Scam Email(s) from Jack Rowzee to Doris (USA)


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Letter 1

Dear Valued Investor.

This is an update on the Share Sale Bid that was carried out on 15th of February 2019. Your 128,571 UBS Shares was placed for sale bid at the rate of US$93.1 per share and the sum of US$11,969,960.00 (Eleven Million, Nine Hundred & Sixty Nine Thousand, Nine Hundred & Sixty United States Dollars) was realised from the Sale of your shares.

The payment clearance for this fund takes two banking days. This means that the draft payment will be ready for bank deposit on Wednesday 20th February 2019.
We will give you the details of our paying bank (Caja Navarra Bank Spain) where the draft deposit would be raised for onward transfer of the money to your nominated bank account in your country. You will have to contact our paying bank with other clearance documents which we will send to you for transfer instruction. The bank will then inform you of the payment and transfer procedure which is in line with their operational ethics with UBS Wealth Management.

Today we received the sum of US$94,000 dollars from your Fund Manager Jack Rowzee. He informed us that you sent it to him for us to secure the International Insurance Bond Certificate for the fund before you wire it to your country. We applied today for the Insurance Bond clearance covering the amount realised from the sales of your shares. This Insurance Bond will be required by the paying bank before they could release the fund to you. We can see that you know the importance of this document for you to request for it at this early stage. We are hoping that the clearance would be ready on Wednesday 20th February 2019 as we made the payment on your behalf today. Once we receive it, we will scan a copy and send to you while the original copy would be sent to our paying bank during the draft deposit. The bank will need it to clear the draft for fund transfer process to your bank.

It is also important that we notify you that we may be appointing a new Fund Manager to represent you if you wish to continue your investment with UBS Wealth Management. This is because we have reached a mutual resignation agreement with your present Fund Manager who wishes to return to USA and can only work for us from there as a partner and not as a staff. We cannot object to his request as he was one of our best Trust Fund Managers and we have built a good relationship with him during his working period with UBS Wealth Management. We regret that you may not enjoy the services of the best portfolio manager again but we assure you that we would replace him with someone in his own class. However, we are still trying our best to convince him to still work with us for another one year but in case our negotiation with him does not work out as planned, we will appoint you a new Fund Manager.
Thank you for your interest in our services. Thank you for your trust in our expertise on fund trading.

Yours in service.

Andreas Przewloka
(Head of Operations)

Letter 2

Dear Valued Investor,

This is to inform you that our office has received the Draft Clearance Notification (DCN) from Caja Navarra Bank Spain and the draft is ready for payment to the beneficiary investor. This bank is our paying bank in Spain and SW Europe in general. They issued us the Investors Online Offshore Diamond Checking Account Set-Up Code (00V7COD293UBS-UK) which we are to send to (You) the investor.
With this code, you are to communicate with the bank to enable them establish this account in your name. This code is to identify you are an investor with UBS Wealth Management as the bank does not set up an Online Offshore Diamond Checking Account for any customer without verifying the customer’s source of fund. Send an email to the bank and request for an instruction on how to set up an online Diamond Account as a UBS Wealth Management investor.

Below are the Bank contact details:
Caja Navarra Bank Spain
Contact Person: Cristina Maria Nieva
(International Correspondence Department)
Fax: +34-902-018-394
Find attached is a copy of your Certified Insurance Bond Clearance with the receipt of payment. Copy has been sent to Caja Navarra Bank. You are to contact the bank through the email address above providing them the Account Set-Up Code and copy of your Certified Insurance Bond Clearance. You are to send these requirements to the bank for their verification and also request that they should inform you of the steps and requirements to setup Diamond Checking Account with their bank.

The payment and release of your fund has to be in line with UBS Wealth Management payment policy. In this policy, the investor (you) is required to set up a Diamond Checking Account with our paying bank. The moment the investor opens this account, you are to provide the account information to UBS Wealth Management.
UBS Wealth Management will deposit your UBS Draft Payment into your account that you set up with the bank. Once this money is deposited into your new account, it is now left for you to decide if to handle the transfer of the money to your personal account in your country or to operate the account as an offshore account with the bank in Spain. Please notify us the moment you have contacted the bank.

We also regret to inform you that we have appointed a new fund manager for you. He will take over from your present fund manager the moment he completes his resignation. This change of fund manager became necessary when we received the confirmation from our Admin Department that your fund manager has terminated his work with us.

Yours in service

Andreas Przewloka
(Head of Operations)
UBS Wealth Management

Letter 3


Thank you for your interest in setting up our Diamond Checking Account.
Main features of the account:

• Minimum initial deposit of Fifteen Thousand Euros to setup the account (?15,000.00)
• Transfer money to and fro from your bank account anytime, anywhere, no limits
• ATM cards can be issued in a variety of different currencies and card colors.
• ATM Card can be used anywhere in the world.
• Card center comes with phone customer service.
• Bill payment and wire transfers can be done online in all currencies to all countries.
• 24/7 excellent online real-time banking account.
• National Privacy and Security
• Complete offshore protection

For USA clients, direct your setup fee to Caja Navarra Sub Account in USD equivalent of ?15,000.00, which is US$17,107.

Bank Name: Chase Bank USA
Bank Address: 9400 La Tijera Blvd Los Angeles CA 90045
Account number: 107298108
Routing number: 322271627
Account address: 8601 Lincoln blvd Los Angeles CA 90045
Swift code: CHASUS33

This set up fee will be your first initial account balance. Send us your deposit or transfer slip for confirmation once you make payment.
Once we receive your payment a new account would be set up in your favor.
Your customer Id number and password will be sent to you which you have to use to login in to the bank online.

Thanks for your interest in our services.

Cristina Maria Nieva

Caja Navarra Bank

UBS Wealth Management (




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