Scam Email(s) from Phil Dodd to Laura (USA)


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Letter 1

Honey, I spoke with the hotel manager here and told him about my missing phone and he said there’s no way I will get it back since it’s an expensive phone
So I asked him how much he thinks I will get the same phone here and he said it is very expensive, he even called a couple of stores for me and I spoke with them but their prices were very expensive which I can’t just buy them like that with the amount of money left of me. So I had wanted you to do me a favor by getting it at your end on contract for me so that I pay for them when I come to you my love
I will pay for the phone on ful I will pay for the phone on full price when I get to you and give you any interest rate or your choice as well my love

Letter 2

I have the money to get the phone but it’s damn expensive here Laura all I ask is for you to get them on contract for me with your service provider and I will pay back when I get to you




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