Romance scam letter(s) from Johnson David to Therese (Canada)
Letter 1

Hi Sweetie and how are you doing and how is everything with you? i know you must be in bed and worried about me ,I miss you so much and i wish that you where on the flight with me to (TURKEY ISTANBUL...). I was thinking about you all through in the flight and when i even wanted to get some rest while we where still flying but i couldn't because the thoughts of you was on my mind all the time.We had a wonderful flight and we got here in a safe condition......
Though all is not well right now because i am having problem with the Custom Authority regarding the amount of money i brought into the country and all the money i am having on me has been withheld by the Custom Authorities that they have to make some investigation on why i brought that large amount of money into the country. I have tried to explain things to them even the company in U.S and the one in UK did the same they are still insisting that their investigation must continue.I have made contact with the British High Commission over here and they said that they have nothing they can do about it, that it is the laws laid down by the Government that no one should bring more than $50,000 in to the country.
The British High Commission said that the country has been going through a lot of money laundry problems and the Government is trying to check mate all that and they can not interfere in this issue but they will give me all necessary help i will need to help the Custom in the investigation. And i also contacted the company that gave me the project and told them what is going on but they said they are going to do everything possible to help the Custom Authority on there investigation.I have made a custom duty form on how much was the entire amount of money i came with into the country.
I have done everything possibly to make sure and to see if they can make the money available for me to start what i came here for or have some funds on me to get a hotel, but the Custom officer in charge of the case said it will likely take about 10 to 14 working days to complete their investigation...
Right now i am writing you from the Custom's office because i just came back from the British High Commission an hour ago. Sandra is okay and i am fine too all i pray is that they resolve this issue on time. But at the moment we have no where to sleep because the place they gave us and where i and Sandra sleep Last is dirty no good air,water, nor food for us to eat, what i am scared of is the Mosquitoes. I had food for Sandra because she is having $100 with her and it will not be enough for us to get enough food not to talk about Hotel for us to stay. Sandra is a girl that does not like to be pressures and she is really sensitive to dirt and other UN-healthy condition, i am scared that she does not get sick. So i have to wait until 10 to 14 working days for them to resolve the issue,or i get a lawyer that will make it resolve on time....You know that i don't have to ask for help from the Company because it will look like a flop on my side and the contract maybe be with drawn from me. I am very tired but okay with the thoughts of you. I love and miss you so much my lovely Darling Queen for you will make me stay strong.
All i need now is for me to get a better place for Sandra and I to stay but i can't because i am out of funds now..I love and i miss you so much. Sandra sent her regards to you.. I love you very very much. Bye for now my time is off i will try and write you much later if i have any opportunity to come by the computer because i was not allowed to to use my computer. I miss you and i love you from the bottom of my heart.,,,,Please call me once you receive my message... Your one and Only forever man...
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