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Letter 1

Hello again,

I received your email so I thought I will send you a short note on here and I hope I have the right email and we can continue to communicate through here. I won't write much for now until I hear from you to confirm that I have the right email address.

Take care and I will look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ed xxx

Letter 2

Thanks for your contact and it's nice to hear from you, You can call me by Ed or Edward depending on which ever suits you lol.

I think I will continue with more about me since we are communicating through email now :-). I am a very young at heart guy who loves to travel to far off places and also have nice weekends away. With a fascinating and sometimes challenging job working in a stimulating and interesting field, I am a private contractor engineer. I am ambitious and confident with one utterly wonderful girl and with a great heart. A very kind friend said this about me; that he's known this fantastic man for so many years, in that time he has shown himself to be a fabulous, fun loving and reliable friend. He is also an absolutely wonderful father to a stunning daughter, and so I must say someone out there is missing in my life to be catered and cared for lol.

I work hard for a good quality of life and most of that is traveling and I do play harder lol, I have never expected the world to owe me a living!! I do my own washing and ironing and believe that housework is not solely the woman's job in a relationship, I'm a pretty good cook too, although don't like cooking just for me. I have a good sense of humor and I can be sensible when required to be, but that takes effort outside of the work environment. Life is for living, loving and having a laugh and that's what I'm missing at the moment!!

I am looking for a long lasting relationship,loving,caring,understanding,imperfect woman who will be my best friend, my lover, my companion, with whom I will be able to share all my laughs and bad times with. With whom I can confide in and also she can do the same. I hope you will agree completely that honesty and communication are very important. As for me,I don't want too much I just want for my life, someone with whom I have a close and honest, romantic relationship. I am a huge romantic and I have a big happy heart, I want to share this with someone.

I am new to the online dating and I have never done this before not until my daughter persuaded me to join this site hence I decided to sign up but I haven't been impressed with the women I have communicated with so far, most of them aren't ready for a serious communication so I'm suspending my account on there. How long have you been on the dating site and is there any significant experience you would like to share with me? I think this is a good way to start with. I hope to hear from you soon.

Ed xx

Letter 3


Good morning and sorry I didn't send you an email until now, I was too lazy yesterday as I needed to relax and recharge my batteries ahead of the new week lol. Thanks for your email and it's refreshing that we are getting to know each other through emails. I do enjoy your email and you sound like a very interesting person to know and I hope we can get to know each other well lol. I think I understand what you are talking about the internet dating but could you elaborate further if you don't mind? Well I took down my profile which means I will lose subscription which I don't mind either.

Let me start by telling you some basic but important things about me. My name is Edward as you know lol, and I was born in February 23rd, 1960, I am a Petroleum Engineer by profession. I earned my first degree in Petrochemical Engineering and later went on to complete my masters' in Energy engineering at ETH Zurich in Switzerland in 1980. My job is a long story, to put it simply, I am a Private Contractor in the Oil Rig/Structural engineering sector and a Business Man. Explaining the details of what I do would have to be in another email. I don't smoke and mind you smoking is not a problem for me, I drink occasionally. I'm always very direct and straight forward. I was born to a loving couple, by a German father and a British mother. My father was an international business man who met this British orphan whose only family were close friends. My mum once told me there was something about my dad that no woman could ever resist and she once said she sees same in me.. lol. My parents met in Salcombe, a popular resort town in the South Hams district of Devon in the early 50s and got married few years later, had only one son (me) and decided to keep it that way. We stayed in Salcombe for 6 years and then moved to Zurich, Switzerland as my dad tried to pursue a career there as a professional antiques collector.

I lost my father when I was 20 years to a serious cancer illness. A few months before I graduated, while on a class tour to Geneva Cathedral, I met my late wife at the University of Geneva, she was a very sweet woman and I couldn't think of anyone else I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. About a year later we got married in Zurich and we decided to stay back and build our future together in Switzerland. We didn't have our first child until 1994 when we received the blessing of our only daughter Rebeca who will be 25 next month.

Late into 2009 I lost my wife to cancer, she died of vulvar cancer. This was a very miserable time in my life because I suddenly became a single parent and I felt alone in this world. I thought the worst had happened to me. I've been a widower since then and although I have been involved in some relationships over the last few years, nothing really ever came out of it. I believe that every encounter has its purpose. I do not live in the past and I have always believed in LIVING in the NOW! Today is a gift that is why it is called the PRESENT! Moving back to Salcombe has been very rewarding for me in different ways. I can't really say I'm living the dream but I think happiness is actually something we give ourselves. I like to travel and exploring the world is something I hope to do for the rest of my days. I was born into a Christian home and as time went by, the conditions surrounding me made it imperative that I experience other ways of life while growing up. I do not regret any of this and it has brought me to the level of understanding of the human world that I have today. I'm interested in many things including history, humanity and world cultures.

I am a very spontaneous person, I tell you what is on my mind when I feel it and this has made me a very honest person naturally. I believe life is like a book, people who don't travel just read only a few pages. I'm a very optimistic and open minded person. Being optimistic and open minded has always attracted people to me naturally. I'm not the kind of man who base his feelings on the outer beauty or physical appearance. I believe in the beauty on the inside because I learned long ago that it is much better than the outer most beauty.

However I think you are a sincere and genuine person. So now it's your turn. Tell me anything about yourself that you would like me to know, or maybe something you are proud of about you. So don't hesitate to ask me whatever you want to know about me.

Bye for now and hope to hear from you soon.

Ed xx

Letter 4


Thank you for your email, I read your email a couple of times and I have to say I enjoy learning more about you and I hope you do the same about me as well? I believe we would have so much to learn about each other and I'm willing to share anything with you :). It's amazing learning more about you and I feel like you have shared fare enough about yourself with me and I also can tell how communicative and articulate you are. I hope I have been able to match up to writing skills as I would like you to learn more about me :-). I'm sorry about your parent and also about your first marriage as I can tell it would be tough on you to take when it happened but I'm glad you were able to pick yourself and move on. I believe the most important thing when we lose someone either in relationship or family is the ability to stay strong and willing to move on because there is nothing once can do to bring back what has happened already, am I making sense?

I have gone out on a couple of dates ever since I lost my wife, but nothing that was really serious came out of it. They were 2 who were very emotionally unstable but said they were ready for a monogamous relationship, but yet they are still dating 3 men. I guess the connection just wasn't there. I would only want my relationship based on honesty and sincerity. I am not ready for women who want to play games. I do not believe in one night stands. Sex is beautiful when you are with somebody you really care about and have a very strong emotional connection with. I am a very happy person and living life to the fullest. I do not need a woman, I want to be with the right woman who will be crazy about me and who I will be crazy about her. Somebody that I look forward to being with everyday to share my joys, my sorrow and my pains. I believe in teamwork/cooperation and that together humans make short term and long term goals. I take care of myself by living healthy: moderate eating, regular exercise and staying positive, happy and thankful everyday. I once read a great book ''The truth about love''. It is very informative on the three stages of love: Chemistry, Compatibility and Commitment! So even though I want to be friends at first, I am not just looking for friends, I am also looking for the Love of my Life who I want to grow old with graciously.

My daughter told me that just because something good has ended does not mean something better can not start. Why am I telling you about the kind of woman I want? I don't want to become really attached to someone who might not be looking for the same qualities I'm looking for in a relationship. I do appreciate beauty and of course, I would prefer a nicer looking woman over one who is not so attractive at a glance. But I also know that the prettiest people do the ugliest things lol. Intellect is a trait that attracts me to women. I have observed that pretty and attractive women rarely possess this quality. I can't really say I'm living the dream but I think happiness is actually something we give ourselves.

I will attach a couple of my photographs so at least you have an idea of who you are communicating with lol, I will stop for now and I hope to read from you soon and you have a wonderful day.

Warm Regards.

Ed xx

Letter 5


Thank you for your email and it's really nice to learn more about you. I enjoy reading your emails as it gives me more insight into your world lol. I don't have any problems with the font size of your emails as I could read all of them lol. Your email captivates my mind and I couldn't stop reading and learning more about you. You are very articulate and you know how to put yourself into writing for me to understand I do really appreciate that a lot. I'm really sorry about your past relationship as I can imagine the tough time you must have endured but I hope you are better and ready to move on with your life now? It's not a good thing to dwell in one's past, I believe the future is brighter and we should be optimistic on what is about to happen so there for I look forward to my future rather than thinking of my past disappointment. Thank you for your compliment on my photographs but I felt it will do justice if I could share a bit of myself and what I call my family with you lol.

However, I received a call back letter from my employers summoning me to return to complete my pending project in Cape Town. It's a project I instructed my partner to work on whilst I was working on another project in Abu Dhabi and only to realize that the construction wasn't done successfully according to the contract requirements. I will attach a copy of the letter in this email so you can understand more about my job and what needs to be done as soon as possible. I thought we would be meeting soon so we could get to know each other well but I'm sorry it won't happen but I'm sure we can do that once I return from my business trip? However I will be leaving for Cape Town for a business trip in two days time and due to this business trip it would not be possible for us to have a physical meeting with the next 2 weeks. Exchanging emails and chatting would be the best means of communication for us whilst I am away. This is my last project away from home as I am quitting all kinds of field work, any other job would only require my attention from my home office where ever I go.

Am I perfect? Definitely not! Who is? But my sincere desire is to learn how to improve my imperfections in order to become the best that I can be as an ordinary functioning human being. I approach life with a sense of openness to new experiences and adventures with humor and wit, I'm willing to try things previously untried, while engaging all my faculties to absorb all that I can, because I happen to have an insatiable appetite for understanding the mechanisms of our reality and human behavior as a whole. In this regard, I have traveled extensively around the globe both for work and for leisure - Africa, Europe, South East Asia, The Middle East, South America, and the Caribbean Islands. I must admit that I love it most in Dominican Republic but holiday in DR is best to be spent with someone as it can get boring when you are alone. Travel; which gives value to time spent on this planet, is continuously giving me new perspectives that are filled with exciting experiences and much spiritual and cultural enrichment.

I will stop for here now and you have a wonderful day and I hope to hear from you soon.

Ed xx

Letter 6

Hi and how are you today,

Thank you very much for your emails and it's nice to hear from you again. I have been trying to get my flight ticket to Cape Town sorted and I have just spoken to my travel agent now. there was an issue with my itinerary but it has been sorted now lol. My flight is scheduled to depart Heathrow Airport at 23:30 tomorrow night so I have to start getting things ready for my trip as it's going to be a long trip but I will survive like I have always been lol. I know it's quite disappointing that we won't be able to see each other until I return from my business trip but at least it will give enough time to get to know each other and when we eventually meet we won't have to through the process of introduction like 'hey Mr. man what is your name' lol. Surely, it will be nice to speak over the phone at some point and we can arrange to do that once I'm settled in Cape Town if that is okay with you? I'm glad you managed to diappear from site and I believe that will enable us to focus on one another, I also am not good at double dating and I'm a one woman's man as I will call it lol.

I must admit I enjoy our back and forth communication and I believe we will have so much to learn about each other so I will encourage if you have any questions you would like to know about me then you shouldn't hesitate to ask and I will do justice to your questions lol. I am an open book and what you see is what you get about me and I implore you should do the same in return. Honesty, faithfulness and integrity are the qualities I seek in a relationship/communication because when you are not honest with the people in your life then your relationship with them crumbles and I believe you understand what I mean?

I have lived almost my life to understand that so many men are looking for partners in their lives to complete them but I want to tell you you that I am not like them, I am not looking for someone just to complete me but just that imperfect woman to compliment my life endeavor. It doesn't matter what or where we are, as long as we can feel each others presence and I hope I am not asking for much, am I? Lol. I am blessed with a beautiful daughter whom I love so much and she loves me back in return. She is independent with her own family, so I have the time to start a new relationship with someone hence I am here. I am missing someone I can't wait to get back home to meet after a long/hectic day from work to spend the quality times with, someone who want's to be treated like a goddess lol. Life is too good and you will realize it's better when you begin to spend it with the right person. I like all kinds of good music especially from the old-school music, ranging from country to Jazz, soul, a bit of R&B and many more.

In my short journey in life, I've noticed public opinions about relationships usually do more harm than good. For this reason I like to keep my relationships private because when both partners sit down and talk about their differences they usually find better solutions together. I won't bore you much with my email and I hope to hear from you again.

With warm regards,

Ed xx

Letter 7


Thank you for your emails, I feel very honored to hear from you and I'm sorry I didn't get back on time. I had a long trip so I had to sleep when I arrived to restructure my body system but now I'm okay lol. I read your email and I appreciate the effort invested in order to share more about yourself with me and I will try my best to do the same in return because I think that is the best way for us to learn more about each other giving the distance between us at the moment.

I have not doubt to believe you are very honest and a faithful lady as well and I hope you believe that I am too. I'm sorry I didn't answer your previous questions as I got carried away with my business trip. If I had 3 wishes to be granted I think that would be for my mum and my daughter to stay alive so I can have them around and the three wishes would be to find a woman to call my everything and someone I want to live the rest of my life with. The letter isn't worrying me as I believe we will get problems fixed but I'm just disappointed in my colleague to have made such a vital errors but as I said we will get it fixed. We can arrange to speak over the phone at some point in time when I'm well settled.

As for me, South Africa has been great so far. I think its time for me to explain what I do for a living. It is important for me to do this now because most of my expectations/aspirations is to achieve my goals in life and in order for me to do that, I have to successfully execute the contract I am currently working on. I worked as a contract engineer for Canusa-CPS regional office in Gatwick, UK for 12 years before I set up my own construction and energy business which I have been running for almost 20 years now. Presently I am an independent contractor of international repute(Self Employed) I do designing of building projects stadia, towers, bridges and oil rigs. Also we provides project and construction management services to corporations, government, hospitality and retail companies, as well as cultural and higher education institutions. Some professionals work for me from different part of specialization. I have the civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, quantity surveyors, construction manager etc.

Okay I will tell you why decided to move to the UK. Like I said in my previous email that I met my wife in Geneva in Switzerland and we stayed back to build our lives together and had plans to raise our daughter in Zurich, I never had any reason to leave until I lost my wife because it reminds me of how we started our lives together and any time I walk around the streets, shops, and restaurants, it saddened my heart to realize that I had to do it alone and I thought of nothing but move back to the UK where I was born hence I moved back to the UK. I am a one woman's man and that has been part of me since I had my first girlfriend and I have never cheated on my partner and never thought of having a polygamous affairs.

My present business assignment is my final project away, I intend to quit any other travel business and continue future jobs from my home office. I have built a trusting relationship with my employees all over where I have traveled so I won't have any problems dealing with them while I am away. My mission here is suppose to come to an end in approximately 20 days time. International trips that are work related are a rear occurrence for me, they only happen once or twice a year and are usually very sparsely spaced. I didn't buy a house in the UK until now because I would love to find my woman first, then building a home would start from there. I will try and answer your other questions about food, drinks and hobbies in another email as I need to go now.

I hope I am not boring you with my journal and if I am not then I look forward to your next installment lol.

Hugs from Cape Town.

Ed xxx




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