Scam Email(s) from Robert Dennis to Cara (USA)


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Letter 1

Good day,

I am so delighted to come across you and frankly speaking, I like my my time with you. I wish we will continue keeping in touch all the time, so that we can relate and know each other well. Please call me "Bobby", that's my nick.
I am divorced and have an eleven years old boy by my ex. I broke up with her because she was impregnated by another man when I was out of the country for work; life is too short, so I need to move on.
I am 41 years old, a civil engineer by profession and working with the aid of a company in Romania.

You can trust me and tell me anything you wish, I love truthfulness and sincerity.
My Parents are late already. I am the only child of my parent, my dad was a Teacher and my mom was a very diligent house wife. I like pets a lot so, I adopted a pet dog, I also love to play tennis. My favourite colours are green, yellow, blue and white. I am a kind, understanding, romantic and caring man; most loving when I am with someone I love; all I want is love, understanding and marriage and I am ready to share my life with the woman I love.
I am very nice and caring if you know me more. I like to travel with my loved ones for fun and picnic, I like the beach, I like to read at my leisure, I value love, friendship and my family.

I am a Romania citizen of a Polish decent and I studied civil engineering. Please I am not too good in talking about myself, you can help out by asking me any questions, I don't hide anything, just ask me anything, and i will tell you.
please describe yourself for me too if you don't mind.

I miss you this morning the same way I missed you yesterday when you left for bed.
Here is what I have to say baby, for you I wish an awesome today, keep smiling and have an excellent day.
I will glad to hear from you soon baby, till then take care of yourself.

Yours admirer,

Letter 2


I'm glad to receive and read your mail. I think it's night time over there already.
How was your day at work? I hope you had an amazing time at work today. The best I can wish you for now is to enjoy your resting time. I wish I will always be part of you and your life in future because You appeared to be mature and sincere in your words.

My day becomes more interesting after I received a mail from you, It was just as if you were sent to spiced up my day.
I am at work now, but I was expecting to receive a message/mail because no matter how busy I am you are more becoming precious to me and I started feeling you in my every breath.

I know that attention is one of the greatest factors that foster and can solidify a relationship, I am ready for you and I will like to create more space so we can get to know each other more and see how our chemistry works.
I have the feeling of likeness for you since the time we have been talking, with time I hope the feeling will transform into something more passionate.

I will be expecting to receive a message from you baby.
Good day once again and take care of yourself.
Sweet dreams.


Letter 3


How are you and I hope everyone is going well over there.
To let you know more about me, my favorite outdoor activities are: exploring, hiking, camping, canoeing, bicycling, motorcycle riding, fishing and sightseeing. I also enjoy a quiet evening at home with a special someone after a nice meal. I always enjoy long walks and special picnics with my son Benson, since he is the only family I have now. Thanks to you for coming into my life, I would have loved it if you can play the role of a mother, a sister, a friend and above all a wife.

I consider myself an easy going man and don't stress out too much (though occasionally I might), I take life as it comes. I do have respect for my partner and I like to show it all the time either with flowers, dinners or just treating her with the respect she deserve. Damn!! I hope I don't sound too corny ??

Do I need to tell you I'm a foodie? Yeah I am and my favorite food is spaghetti with sauce diced with veggies, actually I love cooking a lot and crowning it up with wine.
Its feel so sweet writing you all this, I have never done this before. You need to see the smile on my face as I type. Anyway send me a message sweetie, tell me those things I haven't known yet, those things you conceal, smiles.
Benson(my son) saw your picture yesterday and said you look really beautiful and he is hoping to meet you soon.
Due to my busy nature I am not a social media freak so I mostly keep my communication simple either by phone call or email. Although I use 'Hangouts' you can install it on PlayStore or AppleStore and send me your contact info I will add you for better communication.
I will be glad to hear from you soon baby.
Take care of yourself and enjoy the remaining of your day.

Letter 4

I am very happy to receive your mail this very moment though it is very late before you write me back. Anyway thanks for complimenting my picture you look so beautiful too and I will be very glad to meet you soon.

Yes I have Handouts add me on hangouts through this email "" or you can give me the email/phone number you used in signing up there so that I can add you here.

I will be glad if you can reply me as soon as you receive this email without delay, thanks God bless you and enjoy the remaining of your day baby.

With love,

Letter 5


I am sending you this to wish you a good day over there, I hope you are enjoying your holiday and I hope everything is going on fine with you.

I am feeling good and enthusiast over here and I'm glad you wrote to inform me why you've been replying my mails, I am sorry for mailing you this late because you would have appreciated it more when the issues were at their peak, but know these :
The earth may stop rotating,
birds may stop flying,
candles may stop melting,
fishes may stop swimming,
heart may stop breathing,
but I will never stop thinking about you despite the distance involved.
Distance is never a barrier for love because it as no boundaries, love cuts across the globe and travel faster with heat beat.

I am heading to the gym now and will be there for an hour, I need to get fit physically,mentally and emotionally for the task ahead.
I hope to read from you soon. Enjoy the remaining of your day baby.





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