Romance scam letter(s) from Rick Anderson to DJ (USA)
Letter 1

am crazy right here honey.the tools i made order for from UK,i got a email from the shipping agent this morning that my tools are being seized by the British Customs,and won't allowed the tools to be touched..he said they are asking for some payment of taxes and charges which i paid some already..i need to fix this tools here in the next 5days dear and the agent said they are requesting for some fund before tools can be really going crazy here now because my credit cards has been blocked...dear i need to get 7000GBP to this shipping agent so he can get some paper work .he said i need to get it over before friday because there will be no work on weekend. i am going crazy here right cards are blocked and there is no how i can leave here.this contract have tied down all my fund and any mistake will have the contract terminated
Letter 2

how i mine going to do that the wire transfer dear when my account is block and they tell me i have to come to the bank before something can be done cause i run million account with them
Letter 3

dear am the only person who have access to my account omg what i mine going to do now
Letter 4

honey do you have credit card so i can call my benk to send money in there and you will help me to send it to my son in uk so he can take what he need and send the rest to my shipping agent there
Letter 5

dear i don't know this kind of things is going to happen.....i have never been in this kind of problem in my life
Letter 6

honey please you have to understand me....the bank told me what i fill in my form before i open account with them that is what they are acting on.......they should not do anything with my account until they see nothing my lawyer can do about that
Letter 7

honey can you borrow me just 2000pounds to get send to my son in uk so he can used that to flight right there in us to go to my bank he can collect any amount out of my account too and once he get the money i we tell him to send you 50 thousand to you dear....pls just help me out i dont wanna loose this contract here and when i get to you i will surprise you honey
Letter 8

How much can you raise for my son to get to my bank in the US? Try your possible best to get up to 2000pounds because that's the actual amount that will take him quickly to US and just send your address, bank details and the payment method you prefer, he'll send the money immediately he cash the money in my bank and let me know if you need more money so i could tell him the amount to collect. I love you!
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