Romance scam letter(s) from David Schafer to Janet (USA)
Letter 1

Oh thanks so much Dear, Actually you are the first person to ever mention about my eyes and it really made me smile as I was reading your mail. I really admire your honesty, it shows a good sign of you from the beginning I must say, I actually don’t reach out to much people too, I felt good about your profile and also you have beautiful pictures so I decided to give it a try. I first registered on this site like a week ago before I traveled to Dubai for some meetings and a Real estate investors seminar. Since I registered the first time before I traveled yesterday was the first time I was online and you are one of the first people I talked to, I had tons of message but I can’t just reply to all the messages I get. I just felt good about your profile and I said to myself give it a try she might be a friendly one to you. So I will say things to share about myself for now will be little as for am sure with time as we communicate you will get to understand me better and get to know a lot of things you want, same for me too.
My Name is Riley Smith, I am Real Estate broker and a contractor,I work in the states and abroad, I am self employed, I work from home and I have my office at home. I am a friendly person, I love to laugh and smile a lot. I have a positive mindset, I am attracted to positive people lol. I am a very happy person, happiness is very important to me, I partake in anything for fun as long as it makes me happy. Traveling makes me happy that’s why I do travel, I don’t like being alone, I rather travel for a vacation to experience new things than just be alone at home but that happens when am not working or free, not having any contracts, projects on hand or doing at that moment. Most part of my working at home is me working on projects for contracts bids or proposals. I also do travel just for sight seeing because it’s good for my work, makes me updated on my job and I explore to see the development of the world.
I am divorced for 4 years, I lost both of my parents recently lost my mom about 2 years ago now, lost my dad when I was growing up as teenage that’s a long story, we’re gonna leave that for another day. I grew up around British Virgin Islands then forwarded my education and worked around Europe for many years. My mom is Norwegian and my dad is British so I am kinda mix of both. Lol this is the first time I am really doing this I think am hooked For now. I am hopefully waiting for your reply so we can forward our communication. Good morning Janet!!
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