Scam Email(s) from Phil Dodd to Laura (USA)


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Letter 1

All I need is just $50
You see you aren't serious about this
Yes I will come to you after my meeting tomorrow. But I would need your little support to get my car off the mechanic workshop I just need you stand by me and pray along with me while I win this contract
Yes I'm ready to meet and spending great time with each other ..but please I need you stand by me while I fix and done with this new contract I'm. Working on . I need this to get back on my feet least with this money we can buy a new home and start a new life together . I have learn so far in my entire life to be a hard working man after divorced with my ex . She do drugs and ruin everything I own I'm struggling to get back on my feet and that's why I'm here
I really need a good and caring understanding woman . Whom can stand by me in hardship time and I promise to always stand by her




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