Scam Email(s) from Robert Owen to Laura (USA)


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Letter 1

Like I told you the Chinese company have same issues they have with me with other customers so I think they are doing it first come first serve it will get to us
Soon I just want the Chinese company to deliver the money to you after which I can put in for a Vacation to my wife then I will fly down
I want us to get a new car and have some vacation trips together

Letter 2

Hello Mrs Laura, your information is well received by this office and has been forwarded to the Ministry of Justice by our Legal department for confirmation and release of the above documents.

(1) Affidavit of Ownership
(2) Power of Attorney.

These documents will enable you receive the Funds belonging to Mr Owen Robert without any interrogation and it gives you the legal right over the Ownership of the Funds and lawful possession.

Dear Madam,
Your documents that will be needed for the safe delivery of the said Funds Seven million two hundred thousand dollars 7.2 million Dollars which you are the sole beneficiary, will cost in your currency 7,861 dollars . Once this Money is sent here, we will get the document done in 48 hours and send you a copy for you to have why the diplomat will have the copy also to enable him deliver without interrogation to your door step in your country.USA.

Get back to us as soon as possible.......
Mr Chang Lee [SCWSC]




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