Romance scam letter(s) from Michael Dirk to Santina (USA)
Letter 1

Hi Santina, how are you doing? Thanks so much for letting me email you on here, As a matter of fact I'm honored.Sorry for the late response,I have been extremely busy with work.I think you are a beautiful and sweet lady. I would like to get closer to you and learn more about you. You can also ask me anything more you would like to know about me.It would be nice to get to know these little things about you.Call me old fashioned but i like to do it the conventional way, get to know each other proper and see how things turn out eventually.
I'm currently in Milnerton south Africa with my 8 yr old daughter Jessica on business, I got an invitation to participate in an art exhibition here in cape town. We have been here for about a week now we should be back to home to Colorado after next week once we are done with the show here. The weather actually very nice and warm, not so harsh except in the early mornings and late night when its fairly cold. Things just started and aren't moving so fast, am sure it'll pick up soon. I'm indeed attracted to you and I'm happy we came across each other here.I also look forward to hopefully meeting you as soon as soon i'm back home. I would like to know what you desires are in your man. How u would like to be treated. The kinds of things you like and things you don't like ,so i can try not to annoy you or make you unhappy. what makes you my smile cos i would love to have you doing that always. I liked everything i saw on your profile. I hope you can be that woman i have been waiting for all this while. You seem like the match, the perfect friend for me and the type i would definitely like to share a future with. I'm willing to learn whatever it takes to please you and makes you happy.I totally gonna be myself and i expect the same from you but of there's anything you don't like about me as we go along don't hesitate to let me know.The things I want are maturity, love , companionship, friendship and everything else in between.Some one to think of and know that you are also in their thoughts.Someone to share you daily experiences with be it good or bad.Someone who remotely connects with you regardless of the distance apart.
Here are some things about me, some you must have read on my profile or probably not. Its been a rocky past couple of years.Due to my past state of mind, I have always kept myself busy and buried in my work. so i don’t get to think about anything else or anyone except my daughter and sometimes my mom. I like to spend time with my Jess when am not working, she’s my only source of joy and happiness. I wanna share that life with one as sweet as you. I wanna love again and be loved back in return. I love to listen to music, I like to sit back and watch a good movie when i want to relax.I roller skate sometimes like to play tennis and basket ball.I'm not much of sports person.. I travel a lot due to my job but sometimes i don’t. The other half of my house has my studio gallery, where i work from most times when am in town.
I would like you to send more pictures of yourself, I attached some of mine,hope you like em. As soon as we r back home i would love to come and visit you or have you come visit us in up here in golden if you like, its got a lovely neighborhood and there's a lot nice places i would love to take you for Dinner. I have my laptop here with me and we have 24 hrs internet in our hotel. So i could get online whenever am in the hotel. Send me your number, so i could try to call you. I hope we can get to talk n stay connected at least till i get back home. Would be online most evenings after work. Hopefully we can get to chat later.Enjoy your week
Letter 2

Hey sweetie, how are you doing today?I should say thank God its Friday!Just getting off bed and you know how i like to start my day with the woman who has captured my heart(you).Went to bed thinking about about you and now I'm awake and the first thing that comes to read from or write you....Hope you this emails finds you cheerful as you start your day.I just got out of bed a while ago feeling fresh and clean ready for a brand new day.Its nice, as always to see all the message from you as i got into my email.I really enjoyed chatting with you last night on text before going to was great to have ended my day that way after talking for a little bit. Its really great to always start my day like this, fills me with all the positive energy i need to have a good day.I can't really explain how this is possible but its been happening a lot and i intend to keep that way until we at least meet each other.The past few days has been so exciting always enjoying communicating with you one way or the other.Just like you i dont think i haven't connected with any one like do with you such a long time.I can't describe how good the feeling has been the past couple of days... Its good the weekend is around the corner mean two free days for me and Jess to have fun and visit cool places around here.Its been nothing but work for us all week.She is especially is excited cos the next 2 days is gonna the best part of the trip for her.I'm really looking forward to next week with anticipation which is gonna be our last week here.I expect it to be quite hectic.Bright and sunny out there look like its gonna be a good day, I look forward to a lot expectations. I'm really sorry about all you had to go through as young parent and dealing with the father fo your kids.Funny how you would think any of this would scare me I included some more pictures for you, i hope you like them. You can have an idea what my life is like in different moments.I wont mind getting more of yours if you have...You have been.You are always on my mind and i hope this feeling never goes away....I'm running a little late this morning cos i have a short meeting to attend to before the show starts today, wish me luck!I will talk to you again have a lovely day.lots of love Michael
Letter 3

Hi sweetheart,how are you doing?Its past 6pm saturday afternoon here,I haven't got anytime to get on my im or let alone email you for the past couple of days, you must have noticed.I'm sorry if i had you worried its just things haven't been so good lately.Jess is really sick right now and has been admitted in a private hospital not far from the hotel since thursday night i noticed around midnight temperature became very high and she started shaking.I was so scared, i had to call the attention of the hotel manager, who helped me get cab and we took her to the nearest hospital not so far from our hotel where she got admitted. The doctors diagnosed and found out she's got "typhoid fever”. It must have been caused by untreated water she drank, most likely in my absence.This is why I haven't been able to get int ouch to with you lately cos i have to stay up in the hospital with her most of the time,I only come in and leave almost immediately to get supplies when she is sleeping.I also misplaced my phone that night in the process of everything, thats why i couldnt even text you the situation but i know i would find it i just have to check around our room properly, must have dropped somewhere. We were supposed to be on our way back to Colorado as you already know but couldn't make it cos of how bad she was.Even worse, turns out my meetings with the clients didn't go so well,we would have managed to still return home if not for Jess's present medical condition.The doctors say she is not in good shape to travel yet till she gets better,hopefully in couple of more days.Baby you have no idea how i feel right now about everything.How much i miss you and how worried I am about my daughter.I could never forgive myself if anything happens to her.I'm sure she will be fine as the doctors have assured me that.Who would have thought things would turn out so bad after it started off so nicely.
Baby,i cant wait for this to be over,i know it will very we can all be together at home where we belong.I really do care about you and mean everything between us with my whole heart.You mean so much to me, pls put me in your prayers always.I will be in touch as much as i can.Lots of love n kisses,
Letter 4

Hey sweetie,how are you doing?Its almost 9am Sunday morning just got in from the hospital this morning to freshen up and pick up some things for the day.Thanks for being so supportive, positive and encouraging,its exactly what i need right now and really means a lot to me.I haven't been able to get on my laptop or check my emails much since all this started cos I barely stay in the hotel these days.I'm glad to know i have you to return home to,its so lifting know i have someone as sweet and caring as you in my life.She is getting better and responding to treatments.I'm glad she is gonna be ok. The doctors say she should be discharged on tuesday we would be home a day or two after.It won't have taken that long if it wasn't typhiod fever,other ones like malaria are less chronic,your probably know that if you ever had the experience.She would still have to continue treatment when we get back home.I'm so glad this is almost over.Too bad the whole trip didn't turn out successfully as anticipated,I know there is a reason for everything.I really do miss you very single day and wish it was already home with you.I haven't been able to call too due to the problems here and it costs a lot to call from here with the calling card(wish i could some how how hear that comforting soothing voice of yours).However we just gotta endure this for now,i will be with you soon.Hey,I found the phone this morning behind one of the boxes, all i have to do is charge it and i can text you.Email you again when i come in here.hugs n kisses
Letter 5

Hi honey,You have no idea how grateful i am to for this hugs favor you are about to help with.The best way to get the money to me here is though western union money transfer,they have offices all over plus its fast and safe.I have provided all you need below.I need to be a domestic resident and own a local bank account to pick it up in my name which i do not have.So send it in his name and details i provided below. Thats how mom also sent us the money she sent.Its my event manager and personal assistant helping me with my work here..Here it is below,Pls copy it correctly...I cant wait to be home with you.Get back to me....God bless you Send to: Name: Oseji Ashibuogu
Address: 28 Arum rd, Capetown, South Africa.7441 Use this as text question and answer ( if needed)
Question: Daughter's name
Answer : Jess Then you get back to me with the following information,i it would need to retrieve the money here;
Reference number ( its 10 digits)......
Your full name....
Amount sent..... Hugs n kisses Micheal
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