Scam Email(s) from Wesley William to Jewel (USA)


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Letter 1

Good morning my Darling,

I thought of using this place before starting my day as we haven’t been using our emails lately… I just finished reading work Reports on my computer so I thought I should send you an email..

Julie i fell asleep with you on my mind.. I could hear your soothing humming bird voice in my ear.. I'm finding myself thinking of you when I wake up and I get butterflies in my stomach when I think about you throughout my day.. I ask myself how could this be when we haven't even met face-to-face.. What will it be like when we do?I feel kinda silly. I’m thinking I'm acting like a teenager guy when he finds out a girl "likes" him.. Ha ha ha!!
My babe Julie!.. I’m still amazed by the way you captivated my soul, and every moment i want you more and more!!..
I had to turn on my computer and the first thing that pop up on my screen background is your face cause am using your picture as my screen background... You are so beautiful!…
I'm officially suing you to the court of law for been so beautiful in your heart and physically... Babe look at your smile and your kissable lips!.. I'm CRAZY in love with you my Julie, and i'm so proud that you are mine!!… I can’t wait to clip my lips upon yours real soon..
I give you the Trophy, you have won my heart!…
Sorry I didn’t say it back to you over the phone, but truth be told, my heart had already whispered it back to you..

Good morning my Lady!..

I offer you my caresses and smooches!.

1435 ..Xoxo

Letter 2

Honey i really enjoyed my sleep and i just woke up now and the first thing on my mind was you so i decided to write you an email before going to but things together for the Christmas. I sure would be having some Visitors from the neighbourhood..
Honey i’m sorry for the long silence, my IPS has been having issues, but its completely fixed now and its permanently back to normal…. I was Extremely happy to hear your humming bird voice before going to bed last night, i believe very soon I will be hearing every words that comes out of your kissable lips directly into my ears with having to. Hear you speak through the phone…. Julie my queen i always thought that dreams were just dreams, but you made them all come true and even better, you built new dreams with me!I can not thank you enough for being more than perfect because you showed me that even all the things that seem wrong are actually opportunities to work at them together and bring us closer together... No matter how far you are and no matter what you do,I always want you to know how much you mean to me, and how much I truly love you and how much I will always be yours forever…
Julie I love you so much and wish I could be there to hug and kiss you all day and all night long but for now this love letter will have to be my message.. but know that you are a big part of me and I think of you all the time..I love you, and I've loved you before I was born, because I believe I was made for you, and will be yours for all eternity…THANK YOU FOR WELCOMING ME HOME…Keep me there in your heart Julie, cause i have a fragile heart!…
Will you put your love on me which I crave so deeply?I can not imagine my life without you..You are everything inside of me that I wish I could be and so much more..I look at my life before I knew your love, and I don't know how I ever survived.
But, as I said before, you are my queen, a miracle..I never knew that someone like you was out there, just waiting for me to find her..Well,I found you,Babe,and now that I have you,I'm never letting you go!

Julie My babe girl just confide in me your deepest feelings, tell me your fantasies and they shall be fulfilled..I will do anything it takes to make you happy because that is the only thing that matters to me..You are perfect in my eyes, and there is absolutely nothing that I would ever change about you...I know that no one is perfect, but sweetheart, in my eyes you are..It leaves me amazed yet blessed to have found someone as special as you..I cherish you a lot!.

The little distance between us is driving me crazy, but it'll all work out just fine.So,I will just be waiting till the day we will be together…Usually you are suppose to be here in Gainesville with me or i should be there with you honey,but i do understand how your schedules are and its ok…I’ll definitely make things work out perfectly great for us..So have no worries have no fear cause i’m totally living for you my queen..…
You take good care of yourself for me..



Hugs and passionate kisses

Your knight

Letter 3

I hope your day went great my babe..
I am really sorry for the long silence and i completely understand all what you wrote.. I will Answer all the questions and ask you more of mine soon.. Okay babe..

I'd call you before going to bed..

Letter 4

I slept very early last night and that made me to get up very early this morning.... I feel much better and ofcourse am not skipping on any Medication.. Ha ha ha...

Honey I read all your mails and i loved all what you wrote.. You are indeed my Soul mate, i believe with time you'll see it clearly!!..
Concerning my illness, its just that i over worn myself out from the contract i had, and after working i'm supposed to take some body pain and brain Realisation medicine, but i never do that's why i ended up like this... I was actually not taking good care of myself while i was on that contract, truth be told.. I just needed to finish up the contract on time so that atlease i can see you and head back to Gainesville for processing of the BIG contract on the way!..

Babe i just want to say am really so sorry for the silence and delays.. I promise you that very soon all of that would end.. We'd be together and i guarantee you that you have all of me including your property if you know what i mean (My Third Leg).. Ha ha ha!!..

Honey Whenever I am on the phone with you, I feel so alive.You bring to me a happiness that no one else ever could..You bring to me a love I have never known before.. I could not imagine what my life would be like without you Julie. Ever since i met you things started going well for me.. You have touched my heart in ways no one could ever comprehend.. I love being with you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you Julie… And No I am not just saying that, but I believe my actions would make you understand more.. That’s why I hold most of my words cause I felt its not too cool to disclose them to you over the phone.. I would love to do things to you in person, that case you’d understand all my intentions towards you my queen…

Every day I wake up thanking God for you.. You have given me so much blessings and things that seems to be impossible started working perfectly great for me.. I never believed that i’ll get this contract interview that am announcing to you right now, but with your blessings it came.You have been my guiding light when I was lost.. You have been my comforter through all my trials and sorrow. You have been my rock Julie…

Sometimes I feel lost and out of touch, but when i hear your humming bird voice, I feel safe.. Your voice soothes me.. I could sit here and try to tell you just how I feel, but I can't find the words other than I am ecstatic we met and have gotten together after all we've gone through..

I want to tell you that the love I have for you is undying. It is a love that is strong and enduring and will stand the test of time.. I truly feel blessed that you have become a part of my life, and I cannot wait for the day that we can join our lives together.. I want to lay next to you at night and fall asleep in your arms.. I want to wake to your beautiful smile.. I want to share in your joys and sorrows.. I want to be your everything, because you are everything to me.

I promise to always love you and always hold you in my heart.. I will always be there for you when you need me, and I will love you no matter what life brings us. You are my soul mate, and I vow to love you all eternity.I love you Julie William and i wonder what you have done to me!..

Hugs and kisses..




Letter 5

Good morning my queen,
Yes i completely understand where you are coming from and what you're trying to say.. But trust me babe, everything will be great..
But if you feel In-secured then i'll be the one who will have to come there..

Sorry for the long silence, my internet went off and my phone had a blank screen from the water that poured on it sometimes ago...
Well i just got a new phone from my service provided so i'd call you once its done charging..

I love you lots!!.

Hugs and passionate kisses..

Letter 6

I woke up this morning and its you on my mind as usual.. I wanted to call you but then, I might get carried away by your humming bird voice and all of your sexiness through the phone and I might end up not saying all I have got on my mind….. While i’m waiting for everything to be set for my today’s schedule, i decided to take the time out to write you and let you know all the kind of thoughts that are running through my mind right now.... I always thought that dreams were just dreams, but you made them all come true and even better, you built new dreams with me!. I can not thank you enough for being more than perfect because you showed me that even all the things that seem wrong are actually opportunities to work at them together and bring us closer together… (E.g, when I fall sick.)No matter how far you are and no matter what you do,I always want you to know how much you mean to me, and how much I truly love you and how much I will always be yours forever..

Julie I love you more and more with each day passing. And it eases me to know that as tomorrow approaches, that I will love you more than yesterday and tomorrow will be more than today.My love for you cannot be measured by words alone as "love" does not fully express my true feelings for you... When I think of our love it reminds me of the miracles of life that only God can produce.. Like the beautiful sunsets and sounds of Mother Nature that soothe our hearts and remind us of something bigger than we can imagine, where two hearts can intertwine and become one.. Like two birds in love that fly in harmony and appear to dance with the grace of Gene Kelly and the innocence of a child..

Honey you blow my mind and i want you more and more...

I'd be looking forward to see you REAL SOON!!..

Good morning my Queen.
Hugs and kisses..


Letter 7

Good morning my Queen,

Its been days of me not feeling well, all because i haven't spoken nor communicate with you.. I feel so reckless my queen, its true, now i can see clearly that i can't function without you Julie!!.... Well what really happened was that, we got to a base where its for the Marines so phones were Disconnected for Govt's own reasons.. We have just sailed passed their Territories this early morning, but we are still in their Vicinity.. We were alerted that we can use our emails, but phone are still out of courages now..

Wow is all i have got to say to those lovely emails you wrote.. Babe you really know how to put a smile on a grown man's face.. I have missed you more than words can say and all those emails brought tears to me my babe, i just can't wait to see this woman that turns my world around!..

Julie The day that we first spoke through the phone, I knew deep inside I'd never forget There was nowhere to hide From the feelings that stirred Somewhere in my mind With a few simple words From a stranger online. I tried hard to run To keep my feelings inside
But with a warmth like the sun I felt my heart open wide And like a bird to its' nest I had to keep my busy thinking what meting a
stranger online who had showed me the word love still exist on earth..

Now you are far from being a stranger, You are part of me and I carry a very huge part of you inside of me..
To the place I love best I have no urge to roam I've followed my heart
I'm sure it can't be wrong I've known from the start That with you I belong.
Nothing good comes easy except by hard-work..
What do you mean to me ? You're the morning sun on a cold dark night..

You're the first dew drop on a petal so light, You're the shining star in a sky so high You're the first tear drop from a Baby's eye You're my calming voice in my hour of need .. You're my sticky plaster when my heart starts to bleed.. Julie you are my lucky charm and my blessings And all of this you are to me And forever in my heart you'll be.....

In our mind, most thoughts start out as simple ones, How we feel, what we say, what we do, that's how they have begun, As our thoughts are beginning, they are taking roots like seeds,Controlling and weeding our thoughts most definitely we need.
We need to focus on things that are good things, yet We need to keep positive thoughts in our mind set.. Nurture your thought-seeds, and get rid of the bad ones, Make sure you have a positive..
Little point up there, bigger in my heart, Spreading there the brightness, never make it dark…
I love you with all my heart, I love you with all my soul. It is the way we bond, that's making our love grow. I got a few words to tell you, I got a few words to say. They are coming from the heart,
I mean them everyday. As simple as it is, Coming from me to you. As much as it means,



Letter 8

My Dearest Julie Thank you so much for all what you wrote in the email my queen,
You really poured out your mind and i completely would like to do the same as well, I can’t wait to meet you but not only you but most especially your family!!..
Babe i can’t wait to hold hands with you in public so the whole world can know we belong together like sun in the summer time!..
Honey these are most of what i would love to do with you..
Be your best friend.
Get caught with you in the rain.
Dance with you in the rain.
Stargaze on a clear night.
Watch the sunset together.
Spend all day with you doing nothing.
Moonlit walks on the beach.
Be more proud of you than I already am at this very moment.
Go on a carriage ride through the park.
Do a crossword together.
Go to brunch.
Have a disagreement (it could/will only make us stronger).
Go for a twilight horseback ride.
Watch a bad movie together.
Spend the rest of my life with you Melvina..
Have our picture taken together.
Eat some cake with you.
Make love to you passionately.
Go to a museum together.
Talk to each other using only body language.
Give you space when you need it.
Accept you totally and completely-flaws and all (I already do).
Discuss current events in a heated debate.
Have you see the error of your ways from aforementioned heated debate and make mad, torrid love to you,in the midst of all that passion.
Carve our names into a tree/table/paint, like i have already done one and would show it to you in person..
Take the family out for a family outing together..
Make our families proud of us and be very Happy..
Be one with you.
Send you a singing telegram.

Hold you and gaze into your eyes and realise how much I love you...and tell you.
Gently run my hand across your cheek and look into your eyes.
Blindfold you and take you somewhere romantic.
Spend my life making you happy.
Spend my life making our whole family happy.
Feel your heartbeat.
Go roller/ice skating together.
Give you a backrub..
ALWAYS being honest with each other.
Go hiking/biking/camping together.
Have our first fight,make up and feel a stronger bond because we successfully weathered the storm-together.
Marry you!.
Laugh at someone together.
Share a plate of spaghetti.
Go on a fun family vacation and bring back the kind of memories movies are made of.
Treat you like my queen that you already are!.
Go on a road trip Together..
Count thunder together during a thunderstorm.
Envelop you in my soul.
Allow you cook some food for me.
Know you better than you know yourself.
Go to a Renaissance Fair.
Plant a tree in our yard together.
Be able to say "I love you" in 7 different ways cause thats the spelling of your middle name and your soon to come Last name!!.
Hold you when you're at your saddest and comfort you when you need it the most.
Be the one you come to for that comfort and holding.
Wipe away the day’s stresses and issues,with just one hug/kiss.
Grow old with you..
Honey you are everything to me.
I love you more than you love yourself !!.


Letter 9

Good morning My Queen Julie

Thank you for the emails .. I thought I should reply to this one cause I think I have already explained the previous mails over the phone with you..
Honey you always know how to put a smile on my face.. You can go ahead and start a happy dance for me..Ha ha ha!!.. Well thank you for the congrats wishes and I should thank you for your blessings because you are indeed my lucky charm no doubt!!.

Last night before i went to bed Thoughts of you filled my head. I have not cried this way in many of years until my pillow fell six silent tears

My queen, the first was for your smile that I miss And your tender lips I long to kiss
The second was for your gentle face And thoughts of your loving embrace
The third came as no surprises As I thought of your beautiful eyes and lovely smile my queen.
The fourth came rolling down my face Instead of my pillow, it should be you in it's place.
The fifth came for one reason alone I felt my love for you wasn't fully shown, so like you have said in your message, we have got to stay together and enjoy each other...
I really love and miss you my darling queen Julie.
All the cries were tears of Joy simply because in just some hours i’ll be looking at you in front of me and smelling you and feeling your skin all over me!..

The reason why I woke up late was cause after we finished talking I made some calls and got everything handled for my return.. So this means I’ll send you my flight schedule after this mail..
I am so happy that everything is working well and perfectly fine for us…

Honey you are truly the one!. Because they say good things don’t come easily.. I went through a lot just for this day.. Just for me to see you… Honey i made a promise to myself that ‘ll kill myself if i don’t see you.. I guess mother nature heard my cry and decided to place me where you are!..
Mrs William A day without you, is indeed a day without me, For you make me who I am Julie truth be told, And who I want to be.
A day without you,Is a day without light,For you light up my sky,And you light up my life.
A day without you, Is a day without sound, For I open my ears to hear you around.. I can hear you talking whenever am reading your text/emails.. I can hear your voice from the messages
A day without you, Is a day without cheer, For you make me smile and you don't cause a tear than tears of JOY!!.
A day without you, Is a day without sight, for you open my eyes, And make my world bright ..
I promise to make you PROUD my queen, take my words and see it come to pass!.
I love you so very much Julie William :)) ..

Hugs and kisses…xoxo
Good night .xoxo




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