Romance scam letter(s) from Thomas Viggo to Elizabeth (Ireland)
Letter 1

Dear I was doing some chores and am sorry we could not chat that long before you went to sleep. however i thought i should write you since the time difference is not helping for us to communicate better during the day so in my quiet time i can at least shoot you an email. I received the information from HR where i will be staying in when i come to Dublin the address is the Dawson suite apartments located at ''22 Dawson Street, Dublin, Ireland '' I will be living on that address for a few months until i get a permanent residential address where i would stay permanently. I hope this address is not too far from you as i would love to stay close to where you live so i would not have to travel long distance to get to you. Do you know I have not been on that Tinder dating website since I started communicating with you? I guess subconsciously I have told myself I have found what I want and dismissed going to that site so I can focus on you to be able to build on what we have and avoid any distraction from anyone else, I just hope I am not making a mistake, one thing I do know is that I admire and like you a lot and I am willing to put in the work required to build work on what we have going on I admit from our day one communication so far I noticed your very high level of intellect, I am very attracted to people that are intelligent and that i can easily talk to and reason with. For me people like you give me opportunity to express myself and I am understood with less effort, trust me not every body "Gets me" if you know what I mean, as a matter of fact not a lot of people "Gets me", so i often find myself alone with my reasoning and no body to share them with. I need a woman like you in my life (I can only hope you need a man like me too), I need to be able to communicate all I have in me with someone, my prayer today is that I have found that person in you. I think I would stop here for now, just to give you heads up notice, I would be traveling on Tuesday to Houston Texas here , I would be participating in a workshop for “Fiber optic cable integration” the Event is scheduled for Tuesday 23rd of October, I would probably be back on Wednesday the 24th, in case you hear from me during this time, just know that I am still very much alive just working. Hahahah. Before i go i want to say i appreciate our communication so far though it has not always been consistent due to our busy schedule and the huge time difference we have, but sincerely speaking any time we do chat no matter how brief makes the best part of my day. Hugs & Kisses,
Letter 2

Dear, My workshop went pretty well. I returned back to California today and i am happy to inform you I heard from the manufacturers over the status of the cables and equipment i ordered after I contacted them and everything is going well my dear and the days will go fast enough for me to come to Dublin so i can come be with you. Majority of the manufacturing company based in China cannot communicate in English effectively, so they correspond through their legal representative, I have been working with this particular company through their lawyers for a while now, so they are very reliable. According to the e-mail from the lawyers, (attached) they have scheduled Wednesday Oct 31st and Thursday November 1st for the physical inspection of my order i placed with them, the moment I find everything OK, I would pay the balance, I have paid 60% of the total cost already. It is important everything is in place, that is why I have to go down to China in person, for the past years of working with them, I have never gone in person for all previous orders, however due to the importance of this project, I am going myself to ensure everything goes well. After the inspection the cables and equipment will be shipped to Ireland then I will fly back to the United States and make the necessary plans to come to Dublin to work and be with you, I need those materials to be able to work when I arrive in Dublin that is why it is very important i have it shipped before i can come. I am so happy, this means a lot to me, this is the break I have been waiting for, this contract is consistent and for a long period that will enable us to build a life and a meaningful relationship that will lead to long term for us, I am so happy cannot hold my JOY, I had to share this good news with you. I know you will be sleeping now so enjoy the rest of your night my dear. Hugs & Kisses,
Letter 3

Date: October 24,
2018 Attention: Harry
Sumpter, Our client HUARON
ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY his instructed that we inform you that your order with reference number USD20201140 has reached advance stages on multiple supply chain level .Find attached updated invoice for your order, they have scheduled the following dates for physical inspection prior to shipment of your order. to Ireland between the hours of 10am – 4pm on Wednesday Oct 31st and Thursday November 1st Kindly provide us with your flight and accommodation details to enable our protocol department to schedule your pick up arrangement that would facilitate your goods inspection on the above-stated dates.
Letter 4

Dear I thank you for your messages and my apologies for not communicating with you ever since i arrive.. Things here are very different from the experiences we have in the Western World things we take for granted are pretty hard to come by here. They are very strict on the things you can access here on the internet they shut down any information you can access outside China even google doesn't even open here when you browse it , i have not been able to even access my email messages for days now it is terrible and you know if it was up to me, I would write you every opportunity I have the chance about all that is going on with me, but life here is different and I am just getting used to how this system works, people live here, so with time I would be able to get the right information I need to make things easy for me. I am not here for Long, so I guess whatever I learn would be of better use to me when next I come here, so this is just my time to learn, it is a very interesting place, very cultural and don’t expect to see Chinese food the way it is in the US and other parts of the world. The people here enjoy their food mostly steamed with little or no oil, and with a lot of natural ingredients, I like spicy food so I always have to request for extra spice. The lawyers have been great, they have been very helpful, the assigned an interpreter that goes with me everywhere I go to help with translation, I don’t know what I would have done without them, it has been worth every money I pay for their service. I have conducted only one inspection since i came and have to travel to mainland China to conduct the final inspection early next week, as soon as that is done, I would e-mail the lawyers to send their brokers bank account information for payment to the Company handling my order, they would get my goods ready for shipment to Ireland and the moment they have me sign the bill of lading, I am set to head back to California, i had to cancel my return ticket and to book it when am totally done , things has not gone as i imagined or scheduled but my first inspection went pretty well and the cables and equipment was pretty much of standard. I think of you all the time and to be sincere i do miss you, I will keep you posted when i have completed the inspection and proceed in completing the payment so they can ship the cables and equipment and as soon as that is done i will travel back to the States before coming to Ireland and be with you and hopefully there will be two heads that will be better than one. Hugs & Kisses
Letter 5

Attention: Harry Sumpter,
Kindly find attached your request.
Yours in Service,
Cheng Qiangwang Principal Partner
Yucheng Qiangwang Ltd.
23/F Harbour Centre,
25 Harbour Road, Wanchai,
Hong Kong. help protect our planet, don't print this e-mail unless you really need to.
Letter 6

Dear I thank you for your messages i am doing very well thank you but not yet back to the States. The nature of my contract is that i will make all purchases of the materials i am going to be using for my work and will be paid back all the money i spent subsequently. I owned a house with my ex-wife before and after our divorce we sold it and ever since i have been living on my own so i am currently renting now. We buried a young child too. I understand your current situation with your studies and not in any position to change that i will rather support you with all my heart so everything works out well for you because when you are happy it makes me happy also, plus i want to be that guy.

I received instructions from the solicitor on details i will make the balance payment. However i am faced with one challenge now because i have found it impossible accessing my online banking account. I called the Bank they advice it is due to the sensitive nature of my online Banking that is the reason i cant access it because am in China. At this point this is a problem and an issue for me because i want to travel back with my cables and installation equipment already shipped to avoid any further delays in this. I will need your help as i believe i can trust and rely on you to help me with this to try and see if you can access my online banking account from your location because i can not here due to the restrictions, please let me know if you can do this for me as i am planning to spend time with you and get to know each other better upon coming to Ireland so i am to an extent comfortable asking you to help me with this. Please let me know so i can email you my banking details. Hugs & Kisses
Letter 7

Cheng Qiangwang, I am writing you to find out the current status of my order for cables and installation equipment; It ought to be ready for inspection and due to be shipped to Germany (he says) as soon a possible because I was informed it would have been ready before now. The purpose I require these cables and equipment is fast approaching and I want the manufacturers to have them ready for inspection and shipped as soon as possible.I will be expecting your prompt reply to my message.
Yours Truly
Harry Sumpter Att:Cheng Qiangwang, I am writing to inform you i have conducted my final inspection of the cables and equipment and they are of high quality and standard. I am satisfied and want to complete the balance payment so the cables and equipment can be shipped to Ireland as soon as possible. So kindly prepare the invoice and send me transfer details so i can make the payment via my online Banking account. I will require the original copies of the bill of laden for shipping the cables and equipment to Ireland before I return back to the States. Yours Truly
Harry Sumpter. On behalf of ourclient, we thank you for your business.
Cheng Qiangwang
Principal PartnerYucheng
Qiangwang Ltd.23/F Harbour Centre,25 Harbour
Road, Wanchai,Hong Kong.
Letter 8

What do you mean you want a copy of my passport? It seems you can't get over me . Did I hurt you so bad.. find other things to do it shows how lame and pathetic you are . I got your photos also and it will be my pleasure to upload them too including your emails as well . You should know that anyone as lame as you can upload anything on the internet. A porn website might be a good place to upload your photos including the one you just sent me .. (note I never sent any photos he seen what he seen on tinder) there are female scanners there too.. your pathetic story of how you want to help others through what you went through and later Sending photos of your dream home was all calculated schemes to milk money out of me . Will see
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