Romance scam letter(s) from Jacob Gunderson to Penny (USA)
Letter 1

Hope your week was productive Penny? I am very delighted to have your e-mail and getting to know you is something that’s interesting to me. I’m really sorry for my late response, taking my time to put words together for you. I would say that we share much of the same sensibilities, you seem to have many of the qualities I look for in friends and companions. I am not looking to change anyone just to blend with that special someone and get on with the joy of life. Life is meant to be shared, and to live out with joy, peace & love with your partner. This week has been another very busy one for me and I'm working from home this weekend because currently i'm in pursue of a contract which I had bid for in the past months. It a large bid with different process, now I am extremely busy with planning and making research to help me prepare a better and acceptable proposal. If I can have it my way I would love to meet soon but I have to complete the bid documentation and wait for the outcome to be release within two weeks before I can plan to meet you. I'm sorry for any delay this might cause us but we can write back and forth to know each other better. I'm willing to meet immediately am done with the bid process. I will need your extreme patience. I am quite moved that you felt compelled to express your interest on your profile, I like all that you say about yourself and I believe things could work between us in building a relationship, all that matters is having the true C in creating a long lasting relationship- communicate, commit , compromise, compassion and chemistry. I was happy to receive you on the site, what I am looking for in a relationship? the best part of a relationship is to have my best friend who knows me and I know her well because we take the time to build trust, understanding, respect, and knowledge and our communication is brilliant and honest and often.

I want to have a connection so deep as a friend and a lover that I could not imagine my life without this person... timing is everything and character is so important. I think two people should share the same values -- such as honesty and integrity, thoughtfulness and kindness. I also wish to have someone who takes care of herself inside and out....what we think we become... so having a healthy mind and spirit will lead to and sustain a healthy body.

I am happy and do enjoy life in all its beauty, I am a work in progress but I do care for myself well. I have the energy and abundance of spirit to care for those around me. I believe I have a sense of style - my own mixed with classic design with a touch of elegance. I am comfortable going to the opera in a suit, a garden party in a pair of jeans on a picnic or lazy Sunday. My clothes fit my mood and I love looking pressed and sharp - neat and clean makes me feel good on the inside and allows me to carry myself with great confidence.

I like my woman to have her own life too., friends, interests, and sense of adventure and style. I have plenty of my own ideas ;) opinions, beliefs, and thoughts - I respectfully share all things and love to explore life -- and would like to share all of me with someone very special. I believe my partner is someone I can talk to from the depths of my soul and share all feelings with because in my heart I know she cares enough to take the time to "listen" and truly care about me. I feel secure with my partner. It is true for a woman as well, to be able to discuss anything with the man she loves. I'm 66yrs old and being a widower for over 9yrs, my wife was killed in a fatal car accident involving our little son at the age of 10 which cause him to suffer dementia (Traumatic brain injury) due to the outside force that hits the head hard enough to the brain and moves violently within the skull. He is 19 yrs old now, and unable to interfere with daily life, no enthusiasm for anything, easily angered, self-absorbed, inability to remember anyone or anything. He is in RX Staffing and Home Care in CA. I’m primarily Irish-Scots and German, my Mom is a German citizen and Dad is Irish-scot and American, both parents are deceased now. I was born in Sacramento, CA but raised in Bremen, Germany. My dad met with my mom while working in Germany many decades ago. He flew often from California back to Germany to spend quality time because my mom never wants to relocate to California due to her involvement with her family business but we do have great moments each time the family gets together. After obtaining my bachelor's degree in Engineering (B. Engr.) Civil & Architectural Engineering in Germany, I decided to relocate finally to Sacramento, CA. My dad owned the house we all lived in, after the accident of my late wife, I sold the house and relocated because it brings back sad memories of losing everyone in there, relocating helped me moved forward with life. I relocated to Las Vegas, NV- 8 years ago because I own there while working in Nevada for 6 years. I have worked in other parts of the States too, NJ, NY, WA, PA, WA, CO, CA, SC, NC, TN, TX, OH, FL, TX, and few countries - Canada, Germany, Iceland, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, Singapore, and China. I’m the President of Corporate Services for GJR CONSTRUCTION INC. And I’m an Independent Contractor (Self Employed) into construction of roads n bridge, railway building, shopping malls/tower building, corporate office buildings and warehousing for any business that requires a commercial building for storage or for industrial manufacturers space. With a lot of experience on international contracts, a member and licensed by the Association Of Builders and Contractors, I get to market my proposals with the organization to enable me to secure contracts. I dislike selfishness and I believe the more you give the greater the abundance that comes to you - especially when you need it most. I also want someone for whom I can share my deepest thoughts, fears, and aspirations... I would like someone to know me because she cares to ask and wants to see me for who I am on the inside ... not just my physical self as the outside fades. the seasons take our youth but can bring us rich rewards of lessons learned and appreciation for all the things that matter. I have wanted to take dance lessons but need the right partner . I am going to share a secret and if you tell anyone I will deny it! I love watching Dancing with the Stars on television. There is just such a sensual grace and beauty when a couple glides across the floor. One thing about me that most women like is I am not a guy that has to be dragged to something my partner wants to do. I feel if it something she wants to do and she wants me there then I am going to be there. Yes, not only will I carry your purse and bags at the mall I will be cracking jokes and bad puns to make you smile. I want someone to grow old with -- to hold my hand, laugh, cry and be there for me no matter what - and I for her. Through the tough times.. that is a true test -- I'll help you with your baggage? Unlike the airlines, you can't lose your baggage. It's how we handle the baggage that every life entails that determines our happiness. I'm a very happy person and I know I have baggage. What kind of man would want his mate to hide something that troubled her? Not a gentleman. If enjoying a relationship with someone I care about, their problems are my problems, and I'm glad to help or listen. I'm tolerant, accepting, understanding too, I will always be there for the people I love -- I would just like for someone to stand with me -- I am a very strong man -- but it would be nice to have one person I could lean on now and again... I have so much love inside as well... and could share so much... Online is different - not really a natural setting but when we get to our age and busy lifestyle -- So here I am ..and happy you found me ;) I am fairly new to this online dating and you’re the only woman that has been in contact with me through email, though I received some messages on the site from some other ladies they don't seem to be ready for a serious relationship that might lead to commitments. I love to listen to music, go to the theater, concert, summer is my favorite time of year and you can always find me at the beach! I love the beach, walks by barefoot on the beach, feeling the sand all over my toes and feet and do love sailing away on a cruise too or just having quiet time at home, sitting by the fireplace and talk. I love life in general and am in a wonderful transition -- I am looking forward to the second half - hopefully to share with someone special and we can have a nice moment together. goodness... I hope I did not bore you. ;) I will like to stay committed to you and see how it goes for us, I am a one-woman man. How about you? any other man you are speaking with? I like it that we are getting to know each other. We can plan to talk over the phone when it is good for you. I'm half German with a husky voice now though, traveling between countries with my job for so long diminished my accent. I believe we can communicate and understand each other better, since listening is the key to all effective communication. How about you? Your turn..... I shall have more questions for you next time. I will like you to send me some of your pictures, I am sending you some of my pictures to see until we meet in person. Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead, hope you find time to relax the body and mind. Stay Blessed, Jacob Gundersen
Empire State Building
350 5th ave New York, NY 10002
+1 469-470-0408.
+1 718-473-9047
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