your guardian angel.
Ah, I almost forgot. i will never be ashamed of your feelings and care my beauty queen because you complete me , just wink...
big kiss. I miss you

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