Scam Email(s) from Henry Locke to Laura (USA)


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Letter 1

Jesus is my witness I don't have international call access on my phone. I lost my wallet with my cards and the little cash I have here. Now I want you to help me change the password and do transfer to me here so I can have money to take care of myself and be on my way home
What is wrong with you cant you just understand me for once, i am not in a good mood here now and I still try as much as I can to make u happy but you want mote than I can give right now please understand that I love aNd I am doing all I can to make it up to you

Laura I think you don' t know the kind of man I am if I dont love will I entrust yiu with me account. I believe you know I love you and I care
ou are making me sick Laura. I gave you the username and password fo my account pls help me login into the account and change the password, honey is that much for you to do for me? Hello my dear, my wallet was stolen from me just now, all my cards and so many things was stolen with it. Honey I want you to help me change the password to my bank account.

I want you to do that for me right away. I have email my bank to block transfer access to my account but I never heard from the bank since yesterday, I want you to change the password of my account right now.

Bank website:
Account login details.
User name: henrylocke51
Password. 1234567

Honey please help me to change the password before the people who steal my card get on my money. I miss you and I love you so much.

Waiting for your response that you have gotten the password changed.

Love you babe i had talked to him for 2 months i was really hurt by him




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