Romance scam letter(s) from David Wozniac to Jane (USA)
Letter 1

Hi Jane

Thanks a lot for giving me the opportunity to know more you and as well tell you more about myself. I hope and pray that we establish something beautiful that would lead into an amazing relationship. I hope all goes well for you today. I did enjoy listening to your lovely voice, but I would want more than that as time goes and we get to know each other much better. I need you to understand that it takes a lot for two people willing to have a stable relationship. I was very impressed and honoured to get a reply from you on I would love to develop and have some quality time with a honest, caring, desiring and devoted woman like yourself. I am so honoured you see me as important to share yourself with me.

I was born June 22nd in Salt Lake City, Utah. But i grew up in Warsaw, Poland. I am the only child of my late parents, my Father was polish from Warsaw and my mother was from the United States (Texas). I grew up a happy child. My parents moved from place to place a lot. But they always ensured I am happy. I was given a good education. I had my education in Warsaw. I obtained a B.Sc in Physics. Then i moved back to Utah. I studied Petroleum Engineering in University of Utah. I got a B.Sc in Petroleum Engineering. I got my Masters Degree (M.Sc) at the A&M University, TX(Texas). It was really devastating when my parents died. But i have managed to live a a good life. I know they are proud of me. I have not been a happy man for a while since my divorce, I found my wife cheating on me with my best friend and I felt really betrayed and heartbroken, I haven't been able to bring myself to the dating world until now. I had a very messy divorce which cost me so much but I am glad that I have moved past that. I gave up on meeting someone sincere, truthful and loving and had to focus on my business and my professional career. But I am very happy to have found someone who wants the same like I do.

I worked for an Oil Servicing Company (Apache Oil Group) for over 21 years. I worked mostly on oil rigs and wells then I became their representative across Europe and Sometimes in Northern America. I started off on my own few months ago. My job has been challenging but much more interesting as I do like challenges which makes it feel like a conquest. My job is very vast in different ways as we do work much on oil rigs, wells and refineries. We specialise in servicing of oil wells and rig, oil flow, turn around maintenance, drilling, safety reviews, exploration and production, onshore servicing, offshore drilling rig, roustabout, technical resource for well construction/drilling technology and drilling operations. We approach oil and gas companies asking about contracts which they want to be executed and we convince them about giving us the contract and that's the first job to be done.

I am youthful at heart. I am extremely independent, confident, secure, emotionally, mentally stable. I am full of surprises, educated, sound-minded, and can carry a great conversation . I want the right woman for me in life that i can live my life with in the soonest future, because love is not about looking for the beautiful one but the right one that one can live life with.

I'm a Professional, goal oriented and a caring person. I would like to see my woman and her family happy. I want someone who equally enjoys life. A woman who is respectful, affectionate and kind. I would like that person to be truthful, and honest. I enjoy being playful and having a good time. So i am willing to give my all for my partner. I look forward for the best for both of us. I wish you a fabulous day.

Letter 2

Good Morning Jane
Have I ever told you how beautiful you are to me? I was going through your photos and it just came to mind that you are much more beautiful than any man can imagine. You are like the sun setting over the horizon, turning the sky red and sending rays of happiness.
You are like the colors of the flowers that embellish the green fields; like the petals dripping with the morning dew that exude grace and wonder.
You are so beautiful that your simple presence gives light to my day, like the full moon can illuminate a dark forest.
You are like the desert oasis that brings life in the middle of nothing ...
Your beauty is actually beyond mere words and I want you to know that I adore you. I want you to be a part of my life and be my everything.
I want to shower you with kisses, I want to wrap my arms around you and hold you so close that you can feel my heartbeat and look deep into my eyes.
I am hoping this words tells you just how beautiful you are and also brighten up your morning. Have a great day today.
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