Romance scam letter(s) from Terry George Williams to Brenda (USA)
Letter 1

Brenda, how is your day going, hope you are not over working yourself, something little might delay me Brenda and i do not want that to happen Brenda,i really am looking forward to meeting you Brenda, i looked into my ongoing contracts and i need to pay some of the workers before i leave Brenda, so i am going to see if i can do that before i will be able to go for my leave, but i might not have enough money on me to have a nice trip after i have made those payments, i do not know how you might take this Brenda, but i really do not know if you can send me some money so i could add it to what i have to make necessary preparations for my trip Brenda, that would be so sweet of you Brenda. hope you are having a great evening Brenda.
Letter 2

Yes honey, I would love to spend the rest of my life with you honey always by my side honey, honey I'm still in debt of $780 honey to the hotel, honey that's so sweet of you honey, I love you for your support my love, I will keep on looking for what I could come up with while you try to get a buyer for that honey, I love you honey, good morning my love kisses.
Letter 3

I just got home honey, what really happened my dear, will talk more later honey, I need to get some rest honey, I love you
Letter 4

Honey the money I needed was to help my lawyer get some documents, to help with the court process honey, but these documents are with the HRO of my department honey and he is refusing to release it honey, so my lawyer suggests he could get it by some bribe honey and he asked for that honey, please my love, help me out here honey
Letter 5

I'm sorry I could not reply earlier enough my love, I got home and took my meds, most of the time they make me feel so sleepy and tired, I get to sleep for too long my love, my doc says I need a lot of rest because my blood pressure was getting too high, so I was told to stay off work and any exhausting exercise till I get a stable blood pressure my love, honey I would not keep silent on you on purpose honey, it's just that I was too tired and slept of my love, I love you my angel to the bones and back, kisses.
Letter 6

Honey please don't do this to me my love, I have out all my hope on you honey, I already told my lawyer that I would get back to him honey, honey please don't do this to me dear, I promise to repay you all honey, please my love, with my health condition now honey, I really do not need such disappointment now my love, please honey
Letter 7

Hi darling. I hope your doctors appointment went well. Am so excited and I can't wait to chat with you baby. I received a mail earlier today stating that the full payment for my work has been pain into my account. Oh honey am so happy, especially because I know we will be together much sooner than we expected. I love you my angel, please write me soon. Kisses and hugs
Letter 8

Darling I tried to check my balance to confirm the payment but there was nothing in the account so I sent a mail to my employer and he replied. Explaining to me that the money was payed to the account I opened while I was in Turkey as according to our agreement.
Letter 9

I trust you honey. Always have and always will. Now all we need is to transfer that money here honey. We can buy a very good house with a nice garden and a swimming pool. Oh am so happy to have you darling. I can't wait to do so many things with you.
Letter 10

Darling you will have to do the transfer online as soon as possible. Trust me darling, I promise it's not easy and I will guide you through the whole process gently. It's very simple.

Letter 11

ATTENTION: You have been authorized to pay the sum of $3400 (THREE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED UNITED STATES DOLLARS) for the activation of your premium account before the activation code will be release. Note: this fee will be deposited in your account and it will automatically activate your account.
The terms account activation fee charges requested by a bank to their customers abroad is a mandate to validate their swift transfer process. In common Parliament the terms often related to activation in respect of personal current account, offshore transfer account and others overseas.
These charges may takes many forms including:- Transfer verification to validate your account below listed of Mrs. Brenda Staton which has been registered with our bank. Note: Mrs. Brenda Staton you need to active your online account with West-end Bank before you can be able to transfer funds out from your online escrow account to your valid country account.. YOUR ACCOUNT UPDATE DETAILS Here are the details of your recent transfer: 1. Bank: Cache Valley Bank 2. Acc Name: Brenda 3. Acc 4. Number: 64 07753 5 5. SORT: AX43578 6. IBAN: 87732429 7. BANK ADDRESS: 294 East Tabernacle St., St. George, UT 84770 8. Transferee Tel: 435 668 2896 9. Transferee Email: 10. Amount: 200,000.00 We expect to hear from you soon regarding the payment activation code fee.
Be inform this fee will be deposited in your online escrow account once its been active. This is part of the initial law been set up by the banking system as charges for online escrow Account Activation / account opening.
Once you pay up this charges, then the bank can immediately go on with the release of your Account Activation code and also transfer of the total amount of funds requested. Please kindly contact the bank immediately so we can direct you on how to get this activation fee to us. Our Internet Banking Portal Website from the convenience of your home is available you can visit our website on Compliance with the above directives is mandatory. WEST-END BANK International would like to re-iterate it's commitment towards serving you our dear and esteemed customer better. Thank you for choosing WEST-END BANK International. Best Regards Anthony Thomas
Offshore Accounts Dept
WEST-END BANK International
Letter 12

OK darling. Please if there's any way you can get the money so we can send to them as soon as possible please do honey. We can't afford to waste any more time my dear. Even if you have to take a loan honey, I don't mind paying back double. I just need this to be done honey.
Letter 13

Welcome to West-End Bank, You are welcome to the foreign remittance / online Banking support of WEST-END BANK International. WEST-END BANK International is a world leading global financial services company, offering clients financial advice in all aspects of private banking, investment banking and asset management around the world. As a leading UK Bank, all our activities are focused on our clients. WEST-END BANK International, individual and professional customer care and offers clients high-quality services based on trust and discretion. Managing your wealth online can offer a wide range of benefits through international diversification and potential tax advantages. This is what we have been known for. WEST-END BANK offers a swift funds transfer system to any bank of choice which is why our online Banking support ranks tops among other Banks in the UK because of our efficiency,reliability, and accountability. Attention: Brenda Your account has been created and the full amount of $500,000.00 (FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS) has been deposited into your escrow account from Mr. Fred Kent deposit/domiciliary account. You can now transfer funds to your bank account in your country. You are also advice to keep all your account details confidential, do not disclose details to anyone. Here is your account: logging details once you visit our website on log in the following information to get a swift access to your account portal and transfer funds. Customer number: 8465373892
Pin: 746489
sort code: AX43578
Letter 14

Good day Mr Anthony, I am writing you regarding the fee of $3400 you have instructed my Fiancee to pay for the activation of her account to continue the transfer of funds she tried to make yesterday. I like to plead with you to see if there is any way the fee can be deducted from my account. I will be very grateful if my request can be grated. Thanking you in advance.
Letter 15

Good day Mr Anthony, I am writing you regarding the fee of $3400 you have instructed my Fiancee to pay for the activation of her account to continue the transfer of funds she tried to make yesterday. I like to plead with you to see if there is any way the fee can be deducted from my account. I will be very grateful if my request can be grated. Thanking you in advance.
Letter 16

No darling what I meant was that they said I couldn't operate the account from another country because the account was new and the terms was for me to operate the account while I was there in Turkey darling. I guess to operate it from another country I would still have to pay the fee for activation just as they have asked you to.
Letter 17

OK darling. Please if there's any way you can get the money so we can send to them as soon as possible please do honey. We can't afford to waste any more time my dear. Even if you have to take a loan honey, I don't mind paying back double. I just need this to be done honey.
Letter 18

I have already tried honey, believe me. I had to call an old friend but he suffered a huge loss last December so he can't spare anything right now. And frankly I don't want involve my lawyer in this honey, especially because I won't be needing his services anymore and I already told him that. Plus he is very greedy.
Letter 19

Hello honey. I hope you are feeling good my dear. Yes I have read the mail you forwarded. I have also sent them a mail to know how the payment can be made and they have replied stating a wire transfer or look for someone who can make a cash deposit for us over there. So I have decided to ask the manager of the hotel where I stayed while I was there to ask him if he can help make the payment. I already called him and he has agreed to help. All we have to do now is send the money to him and he will go to the bank there in Turkey and make the payment for us honey. I feel it's safer and quicker plus I trust him because he was very kind to me while I was there honey. I hope you are having a wonderful day honey. Bye for now.
Letter 20

Ok honey, I already talked to him honey, he says I could send it to his fiancee here in the USA, so I could send it that account when he forwards it to me honey, I think that would be ok honey, to avoid to much questioning honey, when do you want to send to me honey?
Letter 21

OK darling I will draft the message right away and as for the 10,000 honey I will send that to you when I get there. The thing is in my line of work the employers have to be sure that I have the amount that I have stated that I have for the job before they will give me the 500 they have promised. This will prove to the them that I am competent and ready for the job at hand. I promise you that once it is all confirmed and they have seen my statement of account and all the machines I will be taking there I will send to you maybe even more than that. Please don't be disappointed my dear, you know I can never leave you stranded my love. Please try to understand me.
Letter 22

OK honey. Her name is Nora Carter and she lives in Las Vegas, USA. I think that's all the info you need honey.
Letter 23

About sending the money honey, I called him to see if he can speak to Nora about doing a wire transfer and he called me back earlier to say that she will really prefer money gram because it's faster and frankly she doesn't like giving her account details out to strangers. Well you know how adamant you women can be, haha. Well I also asked around and got to find out that you can still send money through money gram and there won't be any issues as long as it's within the US. The only time there will be an issue is if you try to send out of the country darling. You can also try western union but all am saying is please just send it through money gram or western union, am very sure there won't be any problems weather your name was flagged or not, as long as it's within the US it's fine honey.
Letter 24

Account Name: Nora Carter
Account number: 2061952
Bank name: Westar Federal credit union
Routing number: 322484634
Letter 25

Honey, here's the address: 6561 solarano Dr Las vegas nv 89156
Letter 26

Darling please try to understand me. There is absolutely no trouble here. It's my account and all we are trying to do is transfer my money from that account to our accounts here. I don't see why you are so worried about this. I will be with you through the process and it's not hard. I just need this to be done soon and without stress and you doing it is the best option for us right now my dear.
Letter 27

OK am just gonna explain what i've been doing so far. I tried to transfer 200,000 but it kept say saying unable to complete transaction please contact our customer service centre. I kept trying thinking it was the bad connection again but it still kept saying same so I sent a mail to them honey. They replied only to break it to me that I can not transfer funds from there to my account here because it's still new and can only be operated in Turkey. To cut everything short they have given me the option of going back to turkey and do it in person. I had to lie to them and told them that am away on business in Canada. So they said the only option left is to get someone to stand as my beneficiary and create an online escrow account with them so the funds can be made to the account that will be created for the beneficiary and then can transfer from there to any account. So darling I sent a mail to them telling them that my fiancee will stand as my beneficiary. I hope you are OK with it. You see Its better than me going back to Turkey my dear.
Letter 28

My name is Brenda, I am the fiancee of Mr Fred Kent with the account number 9735379303 and swift code: XA4356. I have been authorized by my fiancee, Mr Fred Kent to set up an on-line escrow premium account with your bank to help him transfer his funds from his offshore account there in Turkey to his his account here in his home. I have already filled the account opening form via your bank website portal and am waiting to know the next step to take for this transaction to be successful. I will be patiently waiting for your feed back and hope you reach me soon with more information. Thanking you in advance.
Letter 29

Darling this the letter you will send to the bank via this address but before you send this letter to them please go on the website and click on where they wrote "Register for an account" and click on it to fill the registration form.
Letter 30

OK darling the email adress you will send the letter to is and to fill the form just click on this again when you get in look up and you will see Register for an account written boldly. Click on it and fill the form there honey
Letter 31

Good day Mr Fred,

We the board of directors of our prestigious company (ALMACO GROUP) are pleased to inform you that we will like you to do business with us by rendering your services on a project we have coming up very soon. We were referred to you by your previous employer in Turkey (DAY STAR INTERNATIONAL) and after a good survey of the job you did with them we will like to commend you and ask that you partner with us as we are very pleased with your work. Basically we are building two world class health establishments here in Turkey and we will like you to use your expertise and experience as a general contractor to provide and install all the necessary machines and equipment needed to make this establishment complete and ready for use. We hope that you consider our offer as we have already made a budget of the sum of five million US dollars ($5,000,000,00) available as your pay at the completion of the project. We hope to get a reply from you within the next 48 hours to know if you are ready to work with us. We look forward to doing business with you sir.

Letter 32

Westfield Bank UK
101 Deansgate, Bolton
BL1 1DT, London
United Kingdom.

Tel: +442033897086 Westfield Bank Plc... Concerning FSA CODE !!!

Attention: Brenda,

We have been notified by the Transfer Department that you will not be able to complete your Wire Transfer to Wells Fargo Bank (Account # 5848217765) on our data base as you required a FSA CODE. I have been in contact with the International Transfer Department to figure out what could be done for you to have the FSA Code, with due respect, I bring this detailed information from the board of directorate International Funds Transfer Department (I.F.T.D). We were duly informed by the admin office that in consideration of transfer of funds to a Non-Residence account, A CODE (FSA) must be obtained from the International Funds Transfer Department before the transfer can be completed as there is no way your transfer can be 100% successful without the FSA CODE. You would be required to pay for the cost of transfer charges which cannot be deducted from the beneficiary's account due to the fact that you are operating a transit account and no money can be collected or deducted from this account until the funds are transferred into your designated account. This is in accordance with section 13(1)(n) of the international transfer act as adopted in 1993 and amended on 3RD July 1996 by the constitutional assembly. We want you to understand that you need to pay the FSA CODE fee to enable us proceed with the transfer of your funds. Every bank charges a certain amount in regards to this accordance and it is associated with the FSA. The amount required now is ?14,105 Pounds which is equivalent to $19,125 Dollars. This amount must be paid by you before this bank will proceed with the transfer of your funds. The F.S.A is legally for licensing and coverage documentation and approval signatures for the transfer before money reflects in your nominated bank account. Take note that you are required to make a total payment of ?14,105 Pounds which is equivalent to $19,125 Dollars before the FSA code can be granted to you. As soon as you are able to make this payment, the FSA code will be issued to you for you to be able to complete your transfer, and Immediately the FSA code is imputed into the code space, the transfer will be complete and your funds will be available in your designated bank account within 24 hours. In these regards, we kindly await your response so that I can forward you the details of how you are to effect payment for your FSA code. Thanks For Your Understanding...

Yours Faithfully
Rev. Eric Gerrard Westfield Bank is the name used for banking services provided by Westfield Limited. Registered Office: 2 Triton Square, Regent's Place, London, NW1 3AN. Registered in England number 383032. Authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, except in respect of its consumer credit products for which Westfield Limited is licensed and regulated by the Office of Fair Trading. FSA registration number 178737. Westfield Limited is one of the Santander UK group of companies. Westfield and the flame logo are registered trademarks. All deposit held with Westfield Bank are fully and unconditionally guaranteed by Santander UK Plc.
Letter 33

yes honey, we are partners my love and i trust you my love, remember i gave you access to my accounts from my last contract my love, no honey i am at the finishing stage now my love and $900 will help me get the necessary tools to go through to the final stage honey, but that might cost me a lot my darling wife, honey you need not to worry my love, hopefully when the proceeds of the house sale comes, you would be able to lend me some of it to finish this up and get my payments immediately, so i would send you some money from my payments for our hotel reservations and necessary plans you need to make honey, to enjoy our life together honey, my love this is a huge contract and the money i will earn after i finish here, would be more than enough to give us a comfortable live honey, i actually had plans of getting a house for us honey, i feel so happy because finally i will get to meet the love of my life honey, honey please be of good cheer because in less than no time, i will be home to you my darling wife.
Letter 34

Yes honey, please trust me me on this my love, this is a huge contract and an upliftment in my career honey, and I told you the money I would earn from this would be enough to make me retire my love, and spend the rest of our life's together my darling wife, honey you know the reason I couldn't pay back from the westend was because I had to invest all of it back into this new opportunity honey, sometimes in life sacrifices should be made for a better reward my love, try to understand this and support me all the way honey, because I can't wait to be with you my darling wife and make up for lost times honey, I love you to the bones and back.
Letter 35

Yes honey, please trust me me on this my love, this is a huge contract and an upliftment in my career honey, and I told you the money I would earn from this would be enough to make me retire my love, and spend the rest of our life's together my darling wife, honey you know the reason I couldn't pay back from the westend was because I had to invest all of it back into this new opportunity honey, sometimes in life sacrifices should be made for a better reward my love, try to understand this and support me all the way honey, because I can't wait to be with you my darling wife and make up for lost times honey, I love you to the bones and back.
Letter 36

Honey, sending directly to me here might be risky honey, I do not want any delay to the money honey, if you send it to Ellen it would be easier for her to send to me hear using the company name honey, I totally trust you honey, but making a wire transfer through here might get the money delayed honey, and you know time is very important here honey, so honey you can make the transfer to Ellen honey, it's safer and faster honey, I really want to leave here in two weeks honey, I love you honey
Letter 37

OK honey, i know how this important to you honey i just hope my proposal to the company for some support will be accepted honey, but honey i will need you to send 22,500 to me my love, at least with that i could go on with rentals of the heavy machines to kick start the finishing stage of the contract honey.
Letter 38

Address :1488 INDIAN TOWN ROAD.
Bank address :1000 WADE AVE RALEIGJ NV 27605 Clinton North Carolina. ROUTING NUMBER:253177049
Letter 39

Ok my love honey, I just heard from Ellen honey, she was only able to get 2000 across to me honey, she says she's ill and has been admitted in the hospital honey, honey I want her to send the money back to you so you could forward it to me through a different account honey, please get back to me my love.
Letter 40

Honey I miss you too my live, honey my supplier called me to ask for the money honey, I do not want him to see me as not trust worthy honey, I need you to make a transfer today honey, please my love?
Letter 41

I understand honey, but he's got a branch there in the US honey I guess you could make a wire to that account honey and they would get it across to him my love, no honey the account would be a US account honey, honey yo don't need to be scared my love, should I send the account details honey?
Letter 42

Here is the account details honey. Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank
Bank Adress: Iowa, N.A.
Account # 0000931024
Acc name: Wells Enterprises, Inc.

Letter 43

He told me that i should make a cash deposit honey, because check deposits sometimes might have some errors or delay honey, there is no need to worry honey, you could make a cash deposit honey, 8000 on one slip and 8000 on another slip honey.
Letter 44

Please try to rest my love, your health is more important right now honey, honey in my mail earlier I told you that I have reached an agreement with my company telling them that I have been able to raise 16000 as a part payment of my salary and the rest should be taken from my salary honey, that means I will loose 80% of my salary honey, this was the huge sacrifice I had to make honey to make sure I am finished here by Friday and be on the next flight to Vegas first thing on Monday morning, all of this I did just to make sure I am back home to you my love, although some of my colleague here advised me that what I was doing was crazy giving the company over 80% of my salary, but I told them I did not care about it anymore, that my Wife needs me home and I needed to be back home to you my love, that was my best shot at getting home as quickly as possible honey, so you see my love I have given up on this contract honey, because our happiness and future together is more important than anything money can buy honey, honey the management totally agreed with this agreement honey but they kept on asking for a receipt proving I have made my own part of the agreement honey, I told them I would get it ready honey, my love from the depth of my heart I plead with you honey to please make this sacrifice for us honey and for me to get back home by Monday honey, once I am able to provide this receipt to the management honey, I wouldn't need to stay for the contract to be completed because the company would take it from there using my salary honey and I would be back home to you my love, honey about your cooling system, can you excercise some little more patience till I am back home by Monday honey, that way I could be able to help fix it or get a new one honey, my love I am just a receipt away from getting back home honey, please try to understand this honey and I promise you, first thing on Monday morning I would be on the flight to Vegas honey, but honey would you be able to drive to come pick me up at the airport my love? Anyways we would make plans about that later honey, so please my darling wife let's cross this bridge together honey with love and hope honey, I love you so much honey. Kisses.
Letter 45

That's good honey, honey that is what I wanted to discuss with you my love, honey I have been able to get a loan from a colleague of 45,000 Turkish Lira honey, and that's all I could get honey, honey I will need you to find a way to get a loan for the balance my love, please honey I am heartsick of staying here honey, I never expected to still be here now honey, I miss you so much honey.
Letter 46

Honey the total tax is 25% of my payment honey, my payment is 500,000 Turkish lira honey, so 25% of that is 125,000 Turkish lira my love, my colleague is going to loan me 45,000 honey so We have to raise a balance of 80,000 honey.
Letter 47

Honey that's about 22,500 in dollars honey, honey please you need to get a loan for this honey, please my love, hearing your voice makes me miss you more my love, I love you so much honey.
Letter 48

Hello my beautiful angel, yes honey you are still going to pick up the package for me honey, i contacted my colleague and sent him the money, he said bruno left the package at a safe in the bank and he has paid for that already, Honey i made a slight change of plans since
you were so worried about going on that trip alone honey, so I decided that once I get my payments i would book a flight back home, then we could meet when I am back home to do some shopping to get ready for our vacation honey and travel together as couples to Dubai honey, I do not want you to feel alone in the journey that is why i changed the plan my love, I hope you are ok with this honey?,so hopefully once i get my payments on the 14 I should be on the next flight to texas by 16 honey, I miss you so much honey, and i am blowing you kisses to wish you a beautiful morning and a blissful day ahead of you honey, I love you to the bones and back honey!
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