Scam Email(s) from Gabriel Szewc to Sue (Ireland)


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Letter 1

It is a great pleasure to meet you and thanks for dropping your email id, I appreciate it. Well, I am Gabriel Szewc by name and originally from Poland, but I live in Youngstown Ohio, USA and am a structural engineer, and am single.

I have been alone since I got hurts due to I was scared of meeting with the wrong woman till a friend convinced me to give it a try again, and going through your profile, I believe things can work out between us if we give it a try. All am seeking is a honest and straight forward woman, someone I can trust and confide on, someone with good understanding, a woman who truly understands the true value of a family and most importantly a woman who is ready for true commitment, that's all I seek and I do hope am not asking for too much. Please, tell me more about yourself?

Letter 2

I must start by thanking you for writing back to me, hope all is well with you over there? Its nice to meet you even though we are very far from each other, but I believe distance can never be a measure to stand against any friendship if we both are serious and truthful to each other. If I may ask, what is your nationality, your hobbies, favorite foods and colors, and have you had online dating experience before? Thanks for the pictures, but can you please send more.

Letter 3

I'm fine and you? Just wondering why you slow our communication, but glad to hear from you again and thanks for sharing with me, am happy that we are getting along. Please, send more pictures to me. I'm a simple person and I do not smoke, but I drink occasionally and I love hanging out with friends especially on weekends, I love visiting new places, keeping fit by doing some light exercises. I love music, and I also love watching football soccer and when it comes to foods, apart from my normal country foods, I like Italian foods. My favorite colors are white, black and blue. I wish you a better friendship with me and hope to hear from you again, and do take care.

Letter 4

How can you keep on sending the same pictures, the same dressing, are you kidding me? I'm sorry to hear you are sick, get well soon and send your whatsapp number




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