Romance scam letter(s) from David Schafer to Leslie (USA)
Letter 1

I am just a loving and caring man who wants to love again and all i dream of is my future love without regrets of trying to love again, I look at myself as being down to earth, simple, caring, fun. I do my best taking care of myself between work and life. So far, so good. I enjoy going out for dinner, a movie or maybe even coffee or an occasional light drink just to talk. Communication is very important to have. I'll always treat a girl right. opening doors, holding hands, looking into your eyes when we talk. I'll always give my attention to you. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not perfect, I make mistakes and have flaws, I'm a guy and i"m human as well. I enjoy life. I love a good laugh and like to have fun. When I first meet someone, I'm quiet and shy. Once I'm past that, I can talk your ear off. lol. Just give me time to relax. I can be a little nervous. A relationship with honesty is very important to me. I will always make you feel special. I'm an open minded person. Message me if we are on the same page.
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