Romance scam letter(s) from James Conrad Anderson to Sandra (USA)
Letter 1

Okay Sandra.Let's do it this way.So now I'm going to introduce myself 'formally' to you and i hope you'll do the same,okay? I'm a very busy Man so i think it's best i just tell you about me once and for all. Oh and i'm sorry for the delayed reply...I had to hit the Sack as i had the Early Shift. My name is Jamie Anderson,you already know that. My parents are from Canada and South Africa(my dad is French Canadian and mum is South African)but i live in Aberdeen,Scotland. I'm single,40 years old,no kids and never been married.... I'm a Petroleum Engineer and i'm currently under contract with Exxon U.K. I do offshore Oil explorations so that means I'm mostly always Offshore on an Oil-Rig. Now for the unfortunate part..I'm all alone in this world now as my parents are both late.I lost them in a Car crash.The effect of the loss and the memory of them was just too much for me so i had to relocate and luckily for me,there was an opening at work so i gladly took it.Aberdeen is a nice place,i've got no regrets. I was actually in South Africa in 2016 working a contract for PetroSA on it's Oribi and Oryx floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) facility located off South Africa’s Southern Coast. My mum never really talked about home because of the Circumstances that surrounded her Leaving the Country so when i got the Contract to come down there,i didn't hesitate. Now i'm looking to come back down there as my Vacation's coming up real soon so i can find out what i can about my Mum's Family and Heritage. Like i said,she never talked much about home and when she Passed i promised myself that i'll. I love Tennis and football a lot. I also love swimming,surfing,snorkeling,fishing, fact anything that's got to do with water I'm plus i do a lot of reading too. Hmmm...That's all i can think of right-now so feel free to ask whatever. Your turn. Jamie P.S
Find some of my pics attached.You should send me some of yours too.Oh and that's my mum..Before she Passed
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