Romance scam letter(s) from Lorenzo Franco to Pamela (USA)
Letter 1

Hi, Pamela.
Thank you for your lovely email. I am glad to read from you once again and equally impressed that made out time from your busy schedule to read my long email and responded in such an open manner. In a bid to keep to my promise of telling you all about my self, I nearly wrote a Actually, Men with no hidden skeleton say all about them even without being asked, it is just my nature as a simple man living a good life with a good job and good pay. I am not the kind of man that rush into a relationship or marriage, I have learnt to thread with caution in everything that I do in life. I feel we must have to be certain of ourselves as in making sure that this relationship is what we want in life because it is a strong determinant of our happiness & future in life. I presently yearn for a woman that the both of us can grow old together, share ideas and become like pilot and co-pilot. I need a woman who is intelligent and also a woman of integrity, a woman that can always take the right decisions with or without my presence. I believe I can find that woman in you, I may be sounding a bit old fashioned as I have lost touch with the ethics’ of starting a new relationship due to the fact that I have not been in any form of relationship in the last ten years so this now explains what I mean by being old fashioned. I must not fail to commend that your pictures are beautiful and you are really a Damsel, you do not look your age, it really seems like you are in your mid 40's lol.
I would be the happiest man alive to be in a relationship again because every other thing I need for my dream life has been achieved excluding the fact that I still feel lonely at heart. I actually took the Citadel Investment Group fund manager's job the second time as an escape from loneliness. I am presently looking for the right woman that I will love again and genuinely be loved in return, I believe I have so much love in my heart to give to that lucky woman. I will remain eternally grateful to my daughter because I thought it was all over for me in this life but she encouraged me and went further to register me on the site, today I am happy that I did because it has given me the opportunity to meet you. My daughter is presently in an Aeronautical school in Greece, Diana wants to be a pilot which has been her dream since she was 10 years old. I told myself the moment I got your response that I have found what I seek. I don't live a confused life. I know what I seek in life and I know when I find it. I think at this stage I should tell you more about my personality and what my life is like so that you will know me better. I am confident, independent and keep a positive outlook. I am motivated and highly driven in my approach to life both personally and professionally, I love my profession and also feel fortunate for all of my accomplishments to date.
I smile a LOT, I have been told my smile is contagious. I am very approachable and easy to talk to, my personality is light hearted and very kind and hard to be angry. I really try to enjoy life and not take things so seriously. It does not take much to make me happy, honesty and integrity are at the core of my values. I am very open about food and can cook myself, I am hoping to cook for you in the nearest future and I think that will be very We must learn to be friends so we can understand each other better which I think are the basics for a good relationship. One of the things that makes me feel so happy is to visit the beach, I love to Para-sail and other activities in the beach. Do you know that water can speak to a soul? I will interpret that to you when we go to the beach together. I come from a middle-class background and was born in Pylaia, a suburb in Thessaloniki Greece but returned to the US with my parents at the age of 6(six). My family has always lived in fresno california until my mum relocated back to Greece after the death of Dad. I moved out of fresno as it became such a lonely place for me considering the fact that it usually takes me down the memory lane. Anyway, let me not bore you with things that I don’t wish to remember. I left United State at the age of 16(sixteen) to attend American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) where I had my bachelor’s degree in business management and also my master’s in Business Administration with major in Banking & Finance, Entrepreneurship and digital management..My long stay abroad makes people say I have Greek accent, all I know is that I speak English
I feel very young both physically and mentally. I know that we might have had some pleasant and unpleasant experiences in our previous relationship but we should try to let the past go and focus on the future because there is hope only in the future. Like I always say, life isn't as complicated as some people make it. I don't like to dramatize situations. I’m a bit of a clown and playful and appreciate people that are sincere.
I am sorry for having not responded back to your message earlier before now as I have been doing some run around since I woke up this morning getting ready for my trip to New York. We shall be leaving pretty soon at 3:55pm, I have an urgent meeting with one of our company investor's today against our meeting with directors from Citadel Investment Group tomorrow. I will be with my laptop so we shall continually stay in touch throughout my stay in NY before I arrive back home here on Monday. I believe that our constant communication will obviously grant us the opportunity to know each other more better and also build a relationship faster so things will be lot easier for us as we meet any day within the week or as you desire. The onus is on you to decide where and when then I will be there controlling the traffic for you before your arrival....Lol. I will have stop here till I hear from you again in order to avoid boring you with another long email. Looking forward to hearing from you again soonest. Do have a wonderful day and take care.
Hugs, Dom.
Letter 2

Hi, Pamela.
Thank you so much for your email and the contents therein. I was so glad this morning when I opened my email to see that there was an email from you. I had this little feeling of excitement that I could not explain. I don’t know why I had such feeling which made me to start wondering why a man of 59 years old should be this happy over an email. I tried to ask myself the question but realized that I may have missed something in my life and about to have that back because nothing else could explain the excitement. I just pray that this is real and that it lasts forever. I am sincerely sorry for your experiences in life but we actually need those experiences in order to become who & what GOD has destined us to be in life.
I am this type of man that has never had any relationship heartbreak in my life, I really don’t know how it feels like and do not even want to witness it which was what contributed to my being out of relationship of any form all these years. Once I go into a relationship, I put in everything to make it close to perfect because I believe in one woman. My problem is that when I love a woman I love her blindly that nothing anybody tells me about her will change or alter my love for her. It is because of this that I always protect myself from falling in love and the best way to do it has been to stay out of any form of relationship which I have done for about a decade now.
I finally decided that I should give joy to my life again so I let my daughter register me on the site with just 1month subscription and because I seldomly visited the site, the first and the only person I wrote was you and fortunately you finally wrote back to me after I waited for a few weeks then it dawned on me that I really do not need the site anymore. I have found you so let me use the energy to make it work, if only you can let me into your heart as I desire a nice relationship. I am in presently in Manhattan NY, I got here two days ago like I made mention to you earlier, though it seems I will be here for a couple days more in order to conclude the business my office has with our investors. If I happen to be here till Tuesday, it means that I will be leaving here on Wednesday and will be free for the rest of the week including the weekend so if it is going to be convenient for you, we can then meet anytime from Thursday. What do you think? All you have to do is to let me know the place of your choice and time and I will be there twenty minutes before the time to welcome you. I was not trained to keep a woman waiting, my training as a fund manager taught me to make calls on appointment especially when it is your first call to the person. It is usually awful when you call an investor to discuss business and it happens to be at the wrong time when he or she is in a bad mood; obviously that business will not work.......lols.
I know that you are not an investor but what I am saying in essence is that it is nice that you have granted the permission to call you on the phone so we can talk and also hear each other's voice. It is bad that my phone has been malfunctioning since I arrived here but I will go for another phone later today or tomorrow and will then call you besides I equally need another phone to communicate with my office and also the people I am meeting with here. We have shared emails and photos which is a good way to start but we have not been able to put a voice to the emails and pictures, putting a voice to them will bring them all to reality and will equally help us arrange our first meeting. At this stage, I believe that being the one that initiated our communication on the dating site and as a man, I should be the one to call you first. Inferring from your most recent email message and the clarifications sought, I will write you a more detailed email about my humble self when I must have retired for the day later tonight. I attach my most recent picture of the day for you.
Do have a Blissful Sunday.
Letter 3

Hi, Pamela.
I hope you are doing pretty okay and also preparing for a brand new week. This past week is obviously one of the crazy weeks in my entire profession as 24 hours is no longer enough to complete my official duties. After my last email to you, I got a call from our head office in United Kingdom telling me that the confirmation and signing of the fidelity contract has been confirmed for today here in NY so I am going to be very busy today/tomorrow with the contract signing and more. That is what they call a complete crazy week but in all, I just want you to know that am thinking about you all the time and that I enjoy reading your emails over and over again... Let me tell you, I really love the serenity in Jefferson as a whole so I have plans of acquiring my private home just within Jefferson County by next month which will be immediately after my retirement as the apartment am presently occupying at Harpers Ferry belongs to the Citadel company. I will make out adequate time for you as we meet each other so as to develop and build up our relationship to the fullest, we sure have a lot to discuss when we meet. I will love to visit Point Pleasant Beach, hope we go together.
There is absolutely no doubt that I enjoy our communication because the very first thing I do every day since we met is to check my email inbox to know if I have got a message from you. I believe that every strong and long lasting relationship started one day and got stronger as each new day comes. I am hopeful that ours will get stronger and stronger with each passing day. I am a man that has been without any form of relationship; serious or casual for about a decade now. When I lost my wife, it became more obvious to me that the world was nothing. She was my friend, my partner, my pet, my angel, my soldier and my pillar, she was actually everything to me and all that I owe her then was to make her happy at any time and she was happy. May her gentle soul rest in peace; AMEN. I sincerely apologize if I have said so much but it is in my nature to love strongly when I am in love because I believe in one woman.
The last word she said that broke my heart and made me think that no woman could ever be like her was what she said on her sick bed before she passed on, I sincerely pray and wish that you will be better than her, I solemnly vow this beautiful Sunday to love you more than I loved her because that was her desire for me; that I should do things that will make me happy. She said and I quote "I am dying a happy woman Dominic so be happy yourself, why is your face sad when I am happy. Listen, if you continue to keep your face that way then I will get up from this bed now and give you red meat (simply because she knew I detest and do not ever eat red meat) be happy my dear and promise me that you will continually engage in positive things that will bring happiness upon yourself so you will joyfully die a happy person like me at the fullness of your time on earth" then she finally closed her eyes and passed away. We were married for 26 years and were blessed with a Boy and a Girl.
Sequel to my last email to you, I think this is the time to tell you much more about this man that you have been communicating with via email. My Full name is Dominic Briggs, I was married to Jasmine Briggs for 26 years and had a daughter Diana Briggs and Divine Briggs who died in an auto crash with my father. My mother is Greek while my father has Italian ancestry, my father is late while my mother and my daughter live with my mum's sister (My Aunt) in Greece. My mum relocated back to Greece after the death of my father in an auto crash with my only son. The whole family has always lived in Fresno California until Mum finally relocated back to Greece after the death of Dad so I had to leave fresno because it takes me down memory lane and also makes my heart so lonely. My daughter like I stated in my previous email is presently in an Aeronautical school in Greece, she wants to be a pilot and that has always been her dream ever since she was 10 years.
I had my education in Greece but later came back to United States to work with Robert Kiyosaky before I was employed by Kames Investment International. I relocated to Kent United Kingdom when I secured the Job but only worked with them for 9 years before resigning from the job. Thirteen months later, they called me again and asked me if I can work with them as a Consultant Fund Manager from my home that it will only require me to work with them for 3 months, return to the United States and spend 3 months then come back to work for another three months and that will be all for the year. I realized that the job schedule was not time consuming and besides, I was no longer enjoying staying at home. I took the job and got myself into the fund management activities with major investors again. It was then that I discovered that this business is just part of me. I am a man with no criminal records or hidden skeleton, people always say that I have Greek accent which you will notice when we speak on the phone. I believe that my long stay outside the United States was the major cause of my Greek I am a simple man that is comfortable with what I have and okay with what I have achieved so far in life. I am a man that has all that I need in life but lacks just one essential thing which is a woman to love and genuinely be loved in return.
I have decided to find genuine love again and fortunately I found you, so I am pleading at this point that you open your heart and accept me for who I am and not what I am. I am one man that will never hurt a woman. I will not like to sing my own praises but only time shall but I ask for one thing which is that you open your heart and let this fire of love in our hearts flow naturally. Like I said earlier and always, I want to be positive!! Let me not write another long email. I will try to call you from NYC later today. Meanwhile, my new phone number over here is 646 349 1436.
Do have a blissful week ahead.
Hugs, Dom.
Letter 4

Dear, Pamela.
I am in receipt of your email message and I wish to thank you for giving me the privilege of hearing your subtle voice. Inferring from my first email to you where I clearly stated that I will like to take this relationship slowly and I will equally like to be positive. My giving you my heart at this time does not mean that I am trying to rush it rather I am being positive and consistent, so forgive me if it actually seems like am taking a step towards the wrong direction. I am highly appreciative of the time you took in telling me about yourself earlier, thank you once again, your family is good and I think you should always be happy for the gift of life and more. I am so excited and also looking forward to meeting you a few days from now and wish to assure you today that you will never regret having me as your hubby. I wish to clearly reaffirm that my plans of buying my private home within Jefferson County by next month is subject to change if you oppose to it even though I like the serenity in Jefferson. We will really have to discuss more about that when we meet okay.
Let me categorically state at this juncture that going on line to find a suitable companion seemed hopeless to me at the beginning, most of my earlier contacts that wrote stating that match sent them my picture as a MATCH were from much younger women so I could not understand how I could be a match to a 37 years old woman when I stated what I wanted on my profile..They always left me feeling bewildered and asking questions - Should I be flattered or insulted? In addition, there was always this concern - 'What were the Motives'? My faith was restored, when I decided to write instead of waiting to be written. I wrote you and you finally appeared after a long wait then I thanked my "LUCKY STAR" and enjoyed the wonder of it. Consequently; I was so deeply happy that you displayed the qualities I was looking for, I found out that we shared a lot of the same interests and I adored the expressive e-mails. You would know truly how to love me. You would accept my heart first and foremost. Fall in love with me from the inside out. Fall deeply, passionately, in love with my soul. Not worry about my exterior so much, because I am more than a face, a body, blood, and bones,.......I am a spiritual being, a man with tremendous passion, compassion, sensuality, sexuality and physicality regardless of my age which is just a mere number as I was born on the 26th day of April, 1958....which means that I will be clocking 60 in less than 10 weeks from now but am still a bull behind closed you better know it now.....LOL.
When I emailed you, I omitted to state that I looked at your profile for 50 minutes and you must now be wondering what I saw during the 50 minutes that propelled me to email you. I came to the realization that lonely times make us search harder for the good times, bad times are only vague memories and we can look to the future with optimism to happy times. To 'Give' and 'Receive' to pamper, to spoil, to Guide, to care for in all ways makes a wonderful relationship. There is absolutely no room for anger when there is understanding, loyalty and sincerity, open communication and the ability to compensate for differences. Life is meant to be enjoyed and thus, should not harbor hurtful thoughts and actions.
When I lost my wife, it was a big obstacle to my life that I did not wish to continue anything in life. There was no wish to date or to work. There was no joy in living any longer because she was such a nice woman but she claimed that I was so wonderful for having brought out the best in her. It was when I finally made peace with the fact that LIFE is full of obstacles and to survive, one has to approach the obstacles with an open mind and a desire to overcome them that I let my daughter register me on the dating site. I asked myself, do I want to be victorious in this challenges? Is this challenge worth the extra effort, will it make your life better? If yes then I have to pursue it with all my strength and that is what I have decided to do. Like I have said before and will always say - don't see me as moving too fast, I am telling you all these so you will understand where I am coming from and that ten years of loneliness was the maximum any man can go, coming out of it will tell you that I am ready for a complete new life and that the past is behind me.
They say 'LOVE' overcomes all obstacles. But to love blindly - leaves scares in your heart. The 'Ups' and 'Downs' in people’s life’s can be painful though can be healed with limitless compassion. Mine is healed so let us heal yours if it is still there, like I stated in my profile then, if your heart has been damaged too much by some cruel evil man, I can help you fix it like I fixed that of my late wife. If you have lost a partner like me, I can still fix it like I fixed mine or let’s say, we can fix ours together. When I say we can fix ours together, I know that Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries. That was why I also stated in my profile that I need a woman that is not looking for someone to make her happy, but rather someone to share happiness and experience life’s adventures and sometimes tribulations. You will agree with me that everybody needs happiness both the man and the woman.
Happiness is created in many ways - mostly in what people do or say! Your words can encourage me to drink long and hard from the cup of life, to capture every drop of adventure that comes my way. I often ask myself, why we met - even if it was in such an unconventional way! I honestly believe that a 'Path' is mapped out for us. When we were born, were we given a purpose - were we given instructions on how to live our lives and what we are to achieve? We were guided by our parents, teachers, friends and unconsciously adapt some of their ways to our lives. However, there is a greater plan for us in the making.
We are tested daily to make us stronger, stumbling blocks are put in our way to overcome and make us rise above them. Many people travel from cradle to grave without ever seeing themselves clearly, without accepting heartache and grief and without ever wondering about their past, present and future. They accept their life blindly, without questions or true understanding of their own value and potential. They become frustrated, disillusioned and bitter. We have all been given the tools to excel, feel more important, more fulfilled and more useful. You have shown me that you know how to use the tools so don't ever let anyone tell you that you will not accomplish and excel at what you have chosen, or perhaps, what has been chosen for you, what measures precisely do they use to compare or do they feel inadequate in their own achievements?
Success is a passion for living. Success belongs to each and every human being. It is not for the few or the chosen ones or the rich or the educated. Success is for everyone. IT IS FOR YOU. Success is simple; it means having, doing and becoming the best of that which life offers. It means service to mankind. Success means applying your best effort to realizing your best results, leaving the world a better place. It is winning at the game of life. Success is life itself! Success is no secret; no mystery; no cause for frustration or misery. It is yours to claim.
So, was I meant to come into your life to help you see your own worth, to encourage and support and show you the heights that you have already accomplished. I have not chosen your 'Path' and don't know what you have been destined for, but I sure know that you have a great passion for life, so you are and will always be successful. I am grateful to you for opening the door of your heart to me regardless of your curious nature though I believe is norm with the human DNA, but I think you should know that I would never misguide you. When I think about you, a picture comes to mind, a woman sweet and gentle, with a heart that is one of a kind. Your light shines ever bright. I see you as my inspiration, but most of all GOD'S GIFT to me. This letter may not be too romantic but inspiring enough to start a new relationship. I thank GOD above for you, may you always find new blessings for as long as you may live. Have a beautiful day. Dom.
Letter 5

My Dear, Pamela.
It's another pretty good day here in New York and I wish to seize this moment to say good afternoon to the woman that makes me smile more often these past few days. I am happy for the gift of Life then on my computer writing you. Yes! It's another pretty good day, I am so glad this day for having you as a friend and my confidant. Today is different from other days, I am so appreciative of the time you make out of your busy schedule to write me those heart warming messages and also the Questionnaires...LOL. Moreover, I feel most of your questions are issues we can use to engage on long meaningful conversation when we meet on our first date.....What do you think? I hope and believe that you are having a great day out there but please always endeavor to write me as often as you can because your email makes me so happy. Like I said earlier, a great day is here again, one of the days that I wake up and the first thing that comes into my mind is to check my email and see if you have written me. Some times I panic with fear of not being disappointed but at the end, it will turn out that your email is there and the fear disappears for happiness to return. You are just the person that I want to be with even without meeting you yet and I also wish to let you know that color blue is about my most favorite. This little period of email communication is enough for me to say so and I can say it again and again and even louder!
Over the last few days, it's been wonderful, I never expected to feel this way nor actually be in communication with you in this way, experiencing life with you even though we are yet to meet each other. You are wonderful to me, your email makes me really happy and even though we are apart, I know this. I was thinking so much last night as to when I am going to meet you and see your beautiful face. I am getting butterflies in my stomach just at the thought of seeing you for the first time. You make everything complete and I cannot imagine spending time with someone else and having these feelings for anyone else. I'm anxious to see you soon, time is ticking and it's going by really slow. I really do enjoy white wines and I also love sushi, seafood, steak and italian foods.
It takes a strong woman to accomplish everything that you have in your life, I am proud of you that you stick to your goals. You are what I dreamed of when I decided to go into relationship again, someone with integrity, honesty, love, affection, God fearing and with such a charming personality. I never thought I would find you, but here you are. Thank you so much for the moments we have shared together through email, I have no doubt we shall make a good match as you have made all of my dreams come true. I could not ask for more. I will be the luckiest man in the world to be called your hubby in the nearest future. I will be truly honored if our friendship could lead to something better and for a life time. Meeting you will say it all, I can't wait to meet you and would not oppose going to a Christian Church with you or you going to Church with me.
Today is the day that I have been longing for, the day I have been working for and will be a very big day for me and Citadel Investment. We are hoping to finally conclude on the transaction that brought me here today. If everything goes fine then we will agree on when to go and sign the contract with the Citadel Investment. I need all the luck in this world today from you. I need only the right words and calculations to come out of my mouth today. I need to be at my best. I don't want to be under pressure doing what I do best but the company has put so much trust in me that they sound almost 100% sure that I will succeed which puts me in a tight corner because they don't expect me to fail.
I will tap their trust and leave the pressure, I may be their best Fund Manager but sometimes you need luck to have it all. I need your prayers today and I hope that you will bring me the luck I need because meeting you was divine. Please pray for my success today. It's the day I have been working for over the past two years, I will give you details of it when we meet face to face. It's my wonderful Wednesday and I am grabbing it. One Love keep us together. Do enjoy the rest of your day. Hugs... Dom.
Letter 6

Good morning to you my Queen.
I wish to use this email message and its contents that make my whole being tingle with anticipation to welcome you to another wonderful new day. The words are carried on the soft breeze that rustle the leaves in the trees and echo with the bluebird’s song in the morning. I seem to be 'Star Gazing' and really do not belong to this world because receiving your email alone makes me feel good not minding the content. All I want is to open my email and there is an email from you. This morning is very different because it is not only receiving the email from you that is making me excited but the joy of coming online to share the good news with you. YES, I DID IT!!!!
We completed the transaction yesterday night and the investors were very excited. I sat down on my seat motionless and let this tears of joy drop because I could not hold it. I was happy and so happy that at the end it was a success even though it came at a cost, not to the company or to the investors but to us. The investors were really impressed that they had to take me out yesterday to celebrate whereas I should have been the one to take them out. I returned back very late and tired so could not call or email you to share the good news then I slept off.
They have agreed that we sign the investment contract immediately hence they will be joining their families that are on vacation from there, since all Investment contracts can only be signed in our office in Kent England. I called my office and they were very glad and made the preparations immediately which changed my personal plans completely. The new development which is related to the outcome of this meeting that I have been attending here in Manhattan NY is that we will be traveling to United Kingdom on Sunday for the Investment contract signing. In fact they have already had the flight's reservation made which I cannot turn down, it became paramount and urgent due to their tight schedule and if I don't accept to travel now then I don't know when next they will have favorable time so for the fact that this being something I have been working on for almost 2 years now, I had no option than accepting it coupled with my retirement plans which comes up 3rd week in March 2018.
It is obvious that I will now be traveling from here with these Investors and from our calculation, we will be spending 12 days in the UK. The 12 days is to enable them process the fund movement for their investment, secure the non-resident investment permit from the UK government and then have an investment return business name as required for such huge tax free investment in UK. So from the calculation and flight reservations, we will leave New York on Sunday the 4th day of March and return back on Friday 16th day of March but I will be flying home straight from there as there will not be any need for me going through Manhattan NY again. I will be coming home with the best bottle of Wine or Champagne for our own celebration.
Now back to us; I want you to know that my day starts when I receive your wonderful e-mail message and ends with me sending you a reply. That is why I do wonder why you are in my thoughts all the time? The in between time is filled with romantic notions, breathless anticipation and a million and one thoughts of how our first meeting will go. Will there be fireworks - will there be balloons in the sky? I know I am fantasizing, like a foolish teenager, but it makes me feel young and so extraordinarily happy. I must confess that I have tried to suppress the feeling of calling you my love all these while to avoid looking like I am rushing everything but each time I want to email you, it keeps coming into my mind. It is a known fact that I am falling seriously in love with you and cannot stand not seeing you soon. You have brought this change and joy in me that I believe has attracted this lifetime business luck to me. Meeting you brought the breakthrough that I have been struggling to have with these investors for almost two years. All I want you is to understand my situation and accept me the way I am, it’s not that I fall in love easily but having been alone for about ten years makes me want you as soon as possible. All that I am sure is that this is not lust or a game of days but a life time relationship. I was married to my wife for 26 happy years and she was my first and only marriage. That alone will tell you more about me.
Please kindly bear with me if I use those words so early, it's due to the way I feel that makes me to write the way I do. You are an angel in have touched my heart thus making a difference in my life, bringing more joy and success than you will ever know that you have done. Thank you for all your support and have a wonderful day. I just want you to wake up this morning and share the goodness with me even when am not completely happy as my thought of being with you changed. I need you and also need your good understanding at this point in time. I will see you soon.... Thank you once again for your prayers and Love... I feel blessed now! talk to you later...past few days have been very hectic but I thank God for the new day......thank you once again for your kind prayers and wishes, I highly appreciate and that is why I had to send you this email since I haven't been able to call you... Hugs & Kisses… Dom.
Letter 7

Good evening my Princess and I hope you are having a good weekend rest? I am sorry for having not called or texted you more often, I really do not have any excuses though it is simply because I have been busy trying to meet up with the demands of our company and my retirement sign off...I am really so sorry about that.
Sweetie, I will be checking out of my hotel this evening to another hotel close to Queens NYC borough/ John F. Kennedy International Airport or simply JFK, from where we shall be taking off tomorrow to Heathrow Airport London I want to send you this email now because I might not have the chance to email you again until tomorrow or next - I have actually been busy all day putting my paper works and other personal effects together inorder to avoid rush. It is really not easy for me at this time but the thought of you keeps me going.
I just noticed that I felt a little depressed as I turned on my computer to email you, I am pretty sure that it is not because I don't want to write you or that I don't enjoy communicating with you rather I think it's simply because after the hope and plans of seeing you when I return home this week changed. Moreso, not seeing you in person makes me think that I am in a dream but even if it is a dream, I don’t want to wake up. You will agree with me that dreaming, thinking, wishing and hoping do not lessen the yearning for "THE REAL THING “ even having faith and being positive are becoming a challenge. They say - there are reasons for what happens in life and people you meet on the way, sometimes they enter our life to test our will power and strengthen us, then others leave us with disappointments and with heartaches beyond our belief. The most prudent fact is 'What we do with them when the opportunity presents itself'. Grab it? If yes that is what I have tried to do; grab you because to me you are just wonderful!
When I received your first e-mail after I contacted you, I was enchanted with you and very flattered that you took the pain and time to reply me, regardless of the distance and some of the other obstacles, you continued to reply my email. That was when I promised myself that I have seen what I seek and will not look further. There and then I developed the feeling which today is turning to natural love. When it started, it was unconventional in every aspect and I was thinking it could never lead to anything meaningful. The sharing of loss, the heart ache of loneliness and personal qualities encouraged me to believe in miracles. My sensibility told me otherwise - but here I am and you have become part of my life. Where is the point of no return? has destiny invaded sensibility and given us new beginnings and new vistas never explored before. Why does my silly heart race? Why do my eyes shine with secrets? No one knows. Who has put the blush in my cheeks and the spring in my step? Only you can answer that! Who is this fabulous mystery woman that only my imagination, my feeling, my love and my computer knows? Only you still can tell me.
I was sitting last night - gazing at the moon and the stars - looking for answers in the stillness of the night. The heaven did not open - only the bright twinkle of the stars and the sky smiled at me in my solitude, were they mocking me or were they sharing in my happiness? If I have recently found meaning in my life, it is because of YOU, the things you want to do, share, invent and sacrifice the eternal self-giving trust and loyalty. I am grateful that I have been able to meet you, am I flawless, do I have weaknesses - no one is perfect but the strength comes in believing in one's self, having the devotion, from someone who cares deeply, is an anchor in unchartered waters.
Remember - a great woman is not the one who attempts to climb the mountain, but the one who makes it to the top. If you hesitate, you will fall but don’t worry, I will catch you Lol. You have given me the RED ROSE - for eternal Love or perhaps, the BLACK ROSE - for the forbidden Love. You may be wondering why this man uses the word ‘LOVE' so fast when we are yet to meet in person, may be because Love to me means different thing or have different meaning. What is love - it nourishes the body and soul, it holds promises and pain. It joins two people in harmony and bliss and only a few are ever blessed with the everlasting kind. It is delicate and fragile and has to be nurtured with attention, all the time. It is the best thing to happen in anybody’s life, to Love or to be loved. From this, you can see why I keep nurturing this relationship with my words the way I do as that is all I can do for now till we meet. I must tell you that you hold a special place in the innermost part of my heart that is to be cherished forever - and never to depart. May you enjoy this beautiful weekend filled with JOY. We will make it for sure... Hugs & Kisses.. love you. Dom.
Letter 8

My Love, I hope you are doing pretty okay today, I sincerely apologize for having not reached you for a couple of days now due to my tight work schedule. I must honestly confess that you are the most caring woman I have ever come across in recent years, I simply bless the day I found you because you are so special to me. Thank you for your last email message, it was so heart warming and I am really appreciative and will always be. You have a golden heart and that trips me most in a human, someone that can accept you from her mind and also share with you sincerely, I appreciate! I love all kinds of music blues and jazz and country music also I will love to lay in your arms while I listen to those cool songs. I am going to get a new UK phone to call my clients here also speak with you and my daughter and family so I am gonna do that today or tomorrow also roam my US line so I can text you and also receive your text.
I had a nice and successful trip to the UK, I arrived here yesterday morning (UK TIME) it was really not a stressful journey as I had you in my mind all through. I was seeing you in my arms, seeing you rushing to hug me at the airport. At a time I lost it and was thinking that I was already in the aircraft to see you and then I realize I was going to the UK and not to meet you, then I felt bad.
I have not been able to email you earlier before now as I was trying to settle down in the Lodge the company provided for me which is where I normally stay when I am in the UK. I am presently in KENT. Kent is a city in southeast England and is one of the Home Counties. It borders East Sussex, Surrey and London and has a defined boundary with Essex in the middle of the River Thames estuary. It is popularly known as Garden of 'England' because of its abundance of orchards and hop gardens. It is nice and serene. This is where the International Business office of Citadel Investment Group PLC is located.
If you have seen Michael Jackson on TV arriving a country for a concert and the reception he receives when he lands at the airport, that was the reception I got when I landed in UK yesterday morning, people thought I was one celebrity not knowing that my company was only celebrating the arrival of their financial GURU. One of my directors came straight to me shook my hand and called me- MR. FIX IT. When I got to the office, there was this panel on my office Door that reads-Welcome -Mr. Dominic Briggs....FIX IT. Now, my sure name has turned to fix
Anyway, they were just happy and I was glad that they appreciated my efforts because it was something they could not do for 6 years that I did in two years of consistency and persistence, competing with brokers from Fidelity Investment. Once again, I will thank you for your prayers, understanding and support at this time. I wish I could tell them there and then that there is somebody that came into my life that brought the good luck that fixed it so that they will know that somewhere in the United States, there is MRS. FIX IT also lol....
Wow! I know I can’t hold it but confess that I am missing you already. I want to be with you and hold you, to gently touch your face and cup your cheek in my hand as I look into your beautiful eyes and see you smile. I want to snuggle and cuddle with you, just be close to you. I want to rub your leg and stare across the couch as we talk of our feelings for one another. I want to hold your hand across the table at a restaurant gossip and watch others in the restaurant to be jealous of our intimacy and our tender affection for one another. I want to lie next to you in front of a fire and gaze into your eyes while I rub your back and tell you jokes that will make you cry while laughing. I want to romance you. I want you to know how beautiful you are in my eyes. I want you to know how much I cherish and adore you. I want to give my heart to you. I want your heart, I want it all. Yes I am going to hold you well and talk to you like a little baby, but since I am not with you and all that I have said above are just wishes, let me on that note also wish you a happy Tuesday. Enjoy a stress free week......Talk to you tomorrow. Hugs and kisses. Dom.
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