Scam Email(s) from Joseph Dunbar to Vickie (USA)


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Letter 1

I'm wring nobody but you Vickie. I called you Mimi because is the name I use to call my late wife. I think you have an evil thoughts with all this your words to me, you even don't respond to my email and let me know all about you and family. Please Good luck because I can't live with negative person like you ?

Letter 2

Good morning Vickie, I hope you're having a delightful night rest, I'm a hard working man my eyes is always open but my job here will end soon after this last service then I will start up life with you if only we are meant to be as God may join us together. I'm stationed here at Camp Fort Campbell base, so I could hardly communicate over the cell I apologize for my tardiness in responding and introducing myself to you formally. Frankly, I could be very vocal/expressive however, at times, I am very skeptical in disclosing my life story specially for someone I just met on-line but I feel very comfortable with you (Which is very strange). In my personal relationship, I don't easily give information to my friends because I prefer my privacy. Also, I have always believe that our past is not our future so I am accustomed not to reminisce what was already buried in the past but when I became a strong Christian (Baptist) I learned that we have to share our own testimony to others so that they can also learn from our experienced.

Thanks a lot for writing me on email, it only shows how caring you are like you look in your photos, I must confess it's a kind of care I haven't been shown in a long time now.... I must say to you that, I find it as a pleasure writing to you in an email, like I said while we were chatting, I saw you while browsing on the site and the first thing that attracted me was your gorgeous smile, yeah like the saying "a smile is an inexpensive way to improve one's looks" I feel I can entrust you with all information you need to know about me and my family, I hope I don't get to regret doing this... Well I feel you should know, I'm a secret officer on a covert operation and at that information about my personal life shouldn't just be told to anyone, but I feel OK telling you about it just because of how I feel about you, and I hope you feel the same way..

I was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I am the only child and was raised in a Christian home by my mother. My father left when I was a baby. I have not personally met my father until I was close to 15 years old. As a minor then, I needed assistance from my father to attest on my behalf for my U.S. citizenship. It was not easy because I know the impact it would bring to my mother recalling my dad after many years of not seeing him but I had no choice. Although I came from a broken home, my mom strong faith in God sustained us to live normally with the help of my grandfather, who was a pastor and the root of our Christian faith. So life growing up was not easy but by the grace and mercy of God, the struggle is not that heavy. In fact, I have a lot of good memories in the past as a child even without my father. My father eventually decided to pay us a visit and I must say that to his surprised, no one has showed any unusual behavior towards him. My mother had never instilled in me to hate my father so ironically, I noticed that my father couldn't accept his forgiveness because I think, he couldn't even forgive himself due to his guilt and my dad passed away at the age of 74. My dad was also an officer in the US Army and while retired in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He had held a position "Under cover" with the government.

I had my high school in the Russia and I completed it in the US followed by college education. As you already know, I am Captain Dunbar Joseph of the US Army (retired), I'm from Fayetteville, North Carolina. But I'm attached to US Coast Guard Station New London. I am a member of the First Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta, commonly known as Delta Force First Battalion, Third Marine Regiment marine Corps, CIA paramilitary teams Division tenth mountain division.

I was married to Tori, She had Renal Cell Carcinoma of the kidney and apparently had it for years not known to anyone. Its a sneaky form of cancer and no one knows they have it until it hits the lungs. That is what happened, Then it hit her brain. She didn't want any life support and it took her 8 days to go. I just got up and went back and sat down and I think I just said to the room " I want what Tori wants" If you could of seen her smile. I crawled into her arms and laid by her. She choose Hospice. Before she went into a coma she said" I will be with you always, and I will love you always" The words of Jesus. She always read the bible. I came home. Went a little nuts and ran back to the hospital. I begged her to take treatment and she said "you can only win the battles you can win I need to go" OOOOH I hate remembering this.

I am a simple man with a simple life style. Career is good, but not enough to be happy. There comes a time when you want to wake up on the shoulder of the woman you love, to feel her warmth, love and comfort. I like my friends and family, enjoy going out with them. For now I am a city man, but when there is a family it is better to live in suburbs I think.

I like Someone that is romantic, serious and down to earth. Someone who likes to laugh which I know you do very much and I enjoy the outdoors activities. I want a woman who is honest, loyal, and trustworthy. Someone who is spiritual and believes in God. Someone who likes to be flirted with and will allow me to kiss, hug and hold her hand in public, Someone who is willing to try new things and challenges, I believe life is too short to go through it alone.

I hope I made up a little about myself to you… Hope to read from you soon Mimi and please write extensively about yourself. Take care of yourself and have a fulfilled day. Will be in touch soon.

Your new friend,

Letter 3

Hi Vickie thank you for writing me on here. Actually I'm originally from North Carolina but currently stationed here at Fort Campbell Tennessee as I was called back to work to lectured Newbies that will be soon deployed. What else have you taught Christian-other means if not Someone that love God and his son Jesus ? I'm a US military personnel I retired 2 years ago and was called back for an assignment a few weeks ago. Couple together, I have been in service for almost 35 years and I have stationed across many states in the United States and outside the States. When there's true love, age, distance, height or weight are just a damn number. My dreams is to settle down anywhere I find my happiness. The heart is what matters. Life can be fully complete if you find a right person who can be both: a good friend and a passionate lover. I am looking for my soul mate and I firmly believe that I will find her here. Words like, trust, honesty, understanding, respect and open communication has a deep meaning for me as well as my faith. And my love is unconditional. So, For how long have you been on POF site, and are you on any other dating site looking ?

God bless your day hoping to hearing from you again




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