Scam Email(s) from Frank Rossi to Judith (Singapore)


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Letter 1

Am new to this meetup group and I look forward to attending one of the meetups someday soon.I will like to know more about you as a person,if its ok with you please reply so we can know each other better. Expecting your reply soon.

Letter 2

Thanks for writing back to me Judith and sharing with me about the group,I hope you had a successful day at work.I was in Spore some time ago but am back to the States,I would very much love to visit Spore again soon if a good reason arises as I like the beautiful city. My name is Frank Jason, I am Italian by birth from Palermo, Italy and I am a USA citizen too from Los Angeles ,CA. I am a civil petroleum engineer by profession and I work independently. I am 45 years old born on the 27th of February.Am divorced without a child, been single for 6 years now and living alone in my house..Pls tell me more about yourself when you reply & possibly write back to me via mail at so we can communicate more efficiently.I humbly wait for your reply,take care and be safe.

Letter 3

Hello Judith

Thanks for writing back to me via mail,I gave off a very happy smile when I saw your email.I hope you are having sweet dreams as you should be sleeping over there right now.Yeah you can say I grew up here as I moved over at the age of 17,am not sure the particular traits citizens of both countries possess that you are referring to but as a person I have my character and way of life which you will get to know as we get along.If you happen to visit the States and LA in particular I will be glad to take you around so you have that taste of authentic pizza hehehe.

Thanks for telling me about your work and nationality,I havent been to Philippines but I've heard you guys have some nice beaches and Islands over there.Yeah I will be 46 by next month but I dont really look my age physically so I will be a yr wiser when my birthday comes hehe.I took time to write about myself below so you know more about who I am,I will be glad if you can reply in same manner when you write back.

My name is Frank Rossi Jason. I will tell you all I can about myself and life. I have been divorced for 6(six) years now and since after my divorce I have been single and searching for my soul mate but yet have not been lucky, after my divorce I have tried once or twice but I kept getting the same message of woman who want only ons(one night stands) and nothing like commitment which I don't buy the idea of. Anyway now am yet to know the kind of woman you are and I hope to get to know you better.

I am down to earth and easy going, caring and honest and I have been taken advantage of in the past because of my openness and trust but I just have to move on cos that's life and that has been how God wants it to be.I have a grandpa who is alive and the closest member of the family to me, he is my best friend too and he advices me on almost every part of my life and I am happy I have him. I lost my parents in an auto crash since I was 17 when I was still in Italy ( Palermo ).

I am a Civil/Petroleum Engineer and work independently. I am into contracts or doing projects for big companies or firms and it makes my life easier for me and I am also my own boss and can have enough time for myself and can travel anywhere I want. My job is interesting and challenging too as I have to monitor the on goings on different companies and know when to apply for contracts and also when to schedule for private interviews with them before getting a contract.

I want a partner who is easy going, has great sense of humor, and loves nature, outdoors, romantic and want a committed relationship. there are lots of people who don't want a committed relationship and only want ONS(One night stand) which I don't want to indulge myself with.
I will want to know more about you and also in details and let me know the kind of man you want to spend the rest of your life with (If you want a serious and committed relationship). Are you ready for committed relationship? Please write me in detail about yourself. When do you come online on MSN or yahoo messenger? What is your full name?What do you do for a living?Whats your relationship status?




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