Romance scam letter(s) from David Schafer to Dobby (USA)
Letter 1

Good day madam How are you doing today and hope all is well with you over there madam? below under is the details you need to send the money to us okay, Madam you will send the money through money gram okay , Please as soon as you make payment just send me a copy of the slip madam Thanks Country :USA Receiver name:Barrie Adams, States: Massachussets, City: Boston....
Letter 2

Attention Madam Your mail was received and the content is well noted and understood we the staff and management of the Hand Delivery Service do await your response to conclude remittance requirement in favor of your husband before we proceed with the delivery,you must pay the clearance fee which is 1,720 United States Dollars , as soon as the fee is paid your package will be deliver to you at your doorstep in 72 hours all necessary arrangement for the delivery of your package is in process. Upon confirmation of your Email you will receive the details to make the payment. As soon as you are ready to make the payment kindly get back to us so we can give you details on how to make the payment I await your urgent response
Director General Mr Wilson
Letter 3

We received your details and we are processing, as we will always comply to you for a more effective transaction, Please always check your email at all times as we will get back to you..Thank you
Letter 4

Good Day Madam We are sorry if you are upset with the above requirement from us, We received your details and we are processing, Please always check your email at all times as we will get back to you..Thank you
Letter 5

Good day madam How are you doing today? I received the mail from your husband sent to me here. Madam, I am Mr. Ben Wilson the delivery agent of United Nation Diplomatic Service, we render goods and services world wide. We receive an email from Mr David William and he gave us order to contact you in respect of his parcel that he deposited with us here in our security company and he gave us order to deliver his parcel/package consignment box to you. Madam you will have to provide us with all these information 1. Full Name...................... 2. Address for delivery............. 3. Age................. 4. Occupation..................... 5. Direct Telephone Numbers............
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